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8 Best Books for New Parents to Save You From Chaos

Recommended Books for New Parents

Parenthood involves being responsible for your children, spending time with them, and raising them to become responsible, independent adults. With that in mind, let's take a look at what it means to be a parent and the best books for new parents that will save you from chaos.

What Does It Mean To Become a Parent?

Most people are excited when they are expecting their first child. However, being a parent can become stressful at times. You will encounter new and challenging situations as you raise your child. For you to become a good parent, you need to develop the following skills:

  1. Be Humorous

Being a parent can be daunting at times, and looking for a little humor in parenting is a good idea. Humor will help you handle different types of situations that may arise. Essentially, having this skill will help you keep moving in all situations.

  1. Have a Positive Mindset

All parents ought to teach their children to be mindful of their words and actions. A guardian can influence a positive image by giving words of advice to their kids. Also, you can teach your child at an early age to choose their thoughts wisely and the impacts of doing the opposite.

  1. Patience

Parenthood requires you to be patient so that you can deal with the stress that comes with taking care of a toddler. Parents should instill patience in their kids so that they can learn to do things on their own from an early age. Patience will also help you deal with tantrums and messes. You can learn how to be patient along the way when you teach your child daily life skills like tying their shoes when you are late for work.

How To Get Prepared To Be a Parent?

To raise a successful child, you need to be prepared mentally and know how to deal with the daily life routine that you'll have to follow.

  1. Connect With Your Partner

Here’s the deal: The most important step when it comes to preparing yourself emotionally is discussing with your partner before you decide to become parents. A successful relationship and parenthood go hand in hand with open and honest communication. By doing so, you will be able to agree on the number of kids you would like to have, the parenting style you should use, and other important factors you might need when parenting. Lastly, connecting with your partner will help strengthen your bond as a parent and prepare you emotionally for the inevitable.

  1. Manage Your Expectations

Being a first-time parent can be challenging when it comes to determining what life is all about. Avoid setting your expectations high. You might end up being disappointed when things don’t work out the way you had planned. Fixing your mind on a certain outcome can lead to stress and disappointment.

  1. Work on Your Self-Confidence

Parenting requires you to be confident in every situation you encounter. Having the right attitude will help you do your best when raising your child. Work on your self-esteem and your approach to parenthood. You can decide to meet with people who can offer informational support that will help you in being a parent.

  1. Daily Life

When you are expecting a child, you will get several practical tips on preparing a diaper, how to feed a young baby, the correct clothing for the child, the best feeding bottles, and the ideal stroller for your needs. It is difficult to remember every detail about parenting; the solution is creating a routine. Having a routine helps you and your family to know what to do and when to do it. Order is a must in ensuring the smooth running of the family activities.

8 Best Books for New Parents

Parenting starts from the time the results come back positive. Once your child is born, parenting becomes a full-time job. Here are some of the best books for new parents that will help you on this journey.

1) Baby 411

Originally published in 2003, Baby 411 is one of the best books for new parents. In the book, Dr. Ari Brown provides answers to all the possible situations that new parents may face. These include getting your baby to sleep during the night, the proper first-aid tools, how to deal with a fussy baby, nutrition information, growth and developmental concerns, and tips on how to get your baby to speak their first words. The book answers all the basic questions regarding parenting.

best books for new parents - baby 411

2) Toddler Tactics

Bursting with practical strategies that will make you enjoy the toddler years, Toddler Tactics is a must-read for new parents. Pinky McKay offers parents realistic methods to help make their parenting easier. The book teaches you how to communicate with your newborn. What's the best part? You will learn how to potty train your child, help them develop good eating habits, proper behaviors, and discipline.

best books for new parents - Toddler Tactics

3) Becoming Attached

Written by the award-winning author Robert Karen, Becoming Attached is a great book that goes deep on the parent-child attachment theory not forgetting its current renaissance. Questions like what specific ways did my parents ruin me for all future relationships? How can I avoid making the same mistakes that my parents made when raising me? Have been provided with solutions.

best books for new parents - Becoming Attached

4) The Whole-Brain Child

Packed with age-appropriate strategies that will help you deal with the day-to-day struggles that parents go through, The Whole-Brain Child is ideal for skeptic parents who are unmoved by anecdote. It features similar approaches of acceptance but makes use of basic neuroscience to back itself up. Having an idea of the whole brain of a child and knowing how to activate the mid-tantrum will help find the best way to confront them.

best books for new parents - The Whole-Brain Child

5) The Drama of the Gifted Child

This is one of the most popular parenting books for raising successful toddlers. It helps you to be mentally prepared for any outcome and straighten your things out before you repeat the cycle. You will get to learn that most kids who learn different kinds of stuff quickly to please their parents end up unhappy when they become adults.

best books for new parents - The Drama of the Gifted Child

6) The Conscious Parent

Published in November 2010, The Conscious Parent examines childhood trauma and its effects on your management of pain and repressed anger. It is common knowledge that before you decide to give life to a newborn, you need to develop yourself. This self-help book is among the best parenting books because it does an excellent job in providing parents with the right tips for raising a successful and independent child.

best books for new parents - The Conscious Parent

7) The Philosophical Baby

This book was written by Alison Gopnik in 1998, who is a developmental psychologist at UC (University of California). Having a baby can prove to be a profound, intense, and fascinating experience for most new parents. Scientists have helped a great deal in understanding infants and young children. In previous years, many people used to believe that babies were irrational and had a limited thinking experience compared to adults. As this book explains, that has changed since scientists and philosophers appreciate babies and have discovered that they can learn more and experience more than you could ever imagine.

best books for new parents - The Philosophical Baby

8) How Toddlers’ Thrive

Written by Dr. Tovah Klein, How Toddlers’ Thrive explains how you can shape a toddler’s brain and lay their foundation for success at an early age. She explains in detail what happens in the brains of a child and their bodies at different ages of childhood. She also explains what makes children behave turbulently and how you should handle them in such situations. The book is recommended for anyone who is seeking inspiration as a new parent and wants to learn about the essential skills that will help them nurture their child to become successful individuals.

best books for new parents - How Toddlers Thrive

FamiSafe: A Parental Control App for Parenting

Designed to help parents raise their kids, FamiSafe is one of the best parental control applications in the market. The app allows you to monitor all your children’s online activities, including social media profiles, texts, and emails. This, in turn, helps you to be aware of your kids' habits while they are using their mobile devices. By using FamiSafe's web filtering feature, you will be able to restrict what content your child can access when browsing through the web. The application also allows you to block apps on your child’s mobile device. As such, you can block all the risky applications that you don't want your kid to use.

The screen can be addictive, as it can mesmerize your child into spending many hours glued to their mobile device. As a result, they will be mentally detached from their physical surroundings and forget to study or do the work you assigned them at home. Excessive screen time can also lead to inadequate sleep and poor eyesight. FamiSafe allows you to limit screen time for your kids and enforce a healthy lifestyle. You can set how long they will use the apps on their device to ensure that they focus on other things that will help them become responsible and successful when they grow up.

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While parenting is a hard task, you can read these books to equip yourself with the skills that will help you raise your child. You have to devote yourself to ensure you raise a successful and independent individual. FamiSafe can help you raise a successful child, as it helps you establish good cyber safety habits and makes sure that your kid is not addicted to their phone or tablet.

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