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Make YouTube safer for kids: things parents should do

Make YouTube safer for kids


The current generation kids and teens frequently visit YouTube sites to view their favourite videos, cartoons, educational content etc. While surfing through their desired topics there are chances for the inappropriate content to appear in the list. How to make YouTube safer for kids has become one of the serious issues faced by the technical and psychological professional team. As you all know, every invention and discoveries have their own pros and cons. It depends on the individuals whether to make use of the advancements for constructive or destructive purpose. YouTube is an awesome platform where people post their technical findings and perspectives for the welfare of the viewers. The same platform has become the house of the devils to exploit the innocent minds through pornography, violence and harmful content.

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Is YouTube safe for kids?

Before focusing on the topic of how to make YouTube safer for kids, you should know the hidden dangers of YouTube in detail. Only if you are aware of the problem you can find out the perfect solution to resolve it. You can make use of the below-listed details to obtain a better knowledge of the threats of YouTube. These are the unknown dangers of YouTube to deal with in an effective way.


The YouTube channel contains videos with violence animation like kids making a suicide attempt, kids killing and shooting one another etc. All these content triggers the aggressive behaviour of the children easily. The cartoon characters perform violence in the form of animation with the end up moral that violence is the state of being bold in society. This kind of videos feeds wrong perspectives in the minds of immature souls. When the kids grow up, they will try to be violent in society as a mark of bravery.

On the other way, the suicide attempt videos discourage the self-esteem of the children easily. This type of animations feeds a wrong moral that suicide is the only solution for the complicated problems in life. It reduces the mental strength of the kids in no time.

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Adult Content:

When your kids search for any educational content on YouTube you will be shocked to witness the pop-ups which come along with the search algorithm. There are many links directing to pornography videos and sites. The YouTube platform misleads the kids often thereby stimulating the parents to implement some form of protective measures on this website. A lot of dating videos, child porn videos etc will appear on the way of the kid’s search triggering the curious minds of the innocent children. The YouTube displays a warning message before the play of porn content but still, it is not an effective measure to prevent the entry of kids. A click is sufficient to play the adult content video without any difficulty.

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There are videos on YouTube, which addicts the kids in no time. The gaming videos are one such content, which increases the inquisitiveness of the children. The video teaches the kids how to play games in an effective way to win the levels quickly. It educates the kids related to the options and control on the gaming platform. It helps the kids to master the game and play it professionally. YouTube encourages kids to play violent, gambling games.

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What is the age limit to use YouTube?

YouTube has a clear age restriction parameters but the implementation factor seems to be poor.

18+ is the minimum age to create a channel account on YouTube

13+ is the age to sign up under the parent’s supervision

The actual scenario does not adhere to the age restrictions as formulated by YouTube. Due to its inefficient age authentication process, has led even a 6-year-old to view the YouTube content easily. A 12-year-old can start a YouTube channel in no time. The age limits are for official purpose but there are no serious measures to protect the kids from the negative impact of YouTube.

Three ways on How to make YouTube safe for kid

Under Supervision

Every parent should watch out the YouTube activities of your kids. You can sit with them when they enter into those websites. You can talk a lot about the various interruptions, which occurs when they try to search for their necessary content on the web. Through effective supervision, you can prevent your kid from the entry of inappropriate videos on YouTube.

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Safety Settings

If you take a deeper note on the settings of YouTube, you can find a ‘Safety Mode’ option to restrict the entry of adult content and inappropriate videos. You have to enable the Safety mode if you want to safeguard your child from the online monsters.

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It is high time to bring awareness to kids related to YouTube usage. You can help your kid to attend seminars at your locality regarding the safe usage of YouTube and the internet. When you try to educate your kid about the threats of the online sources then your child will learn how to protect them from the cyber threats effectively. You should offer your child a proper education on the YouTube dangers would save complicated cyber issues in future. When the professionals convey those facts then it will be effective. You can find many professional compilations about the online threats on the internet, which serves as a good feed for innocent minds.

How do parents create kid-friendly with FamiSafe?

The FamiSafe parental control app from Wondershare helps the parents to create kid-friendly cyberspace for safe navigation. With the help of the control in FamiSafe, the parents can implement a wide range of protective measures to protect the kids from the online monsters. Every website has a hidden danger and FamiSafe plays a vital role in creating a fence for the kids amidst the cyber hackers and predators.

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  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Restrict content on YouTube

The FamiSafe parental control app has a unique feature to restrict the content on YouTube. It comes with the title ‘YouTube App Control’ on the home page of this parental control app. This option is compatible only with Android devices. This feature records the YouTube activities of your kid and saves it similar to the ‘Browser History’. In the list, you can find a collection of links, videos, and channels, which was viewed by your kid. You can check out the similar list for any day with the help of the calendar option in this platform.

To block the video or channel, it is enough if you make a click on the Lock icon nearby right side of the link or video at the YouTube history page. Then you can select either ‘Block Video’ or ‘Block Channel’ as per your needs to restrict the YouTube content in your kid’s gadget. If you block a channel, then your child will not get access to any videos related to that channel in future. It is a unique feature, which assists you to establish a complete control on the YouTube activities of your child at this online platform.

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Detect disturbing content remotely

It is possible to detect unwanted content in your kid’s phone remotely using FamiSafe parental control app. In this app, there is a word list available in its built-in library containing default adult content words. This list seems to be editable and the parents can enter their own words in the available list easily. When your child receives any message containing the disturbing content then the app scans the entire message folder effectively and sends an alert message to the respective parent gadget immediately. The scan process occurs within a certain period. With the help of the alert signal, the parents can take quick actions and help the kid from unwanted cyber issues in future. This feature protects the kids from cyberbullying, psychological issues, sexual predators etc. The parent should activate this feature and take respective action at the time of need without fail.

To add a new word in the ‘Explicit Content Detection’ library in FamiSafe it is enough if you type in the word and click the ‘Add’ button. The new word joins the list in no time. You can update the list anytime without any time restriction. You can add any number of words without any limit. The FamiSafe app matches this library content with the message folder of the kid’s gadget during the scan process.

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It is the perfect time to discuss the adverse effects of YouTube on Kids. This article has given you a solution on How to make YouTube safer for kids. You can try out the normal ways and install FamiSafe parental control app to implement effective supervision on the gadget activities of your kids. This simple app plays a vital role in the online safety factors of your children.

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