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Worrying about what your kids are watching on YouTube? You will find everything about YouTube parental control here.

Best kid-safe YouTube alternative in 2021

Learn how to make your kids safe on YouTube. Also, find some kid-safe YouTube alternatives in the market.

Thomas Jones 16/11/2021
How to Set up YouTube Parental Controls on iPhone

Learn how to set up YouTube parental controls iPhone and a third-party solution for parents to block YouTube app and website on iPhone.

Thomas Jones 16/11/2021
How to Set YouTube Parental Controls on iPad?

Using YouTube parental controls iPad, we can block accessing inappropriate content that isn't good for kids and create a safe area on our kids' devices.

Thomas Jones 16/11/2021
How to Install YouTube App for Kindle Fire

Want to install YouTube on your new Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet? Not sure about the steps? Complete step-to-step guide to install YouTube on Kindle Fire.

Moly Swift 16/11/2021
How to Set Parental Controls on YouTube

Do you want to know how to put parental controls on YouTube? Don't worry, here, we have given some easy methods to turn on restricted mode on YouTube.

Thomas Jones 16/11/2021
How to Block YouTube on Mac?

Improve your productivity and that of your kids or employees by discovering how to block YouTube on Mac and other devices.

Thomas Jones 16/11/2021
How to Monitor Kid’s YouTube

Know why YouTube and YouTube Kids are unsafe for kids and learn the practical solutions about how to monitor YouTube.

Ankhi Bhattacharya 16/11/2021
How parents monitor kids' YouTube search history and comment history

Learn the vital reasons for caring about search history on YouTube from your children. Also, know how to see your kid’s comment history and remotely detect their actions online.

Thomas Jones 16/11/2021
Make YouTube safer for kids: things parents should do

Does your kid watch YouTube videos frequently? Then it is the right time to act using effective measures to provide safe content in YouTube for little kids. This article emphasizes in a detailed manner ‘how to make YouTube safer for kids’?

Thomas Jones 16/11/2021
Friendly Kid Youtubers That Parents Can Share With Their Kids

Not knowing which YouTuber to allow your kids to follow? Here is a list of famous kid-appropriate YouTubers.You can recommend them and watch them with your kids now.

Joanne Croft 16/11/2021
How Kids Watch Blocked YouTube Videos Without Catching?

YouTube consists of a lot of blocked videos. Those blocked videos induce a great form of curiosity amongst kids. As a parent, you must monitor your kid's YouTube activities, and use a YouTube video blocker to block vulgar content.

Ankhi Bhattacharya 16/11/2021
How Kids Bypass Age Restriction on YouTube Without Parents Knowing?

Sometimes, kids bypass the YouTube age restriction to watch age-restricted videos without their parents knowing. To better protect our kids, we must know how to track kid's YouTube activities

Ankhi Bhattacharya 16/11/2021
How to Block Adult Content on YouTube?

Do you wish to block adult content on your kid's smartphone? Read on and learn how to block adult content on YouTube in this guide to protect your kids.

Thomas Jones 25/11/2021
Effective ways to block YouTube on computer

Are you excited to discover methods on how to block YouTube on Computer? Then, get ready for an informative journey ahead. It is the right time to explore the optimum ways to block YouTube on the computer.

Moly Swift 25/11/2021
A Complete Guide on YouTube Parental Control with FamiSafe

Read guide to learn how to block YouTube on Android & iPhone. We have also provided a stepwise solution to block someone on YouTube as well.

Thomas Jones 08/12/2021
How to Blacklist or Whitelist YouTube Channels Remotely

Do you want to blacklist or whitelist some of the YouTube channels your kids watch? Here is the perfect and best way to block YouTube channel.

Moly Swift 09/12/2021
How to Block Ads on YouTube App or Browser

It is important to monitor the digital content that our children are watching. FamiSafe is a software tool which can assist you to do this. It is available for all major mobile platforms.

Thomas Jones 09/12/2021
How do you remotely block certain videos on YouTube

Want to block videos on YouTube to restrict inappropriate content from entering into the kid’s gadget? This guide will assist you in an effective way.

Moly Swift 09/12/2021
Effective Ways to Remotely Monitor Kid's YouTube Watch History

Monitoring your kid's YouTube watch history is a way to check whether they are exposed to age-inappropriate content. Look here to discover some of the best ways to do that.

Thomas Jones 09/12/2021
These 12 YouTube Channels Parents Should Watch with Kids

This post discusses some excellent YouTube channels for kids to keep them entertained and educated. You’ll also learn how to use the YouTube parental control settings to filter out inappropriate content.

Ankhi Bhattacharya 17/12/2021
Top 8 Most Blocked YouTube Channels in 2021! Parents Can’t Miss

There are so many YouTube channels out there, most of them are funny or beneficial, but still, some of the channels are not suitable for kids. Learn with this article about those channels, as well as how to adopt Youtube parental control with FamiSafe!

Ankhi Bhattacharya 14/01/2022
Easy Steps to Install and Use YouTube Kids on Amazon Fire?

Find out how you can install YouTube Kids on Amazon Fire in with this guide. Start keeping your little ones busy, entertained, and happy.

Thomas Jones 25/01/2022