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How to Turn Your iPhone into a Blood Pressure Monitor

iphone blood pressure monitor


Regularly checking your blood pressure at home using iPhone and understanding the measures displayed help prevent heart attacks, strokes, and other major health problems. It is also motivating to see how much your workouts and lifestyle changes have lowered your blood pressure. Regularly collected iPhone blood pressure monitor data also provides additional information to help your treating physician determine your condition and adjust your treatment accordingly. The last reason people prefer to measure their blood pressure themselves is white coat syndrome. Are you anxious about visiting the doctor? The level of your blood pressure can be distorted by your stress. Measuring your quiet tension at home is the answer to more accurate results.

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How to turn your iPhone into a Blood Pressure Monitor

Measuring your own blood pressure at home is now possible thanks to the many sphygmomanometer models available today on the market. Many apps are able to turn your iPhone into a Blood Pressure Monitor. If for any of these reasons you need to buy a blood pressure monitor for iPhone for your personal use at home, here we are suggesting you choosing the application My Blood Pressure Readings as the right product to measure your blood pressure.

About My Blood Pressure Readings

My Blood Pressure is an iPhone blood pressure monitor to track blood pressure easily. The main objective is to help people who want to record their measurements periodically without having to use a pencil and paper. It can turn your iPhone device into a personal blood pressure monitor. Its design is similar to that of any other application integrated into the iPhone, therefore, it is very easy to use. This app is only available in the App Store for iOS devices. In addition, you can track the whole family as it is a multi-user!

The blood pressure monitor for iPhone shows your information graphics, allowing you to see your blood pressure history over a specific number of weeks, months, or years. It's nice weather you can print all the disks and diagrams, but unfortunately, you only can delete - do not edit - different entries. All things considered, health-conscious users looking for a blood-pressure monitoring tool will find this program appropriate, especially since its price will not cause any effort.

Measuring your blood pressure using My Blood Pressure can help you and your doctor prevents or controls hypertension and its many complications. Blood pressure readings in the office doctor may be higher at other times. The use of this home blood pressure monitor for iPhone can measure more accurately one is overall, or the average level of blood pressure. The Blood Pressure Tracker simplifies blood pressure and records heart rate data. The software automatically records systolic and diastolic pressure, heart rate, and measurement time. In addition to this longitudinal analysis can help you and your doctor decide on the best medicine and help adjust the daily dose of the drug.

iPhone blood pressure monitor


Here are the main features of this blood pressure monitor for iPhone that are depicted below---

Easy to Use

My Blood Pressure Annotation follows Apple's guidelines for designing user-oriented applications. The blood pressure monitor iPhone is developed like any other integrated application of the iPhone, therefore, when you start it for the first time you will know how it works!. My Blood Pressure does not ask for irrelevant information that you do not have at the time of reading, such as weight or height. With My Blood Pressure, you just have to enter the information that really matters: the pressure and the heart rate. With that, the data entry process is streamlined.


Using a simple screen of this iPhone blood pressure monitor you can add profiles for your whole family. You can track each member separately and also, you can select the profile while you are entering the annotation in case you have forgotten to do it before.

Touch Controls

My Blood Pressure Annotations enables touch controls integrated into the iPhone. With them, you can slide between the different graphics simply with your finger or you can expand the real vision as if it were a photo.

Easy to Share

Forget the complicated export formats of other applications. With My Blood Pressure, you can send elegant reports to your doctor with just three clicks! You can share your blood pressure information with your doctor or family by email, SMS. The blood pressure monitor iPhone creates blood pressure reports in PDF format with blood pressure data, charts, and statistics, and shares them with your doctor.


It analyzes your progress with intuitive graphs and statistics (including the average and variability of a period). Filter the analyzed data based on labels that will be useful to analyze if you are doing well and if changes in your lifestyle or medications have been effective.

High Performance

My Blood Pressure offers great performance even with hundreds of records on older devices. Other applications only allow you to save a limited number of annotations or hang up when there are many measurements. This will not happen to you with my Blood Pressure Annotations.

Real Vision and Graphics

If you monitor the pressure of older people, like your grandmother or grandfather, you can make them participate in the activity by showing them the reading you have just taken. Real Vision allows you to display the annotations printed on a virtual device so that they are surprised and more receptive to taking the pressure! Other applications show graphics that are very difficult to understand with irrelevant information. My Blood Pressure offers easy graphics with the information that really matters: If blood pressure goes up or stays constant.

iPhone blood pressure monitor

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From your iPhone, it is now possible to track your blood pressure. With blood pressure monitor iPhone software, individuals monitor their own blood pressure using the blood pressure cuff, docking station, and tracking app that makes up the system. Not only does a true blood pressure monitoring tool provide surveillance of your blood pressure but the data recorded by the device and its dedicated application can be passed on to your family in particular, but especially to your doctor so that he can follow the status of his patient. A blood pressure monitor iPhone can help you monitor your improvement and succeed in all your blood pressure measurements with the complete goal of refining your blood pressure.

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