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Get Free Online Books for Your Kids from These Websites

Free Online Books for Your Kids

Reading is a captivating affair and a practice that you should ensure your kids engage in every day. With today's technology age, the internet has made reading exciting and fun for kids. Some websites offer free online books for kids, which is a great opportunity for your kid to learn and strengthen their brains. In this article, we’ll look at some of these websites and the books you should try.

free online books for kids

Why Is Reading Important To Our Kids?

Reading books has benefits that can last a lifetime. These include:

  • Helps Keep Them Safe and Aware of Their Surroundings

Reading is a great tool that helps ensure that children follow the necessary safety measures. Our surrounding is full of warning signs, which children need to understand and follow. Knowing how to read will help them to get out of harm’s way as it helps them be more aware of what they need to do.

  • Helps Them Grow Their Vocabulary

Reading a range of books from different genres can help your child learn new words and expressions. Once they understand what they mean, they will be able to employ them in their everyday life. The bottom line is: Reading books make children more knowledgeable and smart students.

  • Reading Helps Children Develop Confidence and Independence

Before children grasp the art of reading completely, they will often need to rely on the adults around them to help them with learning. Understanding the technique that comes with reading helps kids develop confidence in themselves such that they no longer have to count on those around them to read and understand.

  • Reading Helps To Improve Their Grammar and Writing Skills

By reading content, your kids will get a chance to understand how writers compose sentences. They'll learn how to construct grammatically correct sentences. They will also read about proper communication skills and punctuation. With these concepts in position, they'll ultimately become good writers in the future.

Where To Get Free Online Books for Kids

Many websites offer free online books for kids. They include:

1. Storyline Online

Storyline Online is a kid’s interactive site where celebrities and popular figures read aloud interesting stories to kids. What’s the best part? Kids get to enjoy the stories by streaming the videos for free while they enjoy listening to the beautiful voices of famous people.

The sites also employ minor animation features to help your kids understand better. Below each video, there is a short synopsis about what the book is all about, the ideal grade level it is, the publisher, author, and the illustrator.

The SAG Foundation runs this site and only provides kids' books that have the approval of elementary educators. That will go a long way in ensuring the kids improve in their comprehension, verbal, and writing skills.

Some of the recommended books include:

  • Clark the Shark - Bruce Hale
  • Library Lion - Michelle Knudsen
  • Guji, Guji by Chih - Yuan Chen
  • Chester's Way - Kevin Henkes

kids books online - storyline online

2. Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is a site that was created by Oxford University Press. The site helps to support children learn kid books online. It is a great resource center for kid books and other reading activities online.

The site offers more than 250 free eBooks for kids. The platform has some of the best free online books for kids, which is a special way for parents to bond with their kids. Parents and teachers can also download worksheets and check out the storytelling videos and other resources on the site. The site is designed in such a way that your kids can use it while at home or school.

Some of the recommended kids books on this site include:

  • Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs
  • Traction Man is Here
  • Mortimer Keene: Dino Danger
  • Winnie Goes for Gold

kids books online - oxford owl

3. Amazon’s Free Kid’s eBooks

You probably did not know this, but Amazon is not just a significant online shop to get your ordinary items. It is also an astounding resource center for kid's books online. The site is packed with a range of kid's books for all age groups and levels. Under the children’s eBooks section, there are several free kindle books ideal for kids. Some of the available categories include Sports and Outdoors, Early learning, Animals and Action, and Adventure. Under each category, you'll find over 100 books parents can pick from and read to their children. Here are some of the recommended books on this site:

  • Dragon’s breath by Michael Gordon
  • Christmas Elf by Arnie Lightning
  • Early Bird Reader by Arnie Lightning
  • The Blacksmith and the Apprentice by Stone Marshall

free online books for kids - amazon free kid ebooks

4. International Children’s Reading Library (ICDL)

This is a nonprofit making organization that offers reading resources to kids around the world regardless of where they come from or live. The main agenda for the International Children’s Reading Library is to offer free access to books to kid's books online.

To access the free kids' books, you need to register an account. You can then create your personal preference or bookmark the pages to access them later. You can choose from over 4,000 books and which language you would like to use when reading for your kids. Some of the recommended books on this platform include:

  • Legends of the Maori
  • Celtic Tales
  • Adventures of a Nepali frog
  • The Aesop for Children Book

free online books for kids - ICDL

5. Mrs.P’s Magic Library

We all love Kathy Kinney in her role as Mimi in Drew Carey Show. Other than being an outstanding comedian, she doubles up an amazing children’s storyteller. She is a staunch believer that all kids deserve to have a good book read out to them. For this reason, she teamed up with her partners to put this site and read out timeless kid's books online.

On this site, Kathy plays the role of Mrs.P, an old grandmother who is a skilled storyteller when it comes to reading classic stories using a tone that kids enjoy. She takes the kids to unforgettable imaginations as she reads the stories aloud, inspiring them to read and love books. Some of the recommended kids books you will find on this site include:

  • The Fir Tree
  • The Brave Little Tailor
  • Thumbelina
  • The Ugly Duckling

free online books for kids - magic library

6. Storynory

Every kid will always enjoy hearing some story read out to them right before they sleep. That is what Storynory is all about. The site has interesting audiobooks for kids to choose from when they want. There are different types of stories that your kid can learn from this site, such as educational stories, original stories, classics, bible stories, and fairytales. The stories will easily and peacefully send any baby to dreamland as they listen in.

Some of the recommended free online books for kids on this site are:

  • The Nosy Neighbor
  • Kate and the Magical Deer
  • The Strangest Flight
  • Solomon Takes a Walk

free online books for kids - storynory

How To Prevent Kids From Getting Distracted While Reading Online Books

Even though you may have set up rules and schedules for online studies, kids still somehow find their way to other sites instead of doing some serious reading. That is where FamiSafe comes in. It is a mobile app that helps parents and guardians control what their kids engage when they are online. It has impressive features that will make your life easier and allow you to have peace of mind.

With the app, parents can monitor their kids' screen time and know what they are doing online through the Activity Report. With the Activity Report feature, you will know which apps your kids use every day and for how long they use them. With this information, you'll know which application you need to block so that your kids don't access inappropriate content.

Setting up a schedule helps kids know what they need to do and at what time they should do it. Since kids have a schedule, they use while at school, it is vital to also have one at home. FamiSafe's Smart Schedule can help you set device blocking schedules in any area or time that you want. You can also use this application to effectively limit screen time. In turn, this will allow your children to focus on reading books online.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

Reading has immense benefits not just for kids but to the entire society as a whole. It helps open up kids' minds to a world of great possibilities and imagination. The aforementioned sites go a long way in enabling your kids to develop a reading culture and embrace it even when they are on their own. Using FamiSafe will ensure your kids enjoy the benefits of reading books online without and avoid distractions that inappropriate apps and content can bring.

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