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How To Help Your Kid Get Motivation To Do Homework?

Help Your Kid Get Motivation To Do Homework

Do you often have to supervise or urge children to complete their homework? Children always have low motivation to do homework and are easily distracted. They get sleepy after sitting at the table for a while, or they always make various excuses for not wanting to do homework. It was annoying at the time, but as parents, you still need to be patient with them. So is there any way to make them concentrate on homework or do one thing, please read on.

kids have low motivation to do homework

Why kids always lose their motivation to do homework?

This new modern era is full of technology and gadgets. Technology has evolved everything that has made a human more lazy and ineffective. Using mobile phones, tabs, laptops, etc. has been very common now; almost everyone is now dependent on these gadgets. Children infect most effect by these new technologies because these gadgets affect the learning level.

As a child, it is most important to learn as many basic things as possible, but these gadgets have a week the learning power of a child. Things that should be remembered by self are now being saved on these mobile phones. Moreover, these gadgets consume time a lot. Using a mobile phone or any other gadget attracts you in a way that the time seems to be very less no matter how much time has gone.

kids lose their motivation to do homework

Kids lose their motivation to do homework because the social apps that are being used are very much attractive and time-consuming. Children often make excuses not to do their homework, either the hide their homework dairy or they just lie about no homework being given to them. The parent cannot fight or force over it because it will create more mess between the parent and the child both. The child will not do its homework with all focus and wholeheartedly but instead, the child will hide the homework being given and intend to hate the school and the studies both.

So, rather than enforcing the homework on your child, friendly ways should be implemented over it. The parent should build the motivation to do homework for their children. To make their children realize that homework is a daily routine that has to be done no matter what. Rather than imposing a strict rule, the homework should be felt like a regular daily work for the child.

kids lose their motivation to do homework

To observe the time being consumed by the child on their mobile phones, FamiSafe brings an activity report feature, which stores data about the time consumed by the child on their mobile phones. So rather than enforcing the child to not use the mobile phone, through the FamiSafe app, you can set the time of the mobile to be used in a day by screen time feature. If the child seems to more often use social apps that can harm him/her or that is inappropriate, by the feature of FamiSafe, the parent can block that app at any time.

Tips to help kids get the motivation to do homework

To help with that, as a parent, you should use some rules and techniques.

1. Eliminate the influence of distraction

Make a particular time daily which is supposed to be only the homework time. No other activity or action can be done at that time. Make all the distractions, i.e. mobile phone, TV, or any other distracting gadgets closed in that period. No matter how important a TV show is about to happen, at the particular time of the homework, all the family members should follow strict rules in the house.

Eliminate the influence of distraction

Even if there is no homework given there should be strict rules follow of closing all the distractions in the house and maintain respect for the allotted time. In that allotted time of doing the homework, all social app or un-useful app should be automatically blocked by the schedule time feature app of FamiSafe. So that at the time of homework any sort of distraction shouldn't be there to distract.

2. Continent place

Find a continent place

The place where the child does their homework should be very much continent not for the child but the parents. The child should not do their homework in a closed room because no one knows the distraction he will get distracted by. Instead, the place of doing the homework should be under the supervision of the parents. The parents should monitor and observe the child doing its homework in front of them. The place where the homework has to do should not be having any sort of distraction that can distract the mind of the kid.

3. Set a goal for motivation

The goal should be set to build motivation to do homework. For example "doing the homework daily for a month you will be awarded with a gift". Or motivate them to agree on any of their contumacy.

Set a goal for motivation

4. Give breaks during homework time.

If the homework burden is a lot and will become frustrated in doing all of that at a time, break should be given in between so that the child can relax or can go to the washroom or drink some water. Taking a break between works is essential for humans because doing work for continuous-time can lead the brain to less creativity and frustration.

Give breaks during homework time

Set a Smart schedule for your Kids

To make things convenient and comfortable, parents should set a smart schedule for your kids. FamiSafe comes up with two amazing features for the parent, i.e. screen time schedule and app blocker & usage.

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Screen time schedule

Screen time schedule gives the power to the parent to set a time for kids and set daily app usage so that they can eliminate the unhealthy mobile phone addictions. Through FamiSafe parents can monitor the time spent by their children on which apps on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. FamiSafe can also restrict certain apps being used on a certain location, i.e. app that shouldn't be open at the school.

FamiSafe set screen time

App blocker & usage

App usage can be monitor by the parents to see if the child is spending their time more on social apps or music apps on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Some apps shouldn't be downloaded or used by the kids can be easily monitored/blocked by the parents. Parents can block the app whenever they wanted or can even set the time of when they wanted those apps to be blocked. Moreover, a notification will be sent to the parent if the child tries to open the blocked apps.

FamiSafe app block

So, when the restrictions and the time are set to the usage of social apps, the child will not be able to do anything but homework only. Children are not that difficult to handle or control for doing homework. It's just the way of taking the system of doing the work very cleverly. Maintain all the techniques of How to get the motivation to do your homework; parents should be discipline by themselves too. As a parent, it is their responsibility to as discipline as they want their child to be, because when the parent is disciplined and focused in order to take all the actions, the child will also remain disciplined. FamiSafe had made the work of the parents more ease with the features that it has given. FamiSafe has all the features a parent would need to make their child focus on their homework with motivation and wholeheartedly. FamiSafe is very easy to use and to understand.

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  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting
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