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K9 Internet Filter Review - Pros, Cons, and Alternative

K9 Internet Filter

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Jun 25, 2023 Filed to: Internet Filter Proven solutions

In this digital world, it is a very big concern for parents how they protect their kids from internet crimes. For this reason, they look for reliable ways so that their kids can use the internet safely. Technology has given wonderful internet filter software that parents can use to have full control over their kid's internet activities. Here, in this article, we will introduce the best parental control tools for parents so that they can have an eagle eye on their kids digitally.

K9 Internet Filter Review - Pros, Cons, and Alternative

k9 Internet Filter Parental Control

The k9 internet filter is one of the powerful parental control software available on the internet. The software is specially designed for concerned parents to block inappropriate content on their kid's device. The k9 can also be used for the safety of your computer from various online threats such as malware attacks.


  • Website blocking: With the help of k9 software, you can block various kinds of harmful websites such as pornography, drugs, racism, and many others.
  • Safe Search: Through its safe search feature, parents can apply this feature on all search engines that their kids use.
  • View Reports: The k9 reports provide you access to track internet activity reports.
  • Time Restrictions: You can even block specific websites for the specific period also. Like, parents can block during their kid's study or sleep time.
  • Custom List: Through this feature, you can provide either "always allow" or "always block" for specific websites.
  • Categorization: It provides a real-time categorization of websites such as adult websites.


  • The k9 software supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.
  • It is very easy to install on any device.
  • It provides a cloud-based filter option.


  • The k9 has very limited features as compared to other parental control software.
  • You cannot control other device activities remotely.
  • You will not get an email notification of any activity that you will do through this software.


The k9 software is freely available on the internet.

K9 Internet Filter Review - Pros, Cons, and Alternative

What k9 Internet Filter can't do, but parents need?

K9 software is best for internet filtering. However, the software still lacks many features that parents demand to have more security for their kids. There are many things that k9 internet filters cannot do, but other parental control software like FamiSafe can do perfectly.

  • Device Lock: Through k9 software, parents cannot lock or unlock their kid's device during a specific period of time, such as study time.
  • Remote control: Unlike FamiSafe software, parents cannot control their kid's device activities remotely.
  • Location Track: The most demanding feature that parents want is to monitor their kid's location, and the k9 is unable to provide that feature.
  • Internet Usage: Through k9 software, parents cannot monitor how much time their kids spend on the internet.
  • Block Apps: K9 software can only block websites. It cannot block apps such as games that kids use in excess.

FamiSafe - The Best Alternative to k9 Internet Filter

If you as parents looking for the best parental control software for an internet filter, then FamiSafe will be a great choice for you. Along with the web filter feature, you will get various features that help you to have more control over their kid's activities.

Moreover, FamiSafe is the most famous monitoring app that is available on the internet. This software is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. The best part of this software is that you can remotely monitor many activities of the target device.

famisafe: internet filter for parental control

Features of FamiSafe:

  • Locations:

The most demanding feature by parents is provided by FamiSafe. Parents can track the live or exact location of their kids so that they can have surety that their kids are at a safe place.

Moreover, parents can even track the complete route history of their kid's device. They can check each and every place where their kids went. They can easily know if their kids went to an unusual place.

For more safety, parents can even set a Geo-fences place for their kids. Whenever their kids leave or enter the Geo-fences place, then they will get an instant notification so that they can avoid any further risk.

  • Web Content:

On the internet, there are many harmful websites such as porn sites that are not meant for the kids. When kids do something on the internet, these sites come in the form of ads. Parents can block these unwanted sites through the FamiSafe web filter feature. The web filter feature is one of the greatest features of this software for internet filtering. Parents can easily protect their kids from inappropriate content by monitoring through the browser history of kids' devices.

  • App Usage:

Through this app, parents can even track how much time their kids utilize on each app so that they can block those apps during their study time. This is one of the most used features by many parents for saving their kids precious time. Many social media apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp that today generation kid's use in excess can now easily block by parents remotely.

  • Screen Time:

Parents can set time for each activity on their kid's device so that kids use their precious time efficiently. So, the software provides time management features for working parents who cannot stay with their kids for every hour. Parents can even use different features of the software together to have more flexibility.

Today, it becomes difficult for parents to handle their kids. However, parental control software like FamiSafe can help parents to keep an eye on their kid's activities. The software is also one of the best ways for parents to stay connected with their kids digitally. Parents can download the app for free from Google play store for the Android platform and from the App Store for iPhone devices.

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