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How to Choose Safe Phones for Kids

Choose Safe Phones For Kids In 2021

the safe phones for kids

Some factors influence your decision towards getting a phone for your kids. One of the many reasons could be staying in contact with them or monitoring their after-school activities. Whatever the case may be, you do need to get your kid's phones that are safe to use.

Many of the phones on the market come in various types with different features and price tags, hence making it difficult to know which is the safest. However, if you think your Kid has reached the age to have a phone, then this guide will show you the best ways to choose safe phones for them. In this post, we will illustrate the safest phones to buy along with features you should look out for.

Let's dive in;

What Age Should Kids Get A Phone?

Based on our recommendations, we did advise you to get phones only if your kids have reached ages 10-12. By this age, your kids must have acquired the necessary in-person social skills to strive in society. Getting them glued to their screens at an earlier age than this will only impair their social skills and expose them to wrong vices.

However, there should be an exception if you are far away from your kids and need a medium to communicate. Above all, you, as a parent, should decide if your Kids are mature to handle a phone.

What Should Parents Be Aware Of When Choosing Phones For Kids?

  • Parental Controls: As parents, you need to check for phones that have a parental control feature that allows you to limit your kids' risk of exposure to social vices. This function should be available to keep your kids from seeing questionable content.
  • Battery life: Do check the phone's battery capacity to ensure it isn't the type that drops dead after short-term use. This would ensure you can reach them at any possible time.
  • Durability: Many kids tend to be careless with the way they handle phones. Therefore, you do need to check out for phones that can withstand the frequent slips and falls from the hands of your Kids.
  • Kid-friendly design: Whatever phone you want to get for your Kids has to be interactive and easy to use.

6 Safe Phone For Kids

1. Xplora Go Clip:

xplora go clip

The Xplora Go clip is not necessarily a phone but can be adapted as one if supplied with a sim. This typical phone gives you the ability to monitor your child's safety at any location in time. It is usually hooked to a belt or backpack. With the Xplora Go Clip, you can set safe zones, which in turn alerts you whenever your Kids wander off beyond a restricted area.

2. Kisa phone:

kisa phone

The Kisa phone comes with the same outlook as any other modern smartphone. However, it only features a physical button interface that allows kids to place calls to specific individuals you assign as a parent. It comes with features like GPS tracking, allowing you to stay aware of Kid's location after school. There is an option of a wireless charging cradle that allows your kids to charge their devices in case you are worried about your Kids being tangled with wires.

3. Nokia 3310 3G:

nokia 3310 3g

The Nokia 3310 3G is one phone I will recommend getting for your pre-teens if you need something a bit traditional. It doesn't offer all the comprehensive features of any modern smartphone, so there is no need to worry about kids being bullied or seeing exotic pictures.

When your Kids use the Nokia 3310 3G, they get to listen to music through its music playback, take photos with a camera (although not the best quality). Even better, this phone comes with long-lasting battery life, giving your kids the ability to use it without the need to charge the battery at short time intervals.

4. Monqi Kids Smartphone:

monique kids smartphone

Monqi Kids Smartphone provides an easy way for parents to keep track of their Kid's phone activity. It comes with a feature that restricts the installation of specific apps, access to contacts not approved by parents, and even helps track your Kid's whereabouts in cases of emergency.

It is simple to use and specifically designed for kids to look like a regular Android or iOS device. It is indeed the best phone you can get for a pre-teen kid.

5. iPhone SE

iphone se

If you are considering a safe smartphone for your teenage kids, then the iPhone SE will be your portable option. This option is budget-friendly in contrast to other top-notch models of the iPhone. What's more? The iPhone SE has a sturdy and durable build.

With the presence of an iOS 12, this phone provides an ample way to restrict screen time, the typical downloadable apps for your kid's consumption.

6. Google Pixel 3a

google pixel 3a

The Google Pixel 3a is one of the best smartphones for your teenage kids to watch entertainment shows and connect with friends. What's better with this phone is the presence of a Digital Wellbeing app that helps your Kids keep a balance between phone use and other social activities. The phone also excels well with parental controls allowing you to control access to a certain number of apps and contents on your teenage Kid's phone.

How to Make Kids' Phones Safer?

One of the best ways to keep your Kid's phone safe is to use a parental-control third-party app known as FamiSafe on either an Android or iOS device. Irrespective of how busy you are as a parent, you can always track and monitor your Kids' phone activities.

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  • Web Filtering & Blocker
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Monitoring

How does it work?

FamiSafe is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. For practical use, Famisafe should be downloaded on both your device and your Kid's. By interconnecting both apps through the use of a registered email on both devices, you can effectively track and monitor your Kids at any remote location. By then, you can effectively ensure the safety of your wards.

    • App Block & Usage

With Famisafe, you can block your Kid's access to age-inappropriate apps and even monitor their usage daily no matter your location.

    • Browser History & Web Filter

With Famisafe, you can check through what your kids' look up on the internet and take the best actionable steps to dispel inappropriate content when discovered.

    • Activity Report

With the activity report, you get to know your kids' daily activities on their mobile devices. You can discover the number of hours spent on a particular app and what it was used for.

    • Screen time

If your kids spend more time on their mobile devices, you can use the screen time feature to restrict the number of hours spent on their mobile devices daily. Your Kid's access to their phones gets blocked once the time frame elapses.


The advent of technology has caused cravings for phones and gadgets by kids. Now, as a parent, you do want to keep your kids safe from bullying and internet vices; hence you need to search for the best safe phones that are age-appropriate or a means to keep them safe. This comprehensive guide lists some of the best safe phones you can get for your kids today, and the best way you can limit the contents, they can view from their mobile phones. Read through to get the best informative guide.

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