Parental Review for Teen Peer Pressure: Good or Bad?

Parental Review for Teen Peer Pressure

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What is teen peer pressure?

The influence of the peer group in your kid turns it to be a pressure at certain circumstances. Your kid will lose the individuality gradually due to this peer pressure. Therefore, you should know how to handle this peer pressure with your teen to obtain positive outcomes. The degree of peer pressure varies with the teens. The first step for the parents is to identify who are the peers of your kid. Proper guidance to deal with peer pressure helps your teens a lot. Peer pressure plays a vital part in the adolescent stage of the kids. It is high time to connect with your kids to handle the peer pressure constructively.

Teen Peer Pressure

Is peer pressure good or bad? What are good and bad teen peer pressures?

The peer pressure results with both good and bad consequences. As you all know, that a coin has two sides in a similar note the peer pressure gives you both good and bad effects in your kid’s behaviour.

The Positive sides of the teen peer pressure

    • Adopt good habits:

Due to peer pressure, your teen will adopt good habits on their own without any compulsion. In case, if their peers involved in social works for a noble cause, your kid will surely join hands with them. It will encourage your kid to look around and help one another. Such habits transfer easily to your kid because of peer pressure.

    • Focus on studies:

If your kid has a studious peer group then he/she will ultimately develop an interest in studies gradually. Even if your kid is a dull student, the peers will ensure your kid performs well in the exams. They will conduct group studies and help your child to get through the learning difficulties easily.

    • Sportive nature:

The peer pressure will teach a sportive nature in handling the failures in life. The peers can inculcate the sportive behaviour in your kid and teach him/her to develop a positive perspective despite the difficulties in life.

The Negative impact of teen peer pressure

    • Bad habits:

Your kid will adopt bad habits like drug abuse, alcohol consumption etc easily if he/she has bad peers. Even if your kid dislikes such habits, the peers compel to consume it forcefully. Gradually your kid becomes addictive to such bad habits and stays in a situation finding ways to get back to a normal lifestyle.

    • Lose the identity:

Due to peer pressure, your kid will lose the identity and start to live pleasing the peers. They will not oppose any activity even if your kid dislikes it. Your kid becomes a slave to the peers and develops behaviours similar to their peer without thinking about its consequences. They will lose their self-esteem and it makes them move away from the family members easily.

The dangers of bad teen peer pressure

    • Alcohol Abuse:

Bad peer pressure will ultimately lead to unwanted alcohol consumption habits. Gradually the kid addicts to drugs and get into unnecessary health issues in future. The mental strength of your kid decreases due to drug abuse and it becomes too late for you to look for rehabilitation centres to revert your kid for normal living.

Alcohol Abuse

    • A tense relationship with parents:

The kid develops a tense relationship with parents because of the impact of bad peers. The kid distances himself/herself from the family members and they will not show any interest to take part in family festivals and ceremonies. They will lose interest to interact with their parents and siblings.

Tense Relationship with Parents

    • Poor academic performance:

The bad peers persuade your kid in pleasure making. They will compel your kid to be engaged in other unnecessary works rather focusing on studies and academics. It will naturally reflect in the results during the evaluation period. The bad peer's impact is visible easily in the academic performance of your kid.

Poor Academic Performance

Why do teens so easily influence by peer pressure?

    • Same age group:

The influence of peers occurs because of the same age group. As you all know, that kids think alike and they have a similar wish list and pleasures. They will start to listen and believe the perspectives of the peers are always right without any individual analysis.

    • Frequent meetings:

Your kid will be able to meet his/her peers frequently. Through consistent talks and sharing thoughts makes the peer closer and naturally the peers influence your kid in no time. Only the closer peers can persuade your kid with convincing conversations.

    • Maintain Friendship:

The kids want to fit in the friendship bond by following their decisions instead of raising their voice against them. Even if your kid dislikes the activities of his /her peer, they will commence following the peer in fear of losing their lovable group.

How parents solve teen peer pressure?

    • Know the peers of your teen:

You must have clear knowledge and learn who are the peers of your kid? Only if you know the cause of the pressure you can solve it effortlessly. Talk to their peers and investigate whether they are a good mate or bad ones. If you figure out the peers, then you are almost gone through in dealing with the peer pressure. You can participate in the peer meetings and guide them to adopt a valuable goal, and bring a positive impact of the peer pressure in your child.

    • Counselling:

Take the guidance of the professionals and provide counselling to your young ones to get rid of the peer pressure. A proper conversation can bring wonders and modifies the perspective of the individuals easily.

    • Awareness:

You can help your kid to participate in awareness programs and seminars educating the impact of peer pressure, which prevails in adolescent age groups. A proactive knowledge in handling the peers will help your kid to protect their life from the impact of the peer pressure.

    • An extraordinary monitoring app:

The FamiSafe parental control app is the right tool to monitor whether your teen is under the influence of the peers. You can easily identify the impact of bad peers using this effective tool. With the help of this program, you can watch out the gadget activities of your child remotely amidst your busy work schedule. It is an incredible tool providing a secure internet platform for your child to explore enlightening stuff despite the online monsters.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

The stunning functionalities related to teen peer pressure were as follows

Explicit content detection

The FamiSafe parental control app detects inappropriate content if it is available in your kid’s gadget. This feature scans the messages received by your kid though social networks, message app etc. If it finds any adult or offensive keyword then immediately it sends an alert message to the parents. You can take respective measures at the right time and protect your child from unwanted cyberbullying.

FamiSafe Explicit Content Detection

Browser history

Using this functionality from FamiSafe parental control app, you can identify any search activity on keywords related to drugs, alcohol, pornography etc. You will be able to take quick actions with the help of the data displayed in this feature. The ‘Browser History’ option assists you to get a complete snapshot of the gadget activities of your kid on that particular date. By modifying the calendar dates you can view the web history details on any date of your choice.

FamiSafe Browser History

Suspicious photos

Due to the negative impact of the peers, your teen might develop an interest in suspicious images. The peers may share images between their groups just to have fun. You can monitor such activity at the right time using the FamiSafe parental control app. This app scans the image folders in your kid’s gadget and if it finds anything suspicious, then it notifies you immediately. This program assists you to take necessary action before the situation becomes worse.

FamiSafe Suspicous Photo

Thus, you have now stepped into the conclusion section to end up the discussion related to the impact of peer pressure. Every kid faces the peer pressure issues at some stage in their life journey. The parents should take effective steps to handle teen peer pressure optimally. The FamiSafe parental control app serves the parents to tackle the negative impact of the peers in an efficient manner. It monitors the gadget activities of the teen even without their knowledge. Apart from the monitor option, it records all the web activities with accurate data for future reference. With the help of these data, you can act appropriately to get rid of the impact of peer pressure. The FamiSafe parental control app is the perfect tool for digital parents to help the teens in overcoming peer pressure issues wisely.

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