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Top GPS Trackers for Kids

gps tracker for kids

It is not easy to monitor your children full-time, given your other commitments. However, you can now keep watch of their whereabouts using GPS tracking watches. These devices communicate with the Global Navigation Satellite System to communicate the wearer's location in real-time. Then, you can receive this information through your smartphone or web browser, depending on the GPS tracking watch software.

Why Is It Necessary for Parents to Track Their Children?

Unlike before, children now spend more time indoors playing video games or looking at screens. As such, you cannot determine their exact location unless you have a tracking device on them. Here is why parents must track their children.

  • It gives you peace of mind by knowing where your child is at all times.
  • Your child becomes more confident knowing there is always someone watching over them.
  • You can easily inform the authorities of their whereabouts in case of emergencies.
  • It encourages your child's honesty by making them truthful about their exact location.

Here are the best kids GPS tracking watches you should consider for your children.

1. Tick Talk 4 4G LTE Kids Smart Watch

Tick Talk 4 4G LTE Kids Smart Watch

The Tick Talk 4 is arguably the best GPS-tracking watch on the market. It includes all the necessary features to ensure full visibility of your child's location while keeping them entertained. The smartwatch is also SIM-enabled, allowing 2-way communication between you and your child.

Tick Talk 4 smartwatches also have dual 5-megapixel cameras, supporting photo and video sharing between devices. Your child can also use the SOS button to alert you when they are in an emergency.

Key Features

  • GPS Tracking.
  • SOS button to alert three preset numbers during emergencies. It also has a direct-to-911 option to alert emergency services.
  • Dual cameras for video chatting.
  • Parental control allows you to approve the device's contact list.
  • Music and Story streaming capabilities to entertain your child during their commute.


  • The smartwatch is too bulky for most children.
  • It is expensive compared to similar products.
  • The video calling feature may sometimes lag due to connectivity issues.

Hands-on Experience

The Tick Talk 4 lets you track your kid's location using GPS and Wi-Fi connections. It does not support games or social media apps, ensuring your child is free of distractions. The activity tracker lets you monitor your kid's healthy activity by recording information on their walking distance and calories spent.

Unfortunately, this GPS-tracking watch is expensive compared to other similar devices. Additionally, you may face connectivity issues with the video chat feature, especially when calling long distance. Furthermore, the watch is too bulky for the average 5 to 7-year-old.

Get the Tick Talk 4 GPS Smartwatch

2. Gabb Watch 2

Gabb Watch 2

The Gabb Watch 2 is an affordable smartwatch and GPS tracker for kids ages 5 to 11. It features a silicone exterior that is resistant to sweat, dirt, water, and sand. Additionally, it does not support internet connectivity or social media apps, ensuring your child is safe from online threats.

You can sync the Gabb Watch 2 to your Android or iOS device using the MyGabb App. Some of the parental controls you can set include geofences, pre-approved contact lists, and custom SOS messages. The activity tracker also helps you promote a healthier exercise routine for your child.

Key Features:

  • Closed communication network through the pre-installed Gabb Wireless Sim Card.
  • Easy setup process between the smartwatch and your smartphone.
  • Geofencing and GPS tracking lets you monitor your child's whereabouts in real-time.
  • Customizable themes and wallpapers allow your child to personalize the device to their liking.
  • Unlimited voice and text communication on the Gabb Wireless Network.
  • The Gabb Watch 2 design is modern and complements your kid's style choices seamlessly.


  • The Gabb Watch 2 does not support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.
  • It has no camera limiting you to text and voice communication only.
  • It has no 911 option to alert authorities during emergencies.

Hands-on Experience

The Gabb Watch 2 is an expertly designed smartwatch that complements any style choice of the wearer. It features a silicone covering on the straps and chassis that protects it from sweat, dust, and water. The device is extremely easy to set up and use, thanks to its simple features.

The Gabb Watch 2 does not support internet connectivity, Bluetooth, or social media apps, ensuring your kids are free of distractions. The GabbGo app is a gamified activity tracker that motivates your child to complete their chores. For example, you can set a target for the number of steps they need to complete in a day, and they receive rewards each time they complete the task. Finally, you get a free device with every 2-year subscription plan with Gabb Wireless.

