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Tips for Parents While Schools Are Closed for COVID-2019

Parental Tip for COVID-19 School Closure

Now that children are home because of COVID-2019 with nothing to do, they will continuously come to you with the same question “what to do?” You can answer that question a few times, but after that, you will be out of ideas too. Here are some innovative ideas to engage them during these holidays.

For these holidays, it is necessary to plan and prioritize. You can expect what all you want your children to do and then make a schedule to keep them busy the whole day. I know it’s a task, but many fun activities can make your child creative and lively.

Offline Activities

  • Painting and Drawing

Activity for kids during COVID School Closed

You can engage in activities like painting and drawing. What’s better than playing with colors for children? They love to color and paint. So let their creative juices flow and let them create their fantasy worlds. You can also paint different things at your home to make them look more beautiful and fun.

  • Best out of Waste Crafts

Best Out of Waste Crafts

You can do many things with waste materials. Invest some time on YouTube exploring ideas and then make those things with your children.

  • Cleaning


Now that you are free, what can be more engaging and productive than cleaning? You and your children can clean your house and arrange cupboards. It can keep you busy for the whole day and also you will be tired by the end of the day. Also, after doing this, you will have the satisfaction of you spent a productive day.

  • Cooking


Children love to eat. So what is more fun than cooking different things and then eating them? You can teach your kids how to cook a few things which do not require fire. Baking is also a good option. You can try new cakes and also bake biscuits and treat your children.

  • Music and Dancing

Music and Dancing

Do your children love music? You can teach your children to sing and even help them to learn their instrument through YouTube tutorials. You can also help your children to learn some dance moves. It will be a fun activity for both you and your children. It will also provide you and your children with enough physical activity and also exhaust your children.

  • Decorate your Garden

Decorate your Garden

You can decorate your garden by painting the pots. You can even make a fairy garden with the help of waste materials in your house. It is the best time to make your yard look beautiful. You can also teach your children about various plants and their properties. Also, this is the best opportunity to get your hands dirty with mud. Nothing is more soothing than playing with clay. You can even teach your children some gardening methods.

  • Complete your booklist

Complete Your Booklist

Are you or your children book lovers? Then it is the best time to complete your booklist. You can quickly get a book online from different apps if you do not already own them.

  • Spend time with Family

Spend Time with Family

It is the best time for you to spend your time with your family. You can play board games and watch movies together with a bucket of popcorn

These are some offline ways to engage your children. Now here are some online ways to keep your child busy.

Online Ways

With schools closed because of the safety of children from COVID-2019, the studies of your children can lag. You don’t have to make your sessions to teach your child and also making learning fun. Several online applications can help you make your child learn. You just need the right speed of the internet, and you are good to go. This way, your child will be busy for maximum hours of the day and also learn something new.

  • Scholastic Learn At Home

Scholastic Learn At Home

Scholastic Learn At Home is a program for children of all the classes. It is for the children of all classes and ages. It provides a whole in-built program to keep your children busy with various videos and learning material for the next 20 days.

It gives children with the task of making things with materials that are present at home and also keep children busy with science experiments and maths problems. It also provides children online books to read. It’s the perfect program for making learning fun and easy.

  • Brainly.com


Brainly.com is another app for helping parents to help their children to study. This app helps them to connect to other parents and help them solve the common problems together. Parents can help other children by posting solutions to difficult problems.

It helps children to come up with a solution to their problems of any subject. Parents can also view answers given by other parents after giving some fee. Students can also operate this app efficiently.

  • BrainPop.com


BrainPop is another interactive app with cartoons and animated objects to help your children learn. It has videos and quizzes to make learning fun and easier for your children. They are providing study material according to class schedules for making up the time that will be lost due to COVID-2019. Children can access to study material of any grade.

  • Twinkle


Twinkle is another app that provides the children with homework help and study material for every grade. It also provides you with international course material. Parents can easily pick up the desired course and teach their children easily.

It also helps the parents to refresh their knowledge about the subject. It provides children with interactive videos for all issues and topics.

  • Sumdog


Do you kids like to learn while playing games? Then Sumdog is the perfect app for you. It provides you with educational games for your kids to play and learn. It also takes quizzes and tests on different topics.

It provides you with personalized courses for maths and English and makes learning enjoyable for the kids.

  • Kindle


Kindle is another app for keeping your children busy. If your child is more of a book person, you can download Kindle and avail of thousands of books on Kindle unlimited. There are books for all ages, and they can read as many as they want.

They can complete one book and add another to their library immediately. Kindle also has textbooks that you can easily download and study.

  • Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an online app that provides you with pre-recorded and live classes for the children of all grades. And it’s all for free! You can avail of online practices and lessons with tests and quizzes.

It all will help your child to cover the syllabus easily and also not stress about it. It’s best for your children if they want to start their curriculum before school and also complete some of it.

  • Mystery Science

Mystery Science

Science can be a great mystery to some children. Many children struggle with scientific concepts and unable to score in this subject. If your child falls into this category, then a mystery science app is all for you.

It provides science lessons through interactive videos for elementary classes. They try to inspire your child to learn science. It converts science from a boring subject to the most exciting topic.

  • Libby app

Libby app

Do your children like to listen to books? Then download the ‘Libby app’ app. It has all the books in the form of audiobooks. It even has those books in the way of eBooks.

Your children can spend their whole day listening or reading to their favorite titles and adding other books to their library.

  • Byju’s app

Byju’s app is another educational app that provides you with pre-recorded lessons. Their lessons are filled with graphics and pictures which help your child to understand better. It has lessons for all subjects and classes.

Also, after learning, your child can go through a series of quizzes and practice tests to test their level of learning. This app is beneficial if your child wants to ace their class and also learn in a fantastic way.

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These were some tips to keep your children busy while you are working. It is essential to keep them inside and safe from COVID-2019. It’s challenging to keep children occupied when they are free and do not have anything to do. But now, you can take tips from above and plan your days according to your needs and your children’s interests.

These holidays are best for them to discover their new interests and talents. So, parents let creative juices flow in your children and let them create new things from old material. Also, studies are essential during these holidays.

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Joanne Croft

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