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What Is a Finsta? Should Parents Panic Over It?

Get to Understand Finsta

Just when you think you are ahead of your teen's social media applications, they come up with something new that catches you completely off guard. What is a Finsta account? It is more of an Instagram account, but a fake one that teens create using false credentials. In most cases, teens tend to use an altered version of their name as a hidden joke that only their friends would recognize. Why do teens use a Finsta account? Should you be worried about if they have one? Keep on reading, and you will know what Finsta is?

what is a finsta account

What Is a Finsta Account?

If you have been wondering: What is a Finsta? It's a fake Instagram account that allows its owners to share private content with their closest pals. The accounts have become the norm for many teens around the world. However, their reason for creating these accounts is not as sinister as you might think. It is more of a platform that teenagers use so that they can appear unique to their few closest friends. It helps them in several ways and is mainly reserved for their close friends.

Why Do Teens Create a Finsta?

There are many reasons why teens like using a Finsta account. So now that we know what Finsta is, let's explore some reasons why kids create these accounts.

To Enjoy Private Interests

A Finsta account is virtually non-traceable. Kids who want to prevent members of their family or friends from finding out about their Finstagram account often change the account name and appearance. In turn, this saves them from deleting the account. Finsta accounts have given fake Instagram a competitive advantage over fake Snapchat and Facebook accounts that can be traced back to the owner of the account. Teens enjoy the freedom of exploring without being worried that someone will trace their activities.

why teens create finsta account

To Avoid Being Monitored by School Authorities or Parents

Most people view teens as careless individuals who don't care about digital privacy; this is the exact opposite of the matter: Teens want to try stuff that can make an impact on the globe without necessarily raising the attention of whoever is in authority or monitoring their online activities. A Finsta account helps fulfill the urge of teens to make a mark of their own without getting into trouble with either their parents or school authorities.

why teens create finsta account - avoid parents superviison

For Their Real Friends

One of the main reasons why teens create Finsta accounts is to expose their silly pictures to their close friends without being judged by the society around them. Most teens have thousands of Instagram followers, which increases the potential for cases of criticism. A teen with a Finsta account may have less than 30 of their close friends. Most teenagers don't want other people, especially their parents, to see how goofy they are.

why teens create finsta account - for close friend

To Increase Their Popularity

Teens may also use Finstas accounts for boosting the followers and insights of their real Instagram accounts. A good example is using a Finstagram account to like their posts and add comments just like on YouTube. It is a common trait among teens, especially as a result of peer pressure. A teen will tend to boost their popularity to fit into a certain society of peers.

why teens create finsta account - increase popularity

To Boost Their Ego

A Finstagram is a safe space where teenagers can share how they are feeling with selected friends. In other words, it is where they hide from the reality of their not-so-perfect daily lives. However, this is the exact opposite of the Instagram application, which is a poor representation of reality. Here, you can do anything without judgment and boost your ego.

why teens create finsta account - boost ego

Should Parents Panic if They Found Their Kids Have a Finsta account?

No. Parents have the option of providing guidance and monitoring their kids when they are using the app. As a result, this will help prevent excessive use of social media, which is addictive and harmful for your teen. As a parent, before you let your teen use a Finsta account, you need to monitor their social media usage.

Is a Finsta Account Safe?

Most people who ask what is Finsta would like to know if it's safe. Parents all over the globe have different ideologies about their teen's privacy. Some tend to believe that children have a right to privacy. But this is not the case. Kids are not fully aware of the online potential threats, mental health issues, and cyberbullies, whose main intention is to wreak havoc on peers. Finsta accounts have their advantages and disadvantages. As a guardian, you need to monitor your kids' activities when they are using a Finsta account to ensure their safety is upheld, thereby avoiding the following:

  • Your child might receive propositions from adult users with wrong sexual intentions.
  • Cyberbullying
  • They might get exposed to dangerous posts.

Advice Your Kid To Avoid Posting Personal Information or Sensitive Information on Their Finsta Account

Because Finsta accounts are secret accounts set to private mode and only let specific and close friends follow them, this makes it impossible for parents to know that they exist. If you are suspecting your kid has a Finsta account, sit down with them and explain the importance of being a responsible user online to protect them from the potential threat they can get exposed to when online.

Also, you should not forget to mention the importance of being cautious when online. It is okay for your child to use social media platforms to express their feelings. However, they need to know that not every personal information is meant for the internet. Encourage your kid to be open with you whenever they experience any negative aspect or adult content when browsing on their Finsta accounts.

When you discover your kid has a Finsta account, you can approach them and have a conversation about the dangers that they could be exposed to if they are not cautious when browsing through their fake Instagram account. Ensure you talk to your kids with an open mind and warn them about posting sensitive information online. Educate them on the value of surrounding themselves with people they can trust. Life is not always about trying to fit in and exist in a world where you should be a social media giant for you to live.

Use Parental Control App

In a digital world where there are potential hazards everywhere, you ought to be insecure about your child's activities when browsing the web. Luckily, there is a good and effective solution to this risk.

All you have to do is install the FamiSafe app, which is considered by many as the most reliable app suitable for monitoring kids' activities whenever they are on the internet. With several features available, you can monitor your children's activities and go on with your daily life. The best part is: You get to know whether they are online or not using their smart devices.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

Here are some of the unique features to expect from FamiSafe.

  • Smart Schedules: Once you are finished installing the app on your kid's phone, you can set the timings that they should use the device. Time the duration and the date or day that you want FamiSafe to block the app. Once you are done setting the smart schedule, the device will block the site depending on your desired settings.
  • Activity Report: Kids tend to get addicted to mobile apps related to social media. You should protect the safety of your kid when they are on the screens. Luckily, you can enforce that by utilizing a parental control app. FamiSafe provides you with a brief detail about the app your kid uses on their device and the duration they were using it.
  • Browser History: The internet is a useful place, but it is also full of violence and adult content that can harm your children. FamiSafe allows you to keep an eye on what content your child is browsing on the internet.
  • Real-time Location: With this feature, you'll have information about your child’s current location, with accurate mapping and current battery percentage. Also, you can always check the Location History for the sites that you kids access most of the time. What's more? You can create Geo-fences for desired locations and get notifications when they enter or leave the place.

The FamiSafe parental control app is compatible with all Android phones and iOS. Therefore, this makes it available to everyone who has an Android or iPhone smartphone.

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Now that you know what is Finsta, you can guide your kid on how to use it safely. If you are looking for the best parental control app that will ensure the best safety precautions for your kid, you should go for FamiSafe. You are assured that when you are in the confines of your office, you can still get the precise location of your children. The app still ranks as the popular choice to date, so it's trustworthy.

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