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DNS filter for your kids

dns filter

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: Internet Filter Proven solutions

Part 1: Introduction

DNS filter - content filtering and web protection for your kids

The Internet is the largest and confused world where data and information are scattered all over numerous websites. Today's generation of kids are very adventurous. They are interested in getting themselves updated with various technologies and applications and thus sometimes surf adult content also on the Internet which is highly inappropriate as per their age. So no matter how good a parent you are and advise your kid to stay away from illegal and porn websites, they would still end up looking at it once in a while. This leads to a lot of distractions and kids lose sight of their studies and other important activities. It is also true that you cannot keep an eye on your kid the whole day, and therefore, you need a DNS filter to keep them safe and under your control. Our article today shall focus on various kinds of DNS filter apps and how they can be useful in your daily child monitoring needs.

Part 2: How does DNS filter work?

Most of the DNS filter apps make use of artificial intelligence to identify threats and prevent them in advance. They follow a user-friendly interface for operation and filter contents that are specified in the category. There are various categories defined like art, education, careers, and so on...the task of DNS filters is to perform filtering of various sites that are entered for access in the browser and to restrict them if they don't fulfill the required category. Effective blocking of adult based contents and gambling based sites can also be blocked easily with DNS filter. To do so, the blacklist and the white list format of working are implemented.

Part 3: List of 3 DNS filters

We have a list of three outstanding DNS filters in this article that will help in efficient content filtering for your kids.

1: FamiSafe

DNS filter - content filtering and web protection for your kids

FamiSafe stands first in our list although it is not an exact DNS filter, yet it is proven to be one of the best DNS filters in the industry. The FamiSafe platform was introduced to the market by Wondershare, a top-most company brand in developing innovative solutions for its valuable customers.

FamiSafe is trust-worthy and hence is preferred by most of the parents for their kid's protection. It is incorporated with multiple features compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The user interface is outstanding along with the dashboard mode of monitoring. Kids also find it useful as FamiSafe allows the freedom that is to be provided for that particular age limit.


    • FamiSafe allows you to know the top-to-bottom location history of your kid with its live-location tracking feature. The process is continuous with a 24/7 monitoring possibility.

DNS filter - content filtering and web protection for your kids

  • Keep your kid away from harmful and pornography sites with its web filter feature. Category and website based blocking can also be selected on FamiSafe.
  • The smart schedule option is one its best for setting a suitable timetable for your kid and insist them on what to do at a particular time.
  • Block social media apps and games like Clash of Clans on the target device by using its App blocker feature.
  • With a screen time feature, either you can lock the smartphone or else any specific application for a particular period of time so that your kid can concentrate on studies or have pleasant family time with you.

Link: https://famisafe.wondershare.com/

2: DNSFilter

DNS filter - content filtering and web protection for your kids

True to its name, the DNS filter from Techstars Company is our next application on the list. DNS filter-"Born out of necessity" is a straight-forward approach that is simple and essential. Moreover, to say it in a single phrase, the DNS filter provides all content filtering solutions in a single package. It isn't overpriced, ineffective, and outdated either. Instead, it is a developing smart platform that provides a sense of security in its operation. It is not only suitable for kids but is also developed for commercial purposes like service providers, businesses, and enterprises to help improve your productivity.


  • DNS content filtering is powered with advanced artificial intelligence technology that protects you from all possible threats with the help of real-time domain analysis.
  • More than 35 global servers are available in the DNS filter that ensures 100% uptime and low latency.
  • Detailed security report on network activity and browsing history is displayed in the dashboard format that is easily understandable.
  • DNS filter from Techstars also serves as an anti-virus program that protects your device from ransomware, malware, and unknown threats.
  • More than 1,800,000 threats are identified and solved daily and till now, 273.75 billion requests from customers have been being served by the team.

Link: https://www.dnsfilter.com/

3: SafeDNS

DNS filter - content filtering and web protection for your kids

Do you wish to make the Internet child-friendly at home? Then choose SafeDNS as a suitable application for it. It helps to filter out harmful and malicious sites with adult content and keeps them out of the site of your kid. It is developed for an entire family as well as for an esteemed organization to raise productivity. For adults, web filtering and network security services can be provoked in educational institutions and in libraries too with the help of SafeDNS. For effective content filtering, "Al-powered Filtering Technology" is upgraded in SafeDNS. Overall, SafeDNS is a complete package for Botnet protection, content filtering, and reliable support.


  • SafeDNS services can be extended to the Internet service providers and Telecomm centers too.
  • Protection against malware and ransomware during Wi-Fi and hotspot internet access is also possible thus establishing a new paradigm for Wi-Fi security.
  • SafeDNS has the ability to process over 1 billion requests per day and categorizes 400K in a day.
  • SafeDNS is basically a cloud-based service provider hence reduces the purpose of purchasing any extra hardware and software for setup completion.
  • Category-based content filtering to block violence, drug, and smoking based websites is adorable.

Link: https://www.safedns.com/

Part 4: How to use FamiSafe for DNS filter

We have seen what is FamiSafe and the features that are associated with it in the first part of this article. Now, let's see how FamiSafe can act as a good DNS filter for you.

Step 1: Download the FamiSafe app from Google Play or from the App Store. Install it on both device-Parent and in your kid's device.

Try for Free on Google Play and App Store!

  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

Step 2: Create a newly registered account in FamiSafe by clicking on "Create a new account".

DNS filter - content filtering and web protection for your kids

Step 3: Once the account is created click on "Parent" identity, activate FamiSafe, and allow access for its services.

DNS filter - content filtering and web protection for your kids

Step 4: Now, pick up your kid's device, launch the FamiSafe application and log in with your account credentials. If the target device is an iOS device, download the data management file without fail.

DNS filter - content filtering and web protection for your kids

Step 5: Now, open FamiSafe in your device and connect it to your device by clicking on the "Start" button. Click on the platform of your target's device such as Android or iOS and proceed further.

DNS filter - content filtering and web protection for your kids

Step 6: Go to primary or dashboard window in your device where you can see various features like screen time, app blocker etc.

DNS filter - content filtering and web protection for your kids

Step 7: Here, choose the "Web filter" feature.

It further consists of two parts called "Exceptions" and "Web filter".

In the Web filter section, you can specify categories based on which blocking is to be made.

In the exceptions section, the web history of viewed sites is displayed and you can block or allow it respectively.

DNS filter - content filtering and web protection for your kids

To add a specific website that is to be blocked in a browser, like Facebook or Instagram, click on "Add exception" and add the respective site and click on the "Save" option.

DNS filter - content filtering and web protection for your kids

Thus DNS content filtering can be done easily through FamiSafe in simple steps as depicted in the above steps.

Part 6: Conclusion

With great hope and no doubt, I am sure that you will find this article a useful one. When you think that your kids should behave smarter, then it's abruptly true that you should also implement smarter solutions to safeguard them in this digital world like using a good DNS filter application. You can choose any one of the tools from the ones above for your kid and save their future.

Also, do share your feedback about this article and how the DNS filters proved useful for you.

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