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Best Family Locator App for Android

best family locator app for android

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Mar 09, 2022 Filed to: Family Tracker Proven solutions

Best Family Locator App for Android

The real picture of a true family can be better kept intact when every single member of that family is safe at all times. As a family, it is essential for each member to be able to pinpoint the whereabouts of their family member as per time. Husbands should be able to track where their spouses are and vice versa, parents should be able to tell the exact location of their kids, and if need be, kids might need to know where their parents are as well. It is one of the things that keeps the family united and organized. This is a valid reason for the cogent need of the best family locator app for Android devices so as to facilitate the ease of locating a family member on a map and probably getting to them in case of need.

A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App

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  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

FamiSafe - The Best Family Locator App for Android

To help with the imminent need of finding a not only useful but also the best family locator app for Android, Wondershare has answered to the cry by providing an app that does just that. FamiSafe is an application program launched to be used as a monitoring app by family members. It is an easy to use the app for Android and iOS with a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing user interface on both platforms. This app helps to solve the problem of distraction among kids during school periods, prevent phone addiction and also encourages bed-time adherence. It can also help spouses know the where about of each other and their kids in case of an emergency or just to serve as a check for sincerity. The app has a lot of neatly arranged and impressively efficient features that make it stand out as the best family locator App for Android amongst its peers. Some of its location features include:

best family locator app for android


This one is a very powerful feature of FamiSafe which is often referred to as Real Time location feature. This feature is one that takes full advantage by making use of the GPS technology embedded in most smartphones today. It activates this function and then uses the Global Positioning System to pinpoint the location from which the signal is been sent unto an available digital map. The beauty of this feature is that it gives a continuous update of the location of the device that is been tracked. This simply means that even if the carrier of the device moves from their current location to another, or is in continuous motion, walking, running or even in an automobile their movements can be seen on the map as it happens. Hence, the reason why the function is tagged as ''Real-time or Live location''.

best family locator app for android


Apart from the impressive Real-time location feature and in addition to that function, FamiSafe has provided another feature that allows parents to be able to see where their kids have been to and when. This feature continuously tracks and stores the movement of the carrier of the mobile device that has been linked to FamiSafe. Location history is mostly useful when parents are unable to be on their phones to monitor the movements of their kids, they can still come back to see the accurate history of their location as per a particular time.

FamiSafe stores these location histories for as long as you want it to listing each location, alongside time of visit recorded, it can even draw a movement tag from start point to another.

best family locator app for android


This is another interesting feature integrated into the FamiSafe interface. Geo-fencing as its name implies simply means Geographical Fencing. This feature takes monitoring to a whole different level by allowing parents to set geographical boundaries for their kids since children are meant and born to be curious, they often wander into potential danger zones. Once these geographical boundaries of where the children are not meant to be at any point in time have been set, the moment they come towards the geo-fenced area, a push notification alert is delivered to the parent's phone.

You can also set a fencing radius from a chosen place, how impressive is that?

best family locator app for android

More features about Family Locator App for Android

There a couple of other effective features programmed with FamiSafe app aside from location features which further facilitate it's being the best family locator app for Android.

Some of these interesting features include:


With FamiSafe, parents can decide to completely block certain specific apps on their children's mobile phones. If you feel your kids are getting addicted to a particular game, or maybe you do not want them making use of some social media app, you can temporarily block such apps for a specific period of time. With this feature, you can block apps that might keep your children up at night past their bedtime, or that could distract them during school hours.

best family locator app for android


The parent might want to know what app their kids make use of the most in order to know and curb their addiction to harmful apps. FamiSafe can provide you with detailed information about the usage of every single app on your kid's phone.

best family locator app for android


FamiSafe has an inbuilt algorithm which calculates the total time during which the screen of a mobile phone has been active. With screen time report feature, parents can also set a total recommended screen time limit on FamiSafe. Therefore, the moment total screen time limit lapses, the screen of the phone would get locked.

best family locator app for android


In case, as parents, you do not trust the online activity of your kids, or you just simply want to be aware of every website they browse, FamiSafe also provides a detailed Web history. This feature keeps a record of all websites visited by your kid and also the exact time when the website was accessed.

best family locator app for android


Since the internet is an open source environment, it is logical for parents to try as much as possible to prevent their kids from accessing certain contents on the internet. With the Web Filter feature on FamiSafe, parents can block certain web contents and prevent their kids from accessing them. The intelligent FamiSafe can prevent access to websites and contents based on topics such as adult contents, sports, arts, entertainment, gambling contents and many more. You can also decide to exempt some websites from the overall content filter settings.

FamiSafe has also being programmed with a Smart Settings System which grants parents the maximum flexibility they require to have full control over their kid's mobile phones. It helps to be able to combine diverse control settings such as Web Filtering, App Blocking, and Geo-Fencing.

So, that was FamiSafe for you, by far the best family locator app for Android devices.

best family locator app for android


FamiSafe, as stated above, is by no doubt the best family locator app for Android available in the open market. It is easy to use and is highly recommended for parents who can easily keep an eye on their kids without having to be near them all the time. The app can be freely downloaded from Google Play Store directly to your Android device. We vouch for this Wondershare product and it sure is worth a try.

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