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The Best App Blocker and Parental Control for Android

Android App Blocker

With more advancement, the internet has become a tremendous source of information. Apart from social media, researching, playing quiz or tracking someone’s location, nearly everything is possible today. Although you’re really happy to be able to access all the information and content over the internet, you certainly don’t want your children to gain access over some content over the internet. Here is the best Android app blocker that will help you control whatever your child can view over their gadgets. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a family gadget or their own device, having these app blockers installed will not let your child view content that you don’t want them to see.

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FamiSafe - The best App Blocker and Parental Control for Android

Note the name; FamiSafe. With this software, there’s nothing you CANNOT do! Locate your child’s location in real-time anytime and anywhere to ensure they are safe. You can also monitor any potential danger and remind them about it ahead of time. Additionally, you can keep a track of the places that your child has visited in a day. This will help you understand your child’s movements and check the places that they have visited. If your child is visiting a new, unknown place, you may set a geo-fence through FamiSafe. This will alert you when your child is crossing the border.

Key Features:

  • You can block your child’s device with the help of FamiSafe
  • Easily view the location of the child
  • You can monitor your child’s web browsing history through FamiSafe
  • Block content that you consider to be harmful to your child through FamiSafe

FamiSafe App Blocker for Android

FamiSafe is a remarkable app that any expert would recommend you to use. The flawless quality of the software provides you with full control over your child’s devices so that you can monitor their movements at your convenience and confidentially without them knowing. Assuring privacy and protection for your loved ones, FamiSafe parental control for Android brings you lovable features that you certainly cannot resist.

  • App blocker: Are you worried that your child is spending too much time on gaming apps and social media apps? Block them now using FamiSafe Android app blocker service and induce their concentration on studies.
  • Geo-Fencing: Set geographical thresholds when your child is outside. Once they cross that barrier, you’ll receive an app notification or an email alert!
  • Safe and Private: With FamiSafe, you’ll never need to worry about your privacy. The invisible mode enables you to monitor the activities of your child remotely.
  • GPS Location: Keep a track on your child’s current GPS location, calls log, texts, calendar, notes, internet usage and multimedia files
  • Fine Interface: Make use of the free trial version before purchasing the app
  • Seep out web content: You wouldn’t want your child to gain access to harmful content over the internet at a tender age. It would be wise of you if you figure out what they are viewing online and filter out those contents using FamiSafe.
  • Schedule: You can program to block apps or set screen time during a certain time of the day so that your child gets enough time to study and rest.

How to set up Parental Control on Android phone using FamiSafe?

Follow the steps below to download, install and access FamiSafe as an Android app blocker:

Step 1: Register a FamiSafe account.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

Step 2: Install FamiSafe on both your kid’s device.

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Step 3: Configure the settings on both your and your child’s device.

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Step 4: Once you’ve connected to your child’s phone from your own phone using FamiSafe, you can start controlling their device. It’s a 100% reliable parental control app that works best as an Android app blocker.

Browser History

Step 5: Finally, when you gain access to your child’s phone via FamiSafe, you can use it as a means of app blocker. This allows you to block content that you deem as unsuitable for your child. Additionally, you can also limit your child installing a certain app or restrict their access to installed apps. Once you select “applications” from the navigation menu, you’ll see a list of apps on the device. in order to block an app, you’ll just need to toggle on/off to switch it accordingly.

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Some Q&A That's Important About FamiSafe and App Blocker

1. What Devices does FamiSafe support?

You can install FamiSafe on your Android devices or Apple devices. These may include Android Smart Phones and tablet PCs or iPhone, iPad and iPods. Note that FamiSafe does not require Jailbreaking or Rooting.

2. Can I install FamiSafe on my child’s video gaming consoles such as Xbox, Play Station, etc. or Pcs, MacBook?

Presently, FamiSafe is only for Android and Apple devices. It does not support any video gaming consoles; neither does it support desktop versions. However, days are not far when it will be developed for these devices too!

3. I want to block my child’s phone during bedtime, can I do that?

You can certainly do that by using the Smart Schedule feature to pre-set device blocking scheduled at particular times such as school time or dinner time.

4. Can I contact my child if their device is blocked?

FamiSafe only blocks content that you have willingly blocked. You can still make phone calls or send SMS to your child’s phone even after blocking certain functions.

5. Can I get a refund if I don’t want to use FamiSafe any longer?

Certainly, you can get a refund! The payments are made via Google Play or App Store transaction system, where and in which you need to submit and request for a refund.

Like every parent, you surely want to create a safe space for your child, whether it’s online or school. You can never say no to your child, who eagerly wants a phone, regardless of their age. Since you cannot refuse to give your child the phone that they desire, you can certainly monitor and block troublesome content with the help of FamiSafe. This amazing surveillance app makes your life easier to be able to monitor your child’s activities. There are mostly advantages of using FamiSafe. Go ahead, download it, open an account and pay to start monitoring your child’s phone!

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