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Top 10 Best Popular Party Game for a Fun Gathering

Never Miss These Popular Party Games

Why are family gatherings considered special? It is the gathering of family members that makes it a moment worth recapturing. Besides, the finger-licking meal that the host provides makes the gathering more interesting. Want to know the best part? People get the opportunity to create strong family connections with their family members and increase their chances of getting a better job opportunity. Keep reading to learn ways of making family or friend gathering more interesting and fun with popular party games.

popular party game

Why We Need a Good Party Game for a Gathering, and What Makes a Good Party Game?

Party games come in handy, especially when you are hosting a family gathering at your home. These games help to ensure that every member present has a memorable time. At times, it reaches a point where you require more than great conversations when catching up with your distant friends or family members. Tying out some interesting games will entertain your guests throughout the social gathering. Playing games at gatherings is the best way to facilitate interaction. With that in mind, here are some of the popular party games that people play at gatherings.

1. Most Likely To

This game is ideal for family members or close friends who haven’t been together in a while. To play this game, those participating will have to form a circle. One person will begin the game by asking the one who's likely to trip over their feet. The person who the group picks will go around the circle and ask this question: “Who is the person most likely to do something stupid in the case of a burglary.” The round will go on until one of the members is out of the game. However, you can opt to make the game interesting by skipping the eliminations part.

2. Telephone Pictionary

This game entails cutting paper into small pieces; each participant will receive an equal number of pieces. For example, if eight people are participating, everyone should get eight pieces of paper. Then, everyone will write a word phrase on their pieces of paper. They will draw a picture and pass it around in a clockwise direction. Everyone will draw a picture on the next piece of paper and pass it around in the same movement. Once everyone has received a paper from the other participating members, everyone will interpret the pictures and word phrases. The difficulty in achieving this is what makes the game more interesting.

popular party game - Telephone Pictionary

3. Who Am I

In this game, you will need to draw the art of someone famous on a piece of paper. The participating members will have to guess the famous figure that you are trying to imitate. The game has several variations, making it more interesting and fun. You can decide to use sticky notes and place them at any spot in the room you are playing in to make it more exhilarating. In turn, this will make the game easy for members to play.

4. Never Have I Ever

If you are looking for a classic, popular party game, it's worth to try Never Have I Ever. The game comes with fresh ideas that no one will have a clue what to expect. You have 400+ questions to choose from. What's more? You can decide to choose the drinking game, a drinking game with a penalty, or a non-alcoholic game with penalty variations.

popular party game - Never Have I Ever

5. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a simple game that almost everyone has an idea of how to play it. For starters, it is easy for anyone who would like to play to learn this game. Depending on your guests, you can decide whether you want the game to be wild or silly. Want to know the best part? You can dare a member to do anything from acting like a silly dog or washing the washroom.

popular party game - Truth or Dare

6. Psych

Psych is a downloadable app that you can get from the App Store. Once you sign up with your details, you can key in the names of the members participating. The psych app will ask random questions about the participants. Like other games, everyone has to follow the rules. Every player has to answer in the funniest way possible to any question that the group asks them. You can come up with an answer that you feel is right, which makes the game more fun and interactive.

7. Conversation Cards

Conversation Cards are the best party game you can introduce to spice up the moods of your guests. You will fill four pages with questions that can initiate a conversation. The group will choose one participant to start the game. Meanwhile, the other participants will help each other to come up with a word. The game gets more interesting when members are suggesting hints that are not relevant.

popular party game - Conversation Cards

8. React and Act

React and Act is ideal for a group of people who desire a theoretical experience. Every participant will come up with several events that others will react to. You can decide to ask a question like this: “How will you react when you see your celebrity figure begging on the street?” The other participants will write their reactions and place them inside a hat. One of the members will proceed to pick the papers and read out the events. Participants will attempt to guess what the event entails. Everyone gets a chance to try until one of them comes up with the right reaction.

popular party game - react and act

9. Mystery World

Mystery world is a great game to play when you are hosting a family dinner or a dinner party for your friends. Every participant will have to write their names and a silly phrase on a piece of paper, then pop them into a pot. They will then pull out a paper and call out the name and the phrase in that paper. The group will then come up with a conversation related to that phrase.

popular party game - Mystery World

10. Chocolate Face

To start playing this popular party game, you need a chocolate bar; you can decide to use a candy bar or a cookie. Participants have to place the chocolate bar on their upper cheeks. Without using your hands, you will eat a piece of chocolate with your facial muscles. The winner is the one who completes eating the chocolate in the shortest time possible.

popular party game - Chocolate Face

During the epidemic, having a party gathering is not recommended anymore. Instead, chatting over tech devices has become a new fashion. Here we collected 8 Best Video Chat Apps for Family Groups. If you're interested in it, dive into the article to find more.

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How To Make the Party Game More Enjoyable?

You can make a party game more entertaining in the following ways.

1. Reduce the Usage of Digital Devices

By reducing the usage of digital devices, you will ensure that everyone focuses on the game. You can ask the adults in the room to put their mobile devices away when playing. If you are playing the game with your kids, you should use FamiSafe to restrict their activities on their devices. Here are some of the features you can use.

  • App Blocker: You can use this feature to block apps on your kids' devices, such as smartphones and tablets. In turn, this will ensure that they concentrate on family gatherings. You can unblock the apps once everyone has left.
  • Smart Schedule: With this feature, you can set when your kid can use their phone. Essentially, this will help to ensure that they are not wasting time using the apps on their devices while they should be connecting with others at the gathering. You can also use this feature to schedule how long the applications on their mobile devices will lock. The apps will unlock the exact time that you want.
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

2. Encourage Social Interaction and Ensure Everyone Understands the Game Before Playing

The main key to hosting a memorable party game is by encouraging social interaction between those who are present at the gathering. Doing this creates a bond and motivates everyone to play a wild or tame game depending on their preferences.

Before introducing a game, make sure everyone knows the rules. By doing so, you will increase the self-confidence of people who are playing since they will have an idea of how the game goes.

3. Provide Food and Beverages

Most people prefer having either food or refreshments present during party games. It is the best idea you can ever come up with during a good evening with close friends or family members.

Stop thinking twice about inviting your kids to enjoy a popular party game when you have organized a family gathering. Use the Famisafe app to block the apps in their phones, and they will focus on the gathering. You kids should attend family gatherings because they give them a chance to meet the rest of the clan. Children who have strong family connections are likely to get better jobs and education.

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