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5 Smart Blood Pressure Monitors That Connect to Android

android blood pressure monitor

A blood pressure monitor is a device used to measure the continuous force exerted by circulating blood on the walls of the blood vessels. The blood pressure is normally measured on the upper arm. In the past, mercury-tube sphygmomanometers were used which used to be very accurate. With the recent advancements in science and the increase in demand, there have been many innovations of monitors to keep a check on your blood pressure. Also, due to concerns for safety due to mercury toxicity, modern and safer devices also came into existence. Most of these new devices are compatible with Android and one can use them simultaneously with the cell phone to measure their blood pressure.

An Android blood pressure monitor is a convenient way of measuring blood pressure on the go, so no need to visit an expert you can do it yourself in a fast and easy way.

5 Smart Blood Pressure Monitors That Connect to Android

High blood pressure dangers. Why we need to monitor blood pressure

There are many dangers that come with irregular changes in normal blood pressure. These differences are High, Low, and Fluctuating Blood Pressure. High and low blood pressure are most commonly experienced, going by the names of hypertension and hypotension respectively. Long-term hypertension commonly occurs with many corresponding ailments compared to long-term hypotension. Such diseases may include, heart ailments, stroke, and even kidney failure. Since hypertension is less often detected, with no significant symptoms, it is therefore important to regularly monitor blood pressure. A blood pressure monitor for Android can carry out this job the same way as a doctor’s equipment and produce good and reliable results.

Hence, keeping a blood pressure monitor near you can assist at the time of emergency. Also, these monitors use to be handy so you can carry it along anywhere you go.

5 Smart Blood Pressure Monitors That Connect to Android

1. Omron

Precision and accuracy are the core of blood pressure monitoring equipment from Omron. They have got so many products that come handy to specifically monitor your blood pressure. Some of these products include the Omron Evolve and the Omron Series Blood Monitoring Devices. The devices don’t have flashy dashboards but are exquisite in performance and deliver accurate results. The dashboard comprises a black and white interface that is smooth, sleek, and easy to use. The devices make three blood pressure recordings and average them to give a precise reading. They can also measure up to 100 different measurements for 100 different people and store the results. The devices are compatible with any Android device.

Key Features

  • It comes with a simple guide to follow the procedure to check your blood pressure.
  • It can help you view your blood pressure, track logged history, and analyze patterns regarding health.
  • Recognized and certified home blood, pressure monitors.
  • Huge storage capacity.
  • Android connectivity.

Google Play Omron. 

5 Smart Blood Pressure Monitors That Connect to Android5 Smart Blood Pressure Monitors That Connect to Android

2. iHealth

Fully recognized as iHealth Feel is a BPM (Blood Pressure Monitoring) device that helps in detecting arrhythmias, irregular blood pressure, and the heart condition. There are two apps that can be used to manage and view blood pressure and health condition history. These apps are the iHealth MyVitals App and the iHealth Gluco-Smart App. It’s thus an Android blood pressure monitor that can be configured to operate using the standalone apps that are associated with the device. The device together with the apps has got many more functionalities and features that make it a good choice, such as multi-user capabilities, iCloud Dashboard reminders, notes, and more.

Key Features

  • Using the apps, one can compare their health and blood pressure condition to the WHO (World Health Organization) recommendations.
  • Bluetooth enabled.
  • It’s lightweight and portable.
  • Automated measuring of Blood Pressure.
  • Easy to use and gives health data records as well as reliable blood pressure results.

Google Play iHealth. 

5 Smart Blood Pressure Monitors That Connect to Android5 Smart Blood Pressure Monitors That Connect to Android

3. QardioArm

Well, if you are selecting QardioArm as your choice of BPM, then it’s all about design. QardioArm is a stylish looking sophisticated blood pressure monitor which is also very easy to use. It’s a classy monitor for Android that comes in many different colors to choose from. In addition, it is an efficient way to monitor your systolic and diastolic pressure. It has got an app that is fully integrated with HIPAA compliance cloud management to store your data. You can access it very quickly and easily too. The app tallying of results is really exquisite as it makes a comparison to WHO to help you analyze your condition. The results are displayed in graphs and charts making it easily understandable and quite clear.

Key Features

  • Portable
  • Android compatible
  • You can set a reminder to check your Blood Pressure via the app.
  • You can share your results with the Doctor, family, and friends.
  • PLACES: This feature enables the monitor to track your geographical positions and provides the health results of the corresponding locations with date and time.

Google Play QardioArm. 

5 Smart Blood Pressure Monitors That Connect to Android5 Smart Blood Pressure Monitors That Connect to Android

4. Blipcare

Blipcare is a bit different compared to other BPMs. It makes use of Wi-Fi, instead of Bluetooth but still provides reliable results. You can use Blipcare to not only monitor your condition but that of your loved ones even when they are far. It also supports features such as the setting of reminders and recording of data. The data is stored and may be viewed through an account. One has to create an account via their website or the app to use it. It’s a wonderful Android blood pressure monitor with functions such as automatically using the app to check on blood pressure. It is a convenient way of checking the Blood Pressure with nice features such as mentioned below.

Key Features

  • Remotely check on a loved one’s heart condition and blood pressure.
  • Easily share the results with the Doctor and loved ones.
  • Easy to use and operate with a simple interface.
  • The reminders function helps keep you up-to-date on monitoring your condition.
  • Clear and understandable representation of your condition on charts and graphs.

Google Play Blipcase.

5 Smart Blood Pressure Monitors That Connect to Android5 Smart Blood Pressure Monitors That Connect to Android

5. Withings

Withings simply oozes outclass, style, and sophistication as you wouldn’t think it is a BPM. Simply slip on the cuff and the app will automatically launch to check your condition. Partnering with Nokia, the Withings BPM is elegant and performs remarkably. It works in accordance with the ESH (European Society of Hypertension) and AHA (American Heart Association) to provide results that are in compliance and of a health safety standard. This is a blood pressure monitor for Android with a robust app that is stylish. There are more products besides the BPM that is also useful in monitoring one’s health condition.

Key Features

  • Fast Bluetooth sync.
  • Precise Heartrate analysis and monitoring.
  • Supports several users
  • Sleeping condition data analysis.
  • Instant and actionable health feedback and insights.

Google Play Withings. 

5 Smart Blood Pressure Monitors That Connect to Android5 Smart Blood Pressure Monitors That Connect to Android

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In short, it is a wonderful parenting control software that will be a boon for you as well as your family.

Key Features

  • Easy location history and tracking
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  • Web Filtering
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FamiSafe Parental Control

Monitoring your cardiovascular condition and knowing your blood pressure is vital to try and keep them in check. The above-mentioned blood pressure monitor apps for Android are the best for you to maintain your health and get the best results. Thus, stay healthy by using the blood pressure monitors and remain vigilant over the whereabouts of your children and teenagers with the FamiSafe app. You may download it for free from Google Play or App Store and try it on your own.

Have a healthy life and a safe family!

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