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Top 10 Best Podcasts for Kids

Get These Best Podcasts for Kids

In the world of visual art and fast technological progress, the prevalence of such a simplistic format as a podcast seems to be suspicious. You may be wondering what makes podcasts so very popular in this day and age. The best podcasts for kids will spark creativity, or develop new ideas, or make children giggle with joy. Our listing of the best podcasts for kids has many different concepts for everybody to enjoy. From eerie stories and dramas to fairy tales and scientific discussions, these podcasts are so interesting the whole house will want to listen.

The principal reason why podcasts are so successful is that they allow their audience to preserve time. At Edison Research, they investigated many podcast listening locations. They found out that people often tune into audio blogs at home, in a car, exercising, or during mundane chores. The ease comes in doing two tasks at one time.

Another reason is that podcasts are easily accessible, and listening to one does not ask for much preparation or tools. Anyone who has a smartphone or a laptop can listen to a podcast through an app or website. There are myriad options if you wish to listen to podcasts—Luminary, Apple Podcast, RadioPublic, and Stitcher. Even music-streaming giant Spotify has begun a separate podcast section on its platform.

podcasts for kids

How Can Podcasts Help Our Kids?

In this decade, screen time concerns are at an all-time high. COVID-19 has caused schools to shut down and stay under quarantine. And with all the extra time, many children turn to their gadgets for entertainment and learning. As a result, many parents turn to podcasts as a fun (and often informative) way to involve kids without the notion of a visual screen. Children can now cultivate their brains and learn without the parents worrying over eyesight concerns.

If you're a podcast listener yourself, you may be imagining that verbal audio will never satisfy your kids. But the many kids' podcasts are more than people just chatting—they're more like radio performances, including music, sound effects, and versatile voices to tell compelling stories your kids will enjoy.

We've found 10 of the best kid podcasts that you and your family will love tuning into.

Top 10 Best Podcasts for Kids

1. Welcome to Night Vale

Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast performed as a radio program for the fictional town of Night Vale. It is an eerie series that talks about the strange events that occur within it. It is recommended for kids that are a bit older as it can be very creepy and dark at times. It has a clever plot and uses the cream-like voice of narrator Cecil Baldwin to create a cult-like following.

podcasts for kids - welcome to night vale

2. Brains On

A podcast for science lovers, But Why is a podcast that takes kid-submitted science questions and explains them with the guidance of experts. It is best for kids and tweens who wish to learn more. The show is versatile and has a different kid co-host each week.

podcasts for kids - brains on

3. Tumble

Often associated with a kid-friendly Radiolab, this podcast not only approaches fascinating topics but also tries to encourage a love of science itself by talking with scientists about all of their discoveries. It is hosted and produced by Lindsay Patterson, who succeeds in drawing more kids into the world of science.

podcasts for kids - tumble

4. Wow in the World

NPR's leading show for kids is precisely the sort of charming, well-produced content you would anticipate from the leaders in radio and audio series. Hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz share stories and findings of the freshest news in science, technology, and innovation. It is enjoyable and informative for adults and kids alike. It makes the perfect podcast for science lovers.

podcasts for kids - wow in the world

5. Stuff You Should Know

The podcast features the people behind the award-winning website HowStuffWorks. It explains the ins and outs of common things from the significant ("How Free Speech Works") to the ordinary ("How Itching Works"). It is a show best curated for tweens and teens that are curious about the mechanics of the world. More prolonged episodes and occasional adult issues such as alcohol, conflict, and politics can make this a better option for older listeners but hosts Josh and Chuck keep matters interesting and relatable. Moreover, you can find over 1,000 episodes in its archive. With all of that, you might never run out of new stuff to learn.

podcasts for kids - stuff you should know

6. Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

Kids' music may be … at times, annoying. But Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl is here to help. It is a two-hour podcast presented like a DJ radio show that features current and old songs that kids will enjoy, among which many are sung by parents' favorite musicians. The collections are usually high-energy rock, folk, or even punk-inspired songs for energetic kids, but listeners will also catch mellower tunes, bilingual (English/Spanish) songs, and hip-hop hits for a well-rounded vocal experience.

podcasts for kids - Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

7. Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child

Kids and parents can experience the greatest rock and roll hits without any downsides with this fun radio show styled podcast. Every week there's a different playlist coupling kids' music from musicians such as They Might Be Giants with musicians that grown-ups will identify, such as Elvis Costello, The Ramones, and John Legend.

podcasts for kids - spare the rock

8. Circle Round

Here's another creative story podcast that centers on folktales from across the globe. Episodes of Circle Round can be around 10 to 20 minutes each. Circle Round is very transparent in its value-teaching and often gives some sort of important message, like kindness, altruism, bravery, or other shared American cultural values. Your child can listen to the show that is around 10 to 20 minutes each and have a more solid understanding of the right morals.

podcasts for kids - circle round

9. Story Pirates

I'm sure if the podcasts have a pirate in the name, then all of the kids would want to hear it. Story Pirates is an interesting mix of stories and enjoyable songs (such as "The Bear That Couldn't Disco"). Some special guest voices like Claire Danes and John Oliver make appearances in the podcast as well.

There's a lot more here than simply the podcast. If your kids are invested in the story and wish to go beyond listening, then check out the official website. The website has links to the book series (middle-grade kids), knowledge on live shows, and merchandise like pirate T-shirts.

podcasts for kids - story pirates

10. Fierce Girls

This Australian podcast is dedicated to discussing the true accounts of Australian women. It is a podcast that will inspire young girls and young boys alike by talking about the adventurous encounters faced by girls with "guts and spirit." While the narratives are all suitable for kids and not graphic, the hosts don't shy away from reporting stories as they had happened. For some episodes, you may want to listen ahead first to make sure a story is suited for your kid's maturity level.  There are, however, many young kids that love these tales.

podcasts for kids - Fierce Girls

How to restrict kid's podcasts usage using FamiSafe

It is quite true that this type of media is very engaging for our brains. At times, even more than visual media, as this involves us using our imaginative skills as well. It's also why podcasts can be oftentimes exhausting: They keep the brain in a position of sharpened concentration.

Podcasts, as compared to music, can be all-consuming, and the child may feel as if they are in a state of constant concentration. While there is no specific investigation into the neurological contrasts between listening to music and listening to stories, many people agree that the latter has a bigger toll on their brain.

As with screen time, a constant stream of music and words may be damaging for young ears that are still growing and developing.

This is where Famisafe comes in to save the day.

FamiSafe can present the following features that can help parents monitor their child's digital device usage time.

  • Screen Time: Check how much time has been spent on your kid's digital device to make sure they are not overusing their digital devices. Parents can also set up reasonable screen time restriction per your kid's usage habit. IF your kids have exceeded the allowed screen time, they will be blocked from their devices. Or parents can block the screen remotely on their own phones.
  • Activity Report: Get to know how much time your kids have spent on listening to podcasts or using other apps to learn about what they are doing with their phones daily.
  • Smart Schedule: Set a schedule to allow specific apps for different purposes. You can set 8pm to 9pm as time for podcast only and block other apps that will distract kid's attention.
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

In a world overburden with content, podcast audiences are faithful and growing. Though podcasts may seem like something adults in their late 20s listen to, there are several podcasts available for kids of various ages as well.

Kids are reacting well to this kind of entertainment. A new survey by Kids Listen pronounced that 80 percent of kids attend a podcast at least once, and after they've finished listening, 75 percent begin conversations based on what they've discovered.

This is the prime age of podcasts, and the collection for kids has proven to be very engaging and commendable.

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