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10 Best Parenting Books that You Should Not Miss

Parenting Books for Troubled Parents

Parenting can be hard for many parents as they can face many challenging situations that they are not familiar with. Parenting books will help you begin your journey with relevant knowledge about rearing-children. They also give you additional information about your everyday activities as a parent.

These books are important because they provide you with the necessary parenting knowledge to raise your kid. Below are some of the best parenting books and why you need them.

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Why We Need Parenting Books To Help With Parenting?

If you are new to parenting or you are struggling with raising your kids, you may want to read these types of books. That said, here are some of the benefits that you will get from reading parenting books.

Allows You to Gain the Knowledge You Need To Raise Successful Individuals

These books come with manuals that guide on the best way to raise your kid. You will come to know that raising a kid is not as easy as it seems. It requires devotion and commitment, and these books will teach you all the strategies that you can apply to enjoy parenting.

Provide You With Step-by-Step Guide on Raising a Morally Upright Kid

The authors of these books have a clear understanding of the skills that you require to raise kids. As such, they will provide you with the right parenting approach to take. When you read these books, you are assured that you will have the right mindset that it takes to raise a kid.

Helps You Develop Good Relationships With Your Toddler

Parenting books give you the relevant skills that will help you create a healthy relationship with your toddler. Keep in mind, relationships created with children at an early stage will determine the type of individual your child will become.

Give You The Best Solutions To Parental Problems That You May Encounter

Because parenting is not easy, parents need guidance on how to deal with different situations that may happen when they are raising their child. As much as being a parent is joyful, it can also be stressful at some point. These books provide you with the vital information that will help you come up with solutions for the problems you will face.

10 Best Parenting Books That You Should Not Miss

When you invest your time to read a parenting book, you should get the most out of it and learn more about child-rearing. We've compiled ten of the best parenting books that you should read to help you with parenting.

1. The Attachment Parenting Book

Published in 2001, The Attachment Parenting Book highlights all the strategies and approaches that you can use when rearing your child. The author of this book is William Sears, and he suggests that you can do this by establishing a healthy connection between you and your newly-born. Want to know the best part? Sears mentions several known ways of creating an attachment with your child. Some of the things the author has included in the book include bonding with your newborn baby, breastfeeding, and baby-wearing.

best parenting books - The Attachment Parenting Books

2. Raising Your Spirited Child

When it comes to raising a child, it can get very intense as time goes by. Luckily, this book offers you knowledge that can give you the spirit of a fighter. Raising Your Spirited Child improves your approaches to every situation that you encounter. You will realize that, as a parent, you need to be ready to handle big emotions and difficult situations. And you need to calm down in every situation and come with a solution that will not affect your relationship with your child.

best parenting books - Raising Your Spirited Child

3. No Bad Kids

No Bad Kids is one of the best parenting books that talk about how a parent can handle difficult situations. Janet Lansbury, the author of the book, states that parents ought to treat every child with respect. This is the best parenting approach because your child will learn the art of respect whenever they interact with their fellow peers. The author highlights the importance of having respectful and caring responses when handling any complicated situation that may arise. She also teaches parents about using real-life examples instead of punishing their children when they do something wrong.

best parenting books - No Bad Kids

4. Effective Discipline for Children

Dr. Thomas W. Phelan's book talks about how to discipline young minds. He believes that discipline should be in two categories: One should be dependent on the behaviors that you want to start and the second one should be dependent on the behaviors you want to stop. If you are looking for practical parenting advice, this book is the best option for you. What's the best part? You'll get to learn about the do's and don't when raising your newborn child.

best parenting books - Effective Discipline for Children

5. The Gift of Failure

The Gift of Failure is among the parenting books that are ideal for people with children who have already reached the school-age limit. Unlike most parents whose main urge is to raise an independent adult, The Gift of Failure mentions that modern parenting can prevent you from accomplishing it. Jessica mentions that being an overprotective parent can also be disadvantageous. Apart from raising a responsible child, you will eliminate their chances of solving problems that they encounter on their own when they grow to be adults.

best parenting books - The Gift of Failure

6. UnSelfie

In this book, Michele Borba explains that most teens in the current era are less empathetic. Lack of empathy when raising your child can affect their academic performance and social interaction. Also, this is the main reason why kids end up becoming bullies and more resilient to their peers and parents in the end. The books provide you with a step-by-step approach that you can use to increase the level of empathy in your children. You will realize that empathy can be taught and nurtured in young minds.

best parenting books - UnSelfie

7. Becoming Attached

Robert Karen goes deep into the parent-kid attachment theory with this book. When reading this book, you will learn about the importance of nurturing a healthy relationship with your kid at an early stage. Robert also talks about why you need to be a caring and empathetic parent to your kid. Such simple doings determine the personality that your child will have when they become adults.

best parenting books - Becoming Attached

8. Nobody Told Me

Nobody Told Me by Hollie Poetry is a collection of stories and poems. In the book, the author talks about her own experience as a first-time parent. She writes a poem that reveals her experiences with her toddler. The book talks about both the happiness and struggles of being a parent. Hollie provides you with the possible solutions to the normal situations you are likely to encounter when raising your kid. The book can equip you with the important parenting skills that will come in handy.

best parenting books - Nobody Told Me

9. Playful Parenting

Written with humor and love brimming with great advice and revealing anecdotes, Playful Parenting teaches you how to join your kids' world through play. In turn, this will allow you to help your kids break through fear, anger, and shyness. It will also allow them to overcome sibling rivalry as they will play together with you and learn how to control their emotions.

best parenting books - Playful Parenting

10. The Baby Book

This book talks about how you can Ferber-ize your baby. Authored by Richard Ferber, the book explains how you can get your baby to sleep through the night and day. The Baby Book provides you with the step-by-step instructions that can help you get through this process. The approach written in the book is the gold standard for setting your baby to sleep. The book can help you understand that sleep helps children to live a balanced, creative, and meaningful life.

best parenting books - The Baby Book

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What's the bottom line? With this list of the best parenting books, you can ensure that you get the best advice that will help you raise your kids. Be sure to use the FamiSafe app when you want to control your children's screen time and prevent them from accessing inappropriate apps or websites.

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