Get the Gabb Watch 2 with GPS Tracker

3. Blackview Kid's GPS Smartwatch

Blackview Kid's GPS Smartwatch

The Blackview Kid's GPS is a waterproof smartwatch that lets you track your kid's location in real-time. It also includes a pedometer that tracks your child's physical activities, such as steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burnt.

The watch is available in black, gray, and pink, offering variety to match your kid's style choices. It also has a water resistance rating of IP68, meaning it can operate to depths of about 50 meters. The Blackview Kid's GPS Smartwatch is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

  • Accurate location tracking using the built-in GPS receiver.
  • Easy synchronization with your Android or iOS device through the Blackwater official app.
  • IP68 water-resistance rating allows you to operate the smartwatch in wet conditions.
  • The remote-control feature enables you to customize your child's phone settings from your smartphone. You can set screen time, block apps, and apply the settings without restrictions.
  • Health monitoring features include a pedometer, sleep tracker, oxygen monitor, and heart rate sensor.
  • Customizable watch faces and straps complement your child's dressing style.


  • The App notifications can be distracting for your child, especially when paired with social media.
  • The device does not have an SOS function.
  • The touchscreen LCD screen may be too much for younger children.

Hands-on Experience

The Blackview Kid's Smartwatch is a GPS-tracking device for teenage kids. This is because it has numerous features that are unnecessary for younger children. For example, health monitoring tools are more suited for children and adults engaging in active sports.

The smartwatch is elegantly designed and comes in three colors to suit both genders. You can synchronize the device with your Android or iOS phone using Bluetooth or the official Blackview app. Unfortunately, the Blackview Smartwatch is not SIM enabled and only transmits location details via an internet connection.

Get the Blackview Kid's GPS Smartwatch

4. SyncUP Kids Watch

SyncUP Kids Watch

The SyncUp Kids Watch is a GPS-enabled smartwatch by T-Mobile. It allows you to track your child's whereabouts using the Global Navigation Satellite System and T-Mobile's cellular coverage. You can choose between nylon and silicone straps for your device, each offering resistance to dust and water.

The smartwatch also features a full keyboard for messaging, a feature unavailable in other smartwatches. Additionally, you can add unlimited contacts to the device using the SyncUp KIDS parent app. The SyncUP Kids Watch is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Key Features

  • Real-time location tracking and geofencing using the GNSS and T-Mobile GSM coverage.
  • Real-time alerts whenever your child enters or leaves the set perimeters.
  • The School Mode feature disables the phone's function during class activities, allowing your child to concentrate.
  • The Help and 911 button allows your child to reach help quickly in emergencies.
  • The SyncUP Kids watch also has a task feature that you can use to set appointments and reminders for important activities.


  • The SyncUP Kids Watch is only available to T-Mobile customers.
  • Despite having a camera, the device does not support video calling. Additionally, the camera quality is poor, limiting your kid's ability to take pictures and videos.
  • The device does not support Wi-Fi calling, which limits communication in areas with poor cell coverage.

Hands-on Experience

The SyncUP Kids Watch is an affordable GPS-tracking device for kids from ages 5 and over. It has plenty of features to track and monitor your kid's device usage when they are away from home. You can sync the smartwatch with your Android or iOS device through the SyncUp Kids parents app.

Unfortunately, the device is only available to T-Mobile users, limiting its usage in multi-network homes. You need to manually activate and deactivate the School Mode feature whenever you want to use it. Additionally, you may experience poor connectivity, given T-Mobile's poor cell coverage. The battery life is also poor, only offering 2 days of real-time location tracking.

Get The SyncUp Kids Watch

FamiSafe Parental Control App

FamiSafe Parental Control App

Famisafe parental control app is a cross-platform monitoring and tracking software that lets you manage your child's device usage in real-time. It is extremely user-friendly and only needs three steps to set up on target devices. Here are the highlight features of the Famisafe Parental Control App.

  • Real-time GPS tracking and Geofencing capabilities.
  • Cross-platform functionality for Android, iOS, and Web.
  • Location History allows you to establish route patterns for your loved ones.
  • Web and content filtering to prevent your child from accessing inappropriate content.
  • The Screen Time Limit feature helps you promote healthy digital habits in your children.

Try for Free on Google Play and App Store!

  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube & TikTok History Monitor & App Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Chromebook
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