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How to Monitor Kid’s YouTube

Effective Ways to Monitor Kids' YouTube

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: YouTube Blocker Proven solutions

As YouTube hosts, an unlimited number of video content, having parental controls seems to be an essential task. YouTube infatuation is higher among kids, and it's more than impossible to keep them distant from this app. Whether it's YouTube Kids or YouTube, both the app requires full parental controls.

Apart from visual learning, it's elementary for a kid to stumble upon inapt content and spend hours watching it. Keeping these insecurities in mind, we decided to frame this article based on YouTube monitor. So, let's start exploring parental monitoring ways for YouTube.


What's the difference between YouTube kids and YouTube?

  • YouTube is a major video streaming platform being flagged as an app, not for children under 13 years of age. YouTube Kids is a free app available on both Android and iOS, specially made for enhancing the kids' experience on YouTube while eliminating adult or suspicious content.
  • Kids roam through many videos in YouTube Kids geared for the required age group. The platform has four main sections, namely the “Shows,” “Music,” “Learning,” and “Explore.” All of them are known to be targeted to show only kids' related content.
  • On the other hand, YouTube also features some favorite channels by kids over its platform. But, it is known to be a dangerous place for kids as compared to YouTube Kids. It has lots of adult videos and suspicious content that is not suitable to be viewed by a kid.


Is YouTube really safe for kids?

YouTube can never be wholly a safe platform for kids, even if it's YouTube Kids. Almost 400 hours of content gets uploaded every minute over this significant platform. At the beginning of 2019, there was an apprehensive video found on YouTube Kids with hidden instructions on how to commit suicide. Furthermore, the video got tagged in the section of family-friendly content.

If you are particularly concerned about YouTube, its algorithms also get manipulated by some intelligent uploaders. Well, YouTube takes the matter seriously to use human monitors and catch those defaulters. Overall, the YouTube algorithm is yet to blame for flagging inappropriate content as appropriate.

In short, YouTube is not made for kids unless you are using an efficient YouTube monitor.

Here are the reasons for showing you how YouTube is not supporting the tricky and lengthy process of childhood education.

  • Many disturbing videos got listed in the child-friendly version of YouTube.
  • The platform YouTube Kids has content such as sexual exploitation, domestic violence, self-harm, gun-violence, and trafficking.
  • As per the reports by BBC in 2018, some shows of Peppa Pig have been mimicked as it likes using similar characters and animation styles but with a nasty edge.
  • A list of various offending videos got published over the platform.
  • YouTube is known to be a cesspool for garbage kids' content being hovering around and destroying the road to happiness.

How to monitor kids' YouTube?

Looking for the best YouTube monitor? Well, here we are going to introduce a super cool parental monitoring app called Famisafe designed considering all the critical situations faced by a parent.


Famisafe has the following renowned features to be known by every parent.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Famisafe has the following renowned features to be known by every parent.

    • Detects suspicious text on YouTube

how to monitor kids youtube how to monitor kids youtube

Famisafe comes with a suspicious detection feature that is made for every social app in your kids' phone despite YouTube. Whether your kid is typing a misleading text on Facebook, SMS, Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, Messenger Lite, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, or KiK, you will be provided with instant alerts over your phone as a parent. For that, you are required to install Famisafe over your phone, too, and grant several permissions over the kids' phone.

    • Block Websites


Famisafe can block unwanted websites very easily, and it is one of its best functions. This best YouTube monitor's inbuilt features, check the browser history, monitor the kids' activity on websites, set screen time limit, and eventually block the sites that kids should not watch.

    • Block Apps


Famisafe is also known to be the best app blocker of the era. It can block social media apps such as YouTube, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, Messenger Lite, etc., with a single click. This feature assists a parent in blocking distractive apps even in their study or bedtime. Also, if your kid tries to open the blocked app, you will receive quick notifications.

Part 5: How do I monitor kid's YouTube activity with Famisafe

The steps given below can show you how to use Famisafe as a YouTube monitor.

Step 1: Register with Famisafe account

The first step requires you to register with a Famisafe account either from the official website or after downloading the app. Moreover, you will get a 3-day free trial also after registration. The account you will use to register can apply to both Kids' as well as parents' phone.

Step 2: Download and Install the app on both Kids' and Parents' phone

Search for ‘Famisafe' on the Android Play Store or App Store. Then download and install the app on both kids as well as your phone. After installation, the app wants you to enter with the Famisafe account you have created in Step 1. So, log in with credentials.

Then, select the target device among Android or iOS.


Step 3: Make necessary settings on both kids' and parents' phone

Take your kids' phone and make the settings required to connect both the devices properly. The process is a little different on both Kids' iPhone and Kids' Android devices.

Settings on Kids' iPhone


Log in to the account of kids' phones after choosing kids' identity and fill in the required information of kids such as name and age. In this case, you are using an iPhone, so it will also ask you to enter Cloud ID and Password to grant permissions. After that, it will be allowed to access location, and the mobile device management file will also get installed.

Settings on Kids' Android


Log in to the account of kids' phones after choosing kids' identity and fill in the required information of kids such as name and age. It is also a similar and straightforward process except that Android will not ask for entering Cloud ID and password details.

In this case, you need to permit the usage of the app, allow various administrator permissions and access to locations.


Follow the same drill on the parent's phone and make sure to connect both the tools properly. After a complete connection of both the devices, you can access their vast range of features over the home tab.

Step 4: Start YouTube Monitoring on Kids activity

You can now monitor kids' activity on the YouTube app by getting alerts of suspicious text.

Step 5: Set screen time limits or block the YouTube App


Famisafe YouTube Monitor also helps to set the screen time limitations over the app by clicking on-screen time and choosing the desired time for a specific app to restrict. Furthermore, you can also block YouTube if you notice that your kid is using it during bedtime or study time.


Thus, if you want to keep your kids safe from the unpredictable world, beware of proper parental monitoring techniques. The technological era demands smart decisions by using simple user interface apps and getting most of the advantages as a YouTube monitor. Well, this can only be possible with Famisafe as no other parental monitoring will give you its specific features. Even YouTube itself lacks security features with regards to kids' usage.

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