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What do parents should know about child trafficking?

What do parents should know about child

Child trafficking is relocating the children from their place to unknown location. Most child- missing crimes occur to sell the kids for labour or sexual exploitation. The technology plays a vital role in establishing this crime in the current scenario. All the kids and teens have social media account and they play server games. Due to mechanical lifestyle, the parents want their kids to engage themselves without disturbing their busy work schedule. The kids and teens commence to make friends online and become addicted to their favourite games in no time. The parents are helpless because they could not supervise their kids because they must meet their needs through their hard work. The crime rate boosts up under this circumstance. When the kids and adolescent teens speak with strangers through social media they become the easy target for the predators. Social media and online games create a big trap for immature minds.

child trafficking 1

The causes of child trafficking

What do you think will be the typical causes of child trafficking? The cause varies with the child’s environment and circumstances. The girl child is highly vulnerable to trafficking issues.

Poor Families:

Due to the poor economy, the parents relocate the kids and sell them for few pennies. Many kids enter into this illegal market because of the financial condition of their family. This transformation occurs in the name of adoption, labour etc, but most girl kids are into sexual exploitation. The predators in society target low poverty line families and offer them good price for their children if there are many kids with them. The criminals convince the parents with fake story that they will give the kids for adoption to rich families abroad and the kids will lead a better life in future.

Conflicts and disasters:

When a kid separates from a family due to any sort of disaster at their place like Tsunami, war, conflicts within states etc will be led to child trafficking issues. The predators trap those separated kids and invite them into the illegal market of trafficking. They will earn money by making those kids beg, rob etc. The traffickers forcefully push the girl kids into prostitution and they travel across boundaries with price tags.


The kidnappers target the kids in society to help the agents in the illegal business of child trafficking. They will kidnap the child, relocate to remote areas, and sell them to the traffickers to make money. If you make a research on the kidnapping cases in the society, you will end up with the fact that most kids are trafficked for various purposes like labour, sexual exploitation etc.

The dangers of child trafficking in online activity

In the present situation, many social experts convey that kids and teens are more likely into social media activities when compared to the older groups. The curiosity and inquisitiveness of the children serve as a root cause for exploring the possible features in the social networking websites. Their addiction to online activities has led to the major cause of child trafficking. You can look below to know about the online factors, which serves as a catalyst for child trafficking issues in society.

Gaming Websites:

When you research on the current gaming methodology, most interesting games are server type. The kids can play with many children at a time in the same environment beyond boundaries. There are options to chat with one another while playing the game. The kids between the age 5 and 15 are highly addicted to these sort of games. The child meets strangers at this platform and makes friends without knowing the hidden dangers. There are chat windows available while playing the game. The predators make use of this feature to communicate with the child. When the kid visits the gaming website regularly then the stranger creates a strong friendship bond with him/her. The friendship moves to the next level apart from gaming and they might plan for a meeting at a nearby place. Most predators target the nearby kids with the help of the location detection option in the gaming websites. Child trafficking occurs when they meet.

child trafficking 2

Social media Website:

The kids and teens create an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc due to their curiosity in exploring the technology at the online platform. However, lack of awareness the child traps into the hands of predators easily by accepting the friend request of the unknown person. Initially the kids and teens get excite to talk with strangers on this social media but gradually the stranger dominates your child and creates a friendship bond with this innocent soul. After some days, the stranger will trigger the interest in your kid for a get-together and express the excitement in introducing his/her friends. Finally, it ends with child trafficking scenarios.

child trafficking 3

Dating Websites:

There are adult websites like dating platform, which connects young men and women for dating purpose. The kids create a fake profile in this environment to explore what is happening on this website. Most teens addicted to this site and become a victim of child trafficking. The predators plan for dating and then execute the trafficking activity without the knowledge of immature minds.

child trafficking 4

How do you identify online child trafficking perpetrators?

You must watch out the signs keenly to identify the child trafficking perpetrators.

  • Sharing adult content: The perpetrators share porn images or videos in the chat window related to social media activities.
  • Mesmerizing talks: The stranger will try to talk in a friendly tone to attract your child. He/she will engage your kid with interesting topics to trigger the trust in them.
  • Connect frequently: The perpetrators will be in the online mode 24/7 to connect with your kid whenever he/she logs in.

How do parents protect Kids from child trafficking?

Supervise: As parents, you have to look for any behavioural change in your kids. Try to create more family time amidst your busy work schedule to read the mind of your kid. You can identify few changes in his/her daily activities when he/she traps into unwanted issues in life.

Awareness: You should share the real-time happenings related to child trafficking issues in the society to bring awareness in your child. Ask your kid to read articles related to self-defence and protection to increase the confident level. Encourage your child to attend seminars regarding the hazards of online platform. Professionals can convey the facts in the simplest form for an easy reach.

Try out a demo: You can create an account in the social media and show a demo to your child in making use of the platform in a safe mode. Explore the features in it along with your kid and educate your child about the wide range of controls in it.

Monitor the online activities: Install the perfect parental control app for effective supervision on the internet activities of your kid. You can access and view your kid’s gadget activities remotely if you choose a sophisticated monitoring app. FamiSafe parental control is the right choice of digital parents. It is a reliable app with the following features

  • Overcome the gadget addiction issues by turning on the ‘Screen Time’ control
  • Plan the daily activities of your child using the ‘Smart Schedule’ option
  • Block inappropriate apps remotely with the help of ‘App Block’ menu
  • It is compatible with Android and iOS devices and simple installation process.
  • Track every detail of your kid’s gadget activities remotely along with precisely recorded data.

android parental controls 1

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Few Features in detail

Real-time location:

The FamiSafe parental control app keeps tracks of the live location of your kid’s gadget. It is enough if you check this app to know the location of your kid. There is no need to make a call anymore.

live location

Location history:

You can view the daily moves of your child remotely. This app records every move of your kid precisely and maintains a record for future reference. This feature will help you to know more about the regular whereabouts of your child.

location history


With the help of this feature, you can mark nearby danger zone on the map and you will get an alert signal in your phone if your child enters into that marked area. It protects your kid from entering into unsafe places near your location.


Explicit content detection:

This app scans all the text messages in your kid’s gadget and gives you a notification if it finds anything suspicious in the content. An in-built offensive word database is available in this platform, which makes use of this table for detection purpose.

detect explicit content 1 suspicious text 2

Web filter:

Using this functionality, you can filter the web content, which is inappropriate to your child. You can block the websites based on categories like adult, crime, weapons, death etc. You can provide a safe internet environment to your kid with the help of this option.


Browser history:

The browser history shows the website visited and its related time factor accurately. You check the same details for different dates depending on your requirement. You can view these details remotely without any manual access to your kid’s device.

web history


Therefore, you need an effective solution to get rid of child trafficking issues in society. Awareness and reliable parental control apps will assist you to protect your child from unnecessary issues. Teach your kid to stay away from strangers will help them to survive safely amidst the child trafficking perpetrators.

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