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Top 10 Best Family Board Games to Have Fun!

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Tech devices have surged all families in recent years, especially since COVID-19. Parents have to work over the computer; kids need to have classes remotely. And even in spare time, social media apps, including YouTube, TikTok, etc., and video games attract their attention. As a result, there is little time spent having fun together. But an excellent family board game can change the situation. So whether you want to help your kids quit tech devices for a while or try to develop your relationship with your kids, board games can be the best choice.

To save your time searching for picking up the best board games, here we prepared a list of the 10 best board games for families to enjoy the spare time. If you are interested in it, then keep reading!

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Top 10 Best Family Board Games for Christmas

The top 10 family board games help family members play and stimulate brain areas responsible for memory formation and complex functioning for both kids and adults. These board games bring together families and friends and help them spend quality time together. Some of the best board games that you could play with your loved ones and indulge in great times are as follows:

1. Perudo-$26

Bluff and confound your fellow players; perhaps the most ancient game but the most satisfying one. Popularly known as Liar's Dice, and has been the favorite since the 1800s but has evolved with time. The rules are straightforward, yet they can create gripping gameplay moments. Roll the dice and cover the result with the cup, then start bidding the number the players, including you, have rolled. The highest bidder with the value on the table is the winner.

perudo asmodee

2. Kingdomino-$19.82

Kingdomino is the classic beginner board game that has taken collecting and playing with dominos to the next level. The game is about matching tiles and building a cohesive environment for the subjects to live in. you are the lord, looking after your kingdom and expanding it. There are tiny tiles, and thus the players need to create their grid carefully. There is a lot of interaction and conversation during the game.


3. Fireball Island-$53.45

The curse of Vul-Kar- The rip-roaring exploration game intended to create adventure stories like Indiana Jonas with players escaping traps and finding treasures from the jungle temples. The game is a complete adventure and uniquely attractive boot where the dice are rolled across the three-dimensional board and can get the players out of the game. The game requires adequate strategy and balancing luck to retreat in the game.

fireball island

4. Crazy Tower-$22.45

Build a precious tower to improve and prove your construction skills. Extension of the classic game Jenga is a dexterity family board game. It requires balancing the blocks without removing the parts from the structure. Revolutionary ideas and construction are what Crazy Tower has to offer. While playing the game, you build colored towers before others, and in desperation, the towers fumble, creating roars of laughter.

crazy tower

5. Valley of the Vikings-$49

Valley of the Vikings is a fantastic dexterity board game apt for the family. Players take turn to hit a small ball using the designated Viking bat down a ramp and in a set of barrels to hit their colored barrel over so that their token move across the docks. However, they should avoid hitting the opponent's barrel.


6. Harry Potter-$49.95

Hogwarts Battle is the most family-friendly game and deals with the fantastic adventures of the famous wizard Harry Potter. The game lets you role-play the favorite characters from the film, including Hermoine, Neville Longbottom, Ron Weasley, and even Harry Potter, as they attempt to get an education while crushing the evil plans of Voldemort.

harry potter

7. Machi Koro-$24.99

Machi Koro is an easy city builder for all ages and skill levels. It is a bit overwhelming family game, but then it is full of fun and requires the users' skill—the game witnesses players fulfilling their mayoral duties by expanding the city and helping the citizens. The game is about decision-making, and the players need to complete landmarks and building by rolling dice. The match is perfect as it allows the players to interact and have built the city of their dreams.

machi koro

8. Magic Maze-$45.67

Magic Maze sees the players looting fantasy convenience stores for the essential adventure tools for upcoming quests. The game is not about teaching kids moral lessons; but about having fun with them. The participants need to work together and avoid losing information as one can communicate for a while only. The game has bizarre rules and has a three-minute time limit.

magic maze

9. Stuffed Fables-$55.59

Stuffed Fables is a narrative game set in a fairytale world. It is a top adventure family board game for 2021 that is all about flights of fantasy. Stuffed Fables is a fair game and has a more whimsical one, which is about exploration, combat, and narrative decision-making, with each chapter stating the game's adventure. It displays the information of the chapter in the most fun way.

stuffed fables

10. Double-$12.99

Spot the matching symbols in a quick-fire way. Spot it! It is the most popular card game, and it comes in various themes like the Star Wars or Frozen theme. It strengthens the player's observational skills and lightning-fast reflexes.


Is Board Games better than Video Games?

The truth about video games is that they are an extension of board games that employ modern digital technology. Over the years, video games have progressed to the extent that they are similar to Hollywood movies. Board games have also morphed over the years, but they provide the same enthusiasm or even more because they relieve the fast-moving visuals that strain eyes and brain.

The digital devices affect family's relationship as each one has and requires a personal device to play in complete silence. There is no physical bonding and communication between the members. Video games negatively affect the emotions like fear, worry, shame; this activates the part of the brain that governs these negative emotions. Thereby, the brain's learning ability can be affected if it spends a long time on digital devices to play video games.

Board Games may have more advantages instead:

1. Child development: playing board games helps children develop their logic and reasoning skills, improve critical thinking and boost spatial reasoning.

2. Develop fine motor skills: the board games require the players to use fine motor skills to pick or move pieces that need coordination and agility.

3. Good at eyesight: video games have fast-moving sights that strain the eyes; on the other hand, board games are stable. They soothe the eyes.

4. Reduce risk for mental diseases: board games require a strategy to play and thus put the brain muscles to exercise, making it strong.

5. Relieve stress: playing board games relieves stress and makes people laugh, thus increasing endorphins and building strong immunity.

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As parents, you must desire to make your kids physically, emotionally, and mentally strong. For Christmas, New Year, and any vacation when parents could sit around together, finding ways to support the family enjoy together constructively is challenging. Still, it is possible with the help of board games. Best family board games yield hours of entertainment for all ages. The board games help the kids create strategies and plan to win. Playing board games releases endorphins, the body's natural "feel good" chemicals, and thus reduces stress. Why not choose a more natural way to enjoy your life and the time with your families in this digital life?

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