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Effective ways for parents to deal with kids' Coronavirus anxiety

Ways to handle kids' Coronavirus anxiety

The Corona is a dreadful virus causing respiratory illness. It has become a threat to humankind around the globe. It is an infectious disease which spreads through saliva and nose discharge from the infected persons. There is no unique treatment procedure to treat infected people. It greatly affects the elder age groups and individuals suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer etc. The recent spread corona hails from SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)-COV-2 types and the first virus attack came to light last year from the Wuhan city from China. This epidemic virus had a natural spread for more than 100 countries across the world. How do you handle the coronavirus anxiety? What are the effective ways to reduce the impact of the anxiety amidst the kid’s population? It is high time to deal with the fear and risk related to this killing virus.

Kid Coronavirus anxiety

The impact of Coronavirus anxiety for kids


It is a common impact of Coronavirus anxiety present in every individual including the kids. The major panic triggers by the new updates on news. Kids are anxious about the quick spread of the disease. They have many unanswered questions and they fear whether they will receive this infection because of rapid spread around the globe. The parents should talk to the kids and answer their queries to untie their panic knots. The rapid spread of this virus ignites fear in kids easily. All sorts of fatal data distract them a lot in fear of losing their loved ones due to this harmful disease.

Fear caused by Coronavirus


Due to the social distancing precautions, kids are frustrated about staying at home. To overcome the quick spread scenario kids are isolated from play areas. They do not know what to do with their spare time and creating chaos at home. They are not able to meet their friends because of the precautionary steps.

Frustration kids

Fake News:

After the advent of this virus, the news channels and social media are flooded with data related to the count of the affected and fatal victims. These data excite the kids and increases the panic in every innocent soul. The kids will take up the fake news seriously and get anxious about the forthcoming days. The kids develop addition in following the news constantly leading to unwanted depressions.

social media fake news

How to deal with kids’ Coronavirus anxiety

To deal with Coronavirus anxiety in kids follow the below guidelines

    1. Informative conversation:

Talk to your kid and give them information related to its origin and spread. It is high time for your kids to explore the effects of the virus and its related issues. Assure the Coronavirus is a flu type syndrome by providing data available at the cyber world. You can provide informative links related to Coronavirus and guide them to learn a lot on this topic in a deeper note. Help your kids to overcome the anxiety by giving informative inputs.

    1. Awareness on self-sanitation:

This virus spread has instructed the individuals to focus on self-sanitation. Teach your child to wash hands and follow cleanliness throughout the day. You have to instruct further such as ‘do not touch eyes, nose, and mouth unnecessarily’. It is the right time to bring awareness of cleanliness and the importance of sanitation. Guide your kid to make use of sanitizers to wash their hands frequently.

    1. Importance on social distancing:

Despite the frustrations in kids, you must make your kids understand the impact of social distancing which controls the spread to a great extent. Instead of yelling at your kids, you can sit with them and tell the chain break process due to social distancing. It is the perfect time for your kids to understand the serious scenario occurring across boundaries.

    1. Talk about the recoveries:

You can comfort your kids about the recoveries of Coronavirus affected victims. These data will help your kid to gain confidence and reduces the fear in them. Make your kid believe that COVID-19 is a curable disease and it affects the elderly people badly.

    1. Neglect fake data:

To mitigate the anxiety in kids related to Coronavirus, ask your child to ignore the fake news related to this virus. The fake news and unauthenticated data play a key role in creating anxiety amidst kids. Do not entertain your kids watching unwanted stories regarding the Coronavirus spread in social media or television channels. Do not encourage your child to view the news channel and social media continues to get rid of frequent panics due to fake data.

    1. Inculcate positivity:

You can narrate the past examples and the strategies the people followed to eradicate dreadful disease spread around the globe. You can increase the positivity in your child by sharing the recovery stories of the victims. It is the right time to inculcate a positive approach in kids and help them to fight against the virus spread.

    1. Divert with other stuff:

You can make use of the spare time to learn any stuff, which interests your kids a lot. The anxious level reduces gradually when they divert to their favourite activity like colouring, drawing, art, and crafts, helping households etc.

    1. Create family time:

Make use of this togetherness scenario in your family to spend time with your kid talking and playing with them. Utilize the social isolation period to understand your kid and his/her perspectives on the Coronavirus.

How do you reduce Coronavirus stress with FamiSafe?

Due to social distancing to avoid the quick spread of the virus, the kids are badly affected. They do not know what to do with their spare time. They will engage their leisure with gadgets and video games. The kids become addictive to gadgets during this isolation period. The parents can't entertain their kids for the whole day.

The FamiSafe parental control app is the perfect program to control the online activities of your kid. It has fabulous in-built features, which monitors and detects suspicious activities in your kid’s gadgets remotely.

FamiSafe Parental Control

The main features of FamiSafe parental control app

  • Monitors and records the live location details of your kid. The parents receive the exact location details of their kids on Google map environment.
  • This program block inappropriate apps if it is installed in the kid’s device.
  • You can control the app usage by setting time limits.
  • Sophisticated feature in filtering the inappropriate web content reaching the child’s phone
  • This tool records a detailed ‘Activity Report’, which contains the gadget activities of your kid.

App usage & block

To handle the Coronavirus anxiety in kids you have to control the social media activities in gadgets. Many social media platforms spread fake news worldwide without any confirming source. You can block such social media websites remotely using the ‘App block’ option in the FamiSafe parental control app. You can establish complete control over the apps available in your kid’s gadget using this parental control program.

If you want to know the time spent on each app, then ‘App Usage’ feature displays the detail. You can limit the app usage remotely by setting a time limit for each app. The ‘App block’ and ‘App usage’ functionalities focus on the app activities in your child’s device in a precise way.

FamiSafe App Blocker

Screen time

The precautionary steps to control the Coronavirus spread, the kids find lots of free time at home, which tempt them to spend on gadgets. The screen time of your kids increases gradually and you have to take the right step before he/she becomes addicted to it. The FamiSafe parental control app has an amazing feature to lock the device within the time limit. You have to set screen time limit in your child’s phone in a remote way and the countdown starts when your kid commences the gadget activity. Finally, the device shuts down automatically when the set time limit expires. This feature prevents your kid from spending long hours with gadgets.

FamiSafe Screen Time

Smart Schedule

This feature in FamiSafe parental control app will assist you to plan constructive activities for a day. You can utilize this functionality as an optimum day planner to handle the spare time of your kids progressively.

FamiSafe Smart Schedule

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Therefore, the Coronavirus anxiety in kids is increasing similar to the virus spread. It is the sole responsibility of the parents to take the perfect measure to deal with such anxieties. Proper awareness and precautionary steps break the chain of the virus spread and the fake news around the corners build panic in kids. Using FamiSafe parental control app block the media which spreads fake news about the virus spread to lessen the anxiety in kids. This app assists you to limit the kid’s screen time and engage your child to focus on other real-time activities. It is the perfect scenario to fight together against the virus by separating ourselves by social distancing.

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