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Best parental control App

Best parental control App

What is OnlyFans? Parents Don't Miss this Guide

The Most Reliable Parental Control App

FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices.

Have you ever noticed that your kids are surfing online all the time recently? Tap on the phone and slide the phone screen. Lock themselves in their room, and it is hard to communicate with them even on the weekends.

If that is what is happening in your family, you may need to take action right now. One popular platform named OnlyFans has attracted most kids’ attention in recent years. Significantly when the epidemic lockdown cut off most people’s income, OnlyFans became the opportunity platform for the content creators to earn an average of USD 151 per month. So you probably would think that it is an excellent platform for your minor kids to make an allowance? That is not. Once you know this app, you will not be okay to allow your kids to use this app. So what is OnlyFans about? Let’s read on to find it out.


What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is exclusively designed for content creators who can sell their original content to their prospective audience at premium prices. The platform involves an Access option for a one-off trip or monthly subscription. After uploading the content, the creators can set a restriction on what they uploaded; then, users will not get access to the content until they pay for them or make a subscription. In the last 2 to 3 years, OnlyFans has gained more popularity because of the adult content posts of sex workers and models who post NSFW content. In addition, many underages use this app to earn money by selling sexual pictures and videos.

Why is OnlyFans Popular?

In the last five years, OnlyFans has gained popularity because of the unique content it avails to its users. The users can subscribe to their favorite content creators and unlock the unavailable content behind the paywall after paying the monthly fees or one-off tip. This content-sharing platform became more popular with the epidemic Covid-19 that compelled the entire world to get locked down.

When the epidemic snatched the source of income of thousands of people, OnlyFans brought a sense of new hope for the unwaged and jobless people. At OnlyFans, the content creators started uploading content like photography, cooking recipes, creative writing, educational videos, etc. But what makes this platform so attractive during the epidemic is the sexually adult content it contains.

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Is OnlyFans Safe for your kids?

OnlyFans is a misleading platform for budding youth and may hamper their growth by distracting them with lucrative monetary offers for sexual videos or messages.

OnlyFans is not for kids, and it provides Acceptable User Guidelines and User Content Guidelines. To sign up as a content creator, you need to be 18 years old. Apart from age eligibility, the platform also requires users to submit their photo ID, registered address along with a recent selfie before sharing or selling their content. On OnlyFans, it is found that individuals over 18 years are sharing adult content, and in fact, minors are also found sharing explicit content by using fake or borrowed IDs.

1. Explicit content

There are users with huge demand for explicit content. Once the content creators enter into the commercial sex industry, they are forced to fulfill the weird and absurd requests of the users.

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2. Online Predator

Since everyone has access to this app, it is easy to become a good channel for online predators to get in touch with the youth. OnlyFans attracts the new girls and boys via money and pushes them towards nudity and sexual content. It makes humans a mere sexual product for the user paying for it.

3. OnlyFans does not follow strict rules

The website does not follow strict rules and has become a center point for the sex industry. OnlyFans was not meant for such content; rather, it was a platform to share informative content on different genres. OnlyFans never restricts obscene content, and thus, over time, sex workers have taken over large user-ship, and OnlyFans is now majorly known for nudity, pornography, and sexual content.

4. Stalkers

There is a risk involved for the content creators to get their photos, names, addresses, and other private information leaked. Some stalkers try to extract the content creators' news to share with others with negative intentions.

Check out this video and get glimpses of social media threats.

Is there any Safety Setting on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans works with HTTPS protocols, but the exact encryption methods and other safety measures are not mentioned. In addition, though OnlyFans claims it to be a safety-assured place for both the users and the content creators, it has never clearly discussed all the security precautions it provides to them.

Safety Advice for Parents

1. Restrict kids' app usage

Being a concerned parent, set a time limit for your kids to browse the internet or access the apps of their choice. Make them understand that the OnlyFans app is not meant for kids, so they are not supposed to use it at all.

2. Introduce them to healthier activities

There are plenty of activities that can grab kids' attention such as outdoor games, indoor games like board game, musical instruments, cooking, watering plants, painting, art and craft, and much more. Take out time to interact with your kids more and help them understand their area of interest.

3. Divert their attention on other social media platforms

If your kid is following any celebrity on OnlyFans, show them other social media platforms where they can follow the fame of their choice. This way, you can divert your kids from the OnlyFans platform without interfering with their fan emotions.

4. Let kids know the negative side of OnlyFans

There are many articles and reviews available on the internet about the OnlyFans platform. Various users have shared their real negative experiences. Show your kids those negative experiences and convince them how badly this app can affect them.

5. Set Parental Control

Some effective parental control softwares are introduced to combat this parental challenge. Parental control app can help parents monitor what their children are browsing online, ensure that the child will not get access to OnlyFans, and limit their screen time on any platforms similar to OnlyFans. Not only this, parents could track where their kids are located.

Here we would love to introduce you to one of the best helpful parental control apps:

What is Wondershare FamiSafe?

Wondershare FamiSafe is software designed exclusively for parental control. It comes with various features such as

Activity Report

With this feature, the parents can monitor their kids' phones and know which apps they are using the most and which apps they are installing or uninstalling frequently.

App Usage and Blocker

Parents can block the OnlyFans app or any other inappropriate app on their kids' devices and even limit the usage of particular apps to help the kids focus more on productive things and learning.

Screen Time

This feature allows the parents to set a screen time for the kids. The lesser the screen time, the lesser are the chances of your kids getting indulged in inappropriate content on the OnlyFans website. As the screen time gets over, the device gets locked.

Online Safety

Parents can ensure the complete online safety of their kids by blocking the OnlyFans website for kids. It also lets the parents browse the internet history remotely and check the personal web history.


It is hard to keep your kids away from online content in this world where the internet is the main ruler. Rather the parents should interact with their kids, listen to them without passing any judgment, and help them understand the consequences of getting exposed to inappropriate content at this sensitive age. Educate your kids’ how to behave online to give them a healthy and colorful online experience.

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