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Gambling Games: Gambling Online without Parents Knowing

Gambling Games

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: Internet Filter Proven solutions

Gambling games have existed for hundreds of years. Back then, gambling was a game played only by men who were deemed by society to have questionable character. However, gambling has seen tremendous changes over time as more individuals embrace it. Unlike before, all members of the family can now participate in such games.

Another significant change was the introduction of online gambling games. You can now play any online gamble game on compatible devices anywhere around the world. These games come in different forms providing an alternative for different target groups.

The types of gambling games

  • Casino card games

Most people associate casinos with slot games only. This perception is understandable, given that slot machines always occupy a lot of space in casino buildings, making them easily noticeable. However, card games are the most preferred, especially casino card games with slot game coming in at third place.

Casino card games include games such as Blackjack and Texas Holdem. Blackjack is very popular with online casinos while Texas Holdem is typical of land-based casinos. Holdem is not available in the software packages of online casinos.

  • Dice games

Gambling games are those games that are, to a large extent, dependent on a dice. Some even entirely rely on a dice. The side the dice falls on is often used to determine the outcome of a bet. The typical examples of dice games are Craps, Boggle and Sic Bo.

  • Electronic games

Any gambling games played over the internet are considered electronic games. These games are interactive and operate using computer circuitry. Examples of electronic games are online Keno, internet poker, and web-based slots.

You may be wondering why, as a parent, you should know more about gambling. Are you? Here, is a breakdown of why you need to know more about this industry.

Why should parents know about gambling games?

Recent research showed that children as young as 11 years are already struggling with the risks associated with gambling. The picture is even grimmer for children between the ages of 11 and 16. Children in that age bracket are already exhibiting addiction signs to gambling. Unfortunately, these numbers have continued to rise astronomically over the past two years.

The rise in gambling addictions can be attributed to the increased exposure of these games amongst children. It is estimated that the vigorous advertisement of the gambling games and video game gambling on television reaches out to more than two-thirds of children.

Therefore, as a parent, you have no other option but to know more about gambling games and be the first teacher to your child about the same. Failure to which, your children are likely to learn about illegal gaming from the media. The latter choice has more damaging consequences given that the media often known to distort information.

Having known about gambling games and understanding that your child is likely to be exposed to such games, it is best to prevent them from falling prey.

Tips on how to prevent kids from online gambling addiction

  • Setting clear rules on what your child can access while online

As the parent, you should exercise control on what your child can do or not do online. You can also specify which websites and pages the child can visit or not visit. Even though the rules may be frown upon by the child, they often go a long way to preventing online gambling addictions.

While at it, you should also impose sanctions such as grounding your child whenever he or she violates the rules by accessing the prohibited sites. Sanctions will make the child appreciate the seriousness of the rules.


  • Discussing the risks and dangers of online gambling addiction with the child

Discuss with your child the risks associated with gambling. Also, remind your child that it is illegal for minors to take part in any form of gambling activity. Make sure they know the consequences of partaking in illicit activities.

Having such information and the fact that it is from a concerned parent may save your child from becoming a gambling addict.


  • Monitoring your kid's activities and having them know that you are watching them.

Such an approach reduces mischief that may tempt your child to gamble. You can monitor your child by having the computers and internet put in an open area and not in the kid's bedroom.

Further, you can use parental control software such as FamiSafe to monitor your child's online activities closely.


  • Keep a tab on your cards and the amount of money your child spends.

Gambling is an expensive affair in the long run. Having a complete idea about the whereabouts of your credit cards and your credit card amount prevents your child from even thinking of using your credit card for online gamble. Ensure that your child uses your credit card only with your knowledge or permission.

Additionally, do ensure that your child fully accounts for all the money that you give them.


What if your child is already playing gambling games online, how will you be able to tell to take the appropriate intervention?

How can parents find out if their kids are playing gambling games online?

Your child's school grades are likely to suffer when such games are involved. The child will also keep away from people and spend more time on his or her phone or personal computer. However, FamiSafe, a parental control application can keep you from second-guessing whether such symptoms are as a result of gambling games or not. Fortunately, FamiSafe can be installed on both android and iOS devices. It has features, discussed below, that will save you time and still help you monitor your child's online activities.

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  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

1. Screen time & Smart Schedule

The screen time feature rations the time your child spends online. Using the function, you can set the number of hours your child is allowed to be on a device that can access the internet. Once the set time is over, the app will automatically block the child out.

2. Web filter & browse history

The web filter feature helps you sieve harmful internet content from your child's phone. It also has an option for limiting some sites. Furthermore, FamiSafe puts the websites into categories; as a result making it easy and convenient for parents to block or allow websites.

The browse history keeps a record of all sites visited by your child, regardless of whether your child deletes the site’s link or if he or she accessed them in incognito mode.

3. App activity & app blocker

App activity can detect potential dangers by just checking their activity report. It can identify the apps your child uses more often, the apps that your child installed and those the child uninstalled. Through this, you can tell whether your child has installed any online gambling games or is video game gambling.

The App blocker can then be used to block such sites and apps or any potentially harmful website.

Lastly, the line between video games and online gambling games is becoming more blurred with time. You should, therefore, be keen and up to date with applications, your child buys online. It could just turn out to be video gambling games disguised as ordinary video games.

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