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Effective ways to turn off parental controls on Android

Turn off parental controls on Android.

There are ample ways to control the gadget activities of your kid remotely. You must explore a reliable and effective method to limit the child’s gadget usage. When your kid grows older than 12 years and you might feel to stop the gadget supervision activities. If that is the scenario then learn to modify the parental control app’s settings. Are you aware of how to turn off parental controls on Android? Enlighten with the steps to turn off parental control procedures and learn about the alternative sophisticated methods to control the gadget activities of your child remotely.

1: How do I turn off parental controls on the Family link?

Go ahead with the below guidelines to deactivate the parental controls on Family Link. It is difficult to turn off completely the monitoring settings if your kid is younger than 13 years. There will be partial restrictions by default for kids below 13 years. You may also like: how to remove Family Link App.

Step 1: Unlock your Android gadget and tap the ‘Family Link’ application on your device. Go to your child's account in the app.


Step 2: Press ‘Manage Settings’ option and then go to the ‘Account info’


Step 3: Click the ‘Stop Supervision’ option and confirm your selection. Then, finally, check in the confirmation message and hit ‘Stop Supervision’ again.


1.1 How do I remove Family Link parental controls without a PIN?

In this section, you will learn how to remove the Google Family Link app ‘s parental control without using the PIN.

The basic idea here is to clear the stored Google data which will ultimately erase the parental control settings associated with the Google Play Store apps like Family Link. In this method, you need not enter the PIN to make changes in parental control.

Step 1: Hit the ‘Settings’ icon in your Android gadget


Step 2: Select ‘Apps and Notification’ option from the list


Step 3: Choose ‘Google Play Store -> Storage’.


Step 4: Press ‘Clear Data’ button and then confirm your action by clicking ‘OK’.


The above procedure deletes all the Google Play Store data including the parental control settings. Now you are aware of how to turn off parental control settings on Android.

2. How do I turn off parental controls on Google Play?

In this method, you must enter the associated PIN to make changes in the parental control settings of Google Play. In case if you forget the PIN, then use the above method to remove the parental controls of Google-associated apps.

Step 1: Open your Android phone, and tap the ‘Play Store’ icon.


Step 2: In the Google Play Store window, tap the three horizontal lines at the top left side of the screen. It is a ‘Menu’ tab for the Google Play Store. You must explore the options in this ‘Menu’ to change the appropriate parental control settings.


Step 3: Press the ‘Settings’ option from the expanded list.


Step 4: Pull down the scroll bar and select ‘Parental Controls’ under the ‘User Control’ menu.


Step 5: Now, you must toggle the switch off the ‘Parental Controls’ option


Step 6: A pop-up window appears requesting for a PIN. Here, you must enter the right PN to proceed.


Enter the four-digit PIN and hit the ‘OK’ button to disable the parental control settings in the Google Play Store.

3. How do I turn off parental controls on Samsung?

There is a ‘Kids Mode’ available on Samsung phones with enabled parental control settings. It is a built-in mode to protect the kids from accessing dangerous content on the internet platform. To turn off this ‘Kids Mode’ surf through the steps below

Step 1: Unlock your Samsung Phone


Step 2: Tap the ‘Settings’ option

settings samsung

Step 3: Choose ‘Apps’ from the displayed list


Step 4: Select the ‘Kids Mode’ and disable or force stop by tapping the appropriate button.


4. Why do parents still need third-party parental control app FamiSafe?

Most digital parents opt for reliable and effective parental control apps like FamiSafe to monitor their kid’s gadget activities remotely. In this mechanical lifestyle, the parents face tough times in supervising the kid’s online activities precisely. The FamiSafe, a third-party parental control app plays a vital role in reducing the screen time of your child effortlessly.


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  • Web Filtering & Blocker
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Monitoring

Remarkable features of FamiSafe Parental control app

  • Cultivate good digital habits in your kids using the ‘Screen Time’ option
  • Track the real-time location details of your child remotely
  • The ‘Explicit Content Detection’ feature detects inappropriate messages in the kid’s gadget and notifies the parents to take respective action on time.
  • The FamiSafe YouTube parental controls block the adult content video from entering your child’s phone
  • The Website Filter option restricts the display of unnecessary content on your kid’s device.
  • Plan a wise day schedule for your kid using the “Smart Scheduler’ option.

Detailed illustration on the stunning features of FamiSafe parental control app

App Blocker: If you find any dangerous apps in your kid’s phone then you can remotely block those apps even without their knowledge. Your kid will no longer access the blocked apps by any means.


Activity Report: A detailed report on your child’s gadget activity is now available with the FamiSafe parental control app. You can receive the request report. You can surf through the daily reports to discipline the gadget activities of your kid. In this report, you can find out the time spent on each app, website etc. Using this report, you can identify whether your kid is addicted to any specific games or websites. Based on the data in the report you can take necessary actions.


Screen Time: It is high time to take control of the gadget activities of your child. With the help of this feature, you can set a time limit for the gadget usage of your child. When the set time expires, the phone locks automatically. The kids can't unlock this lock until you release it remotely.


Detect Suspicious Texts and Photos: The FamiSafe parental control app detects suspicious activities in your kid’s phone. If it finds any adult texts or offensive language in the message box then immediately the connected parent gadget receives an alert signal. It is like an alarm for the parents to take quick measures before the situation becomes worse.


Thus, you are now aware of how to turn off the parental control apps on Android gadgets. At some point in time, when your kid grows older than 13 years there is a need to turn off the parental control settings to explore the online platform for sharpening their skills. You can also try out this turn off process even if your child is younger than 13 years. It is high time to carefully surf through the above-discussed steps to turn off your parental control settings on various platforms like Google Family link, Google Play Store, and built-in setup on the Samsung phones. The FamiSafe parental control app is the perfect program to watch out your kid’s phone activities closely in a remote way. To handle the online challenges, make use of a reliable tool like FamiSafe to create a safe cyber safe for your child to explore and grow.

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