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Parental guide to computer games addiction

Guide to computer games addiction

Introduction: What Is Computer Games Addiction?

First, it’s vital to understand what computer games entail. These are video games that are embedded in social networking sites, playable via a PC, laptop, or mobile phone. We have two main types of these games. Standard video games are designed to be played by a single player. The other type is multiplayer games – which are played by two or more individuals. Whether it’s a single-player or multiple players, there is one alarming concern – addiction – which continues to cripple the gaming industry.

Computer games addiction is a real problem for both the young and the old. As long as the game becomes addictive, a person will start to neglect all other important aspects of life, gluing themselves to the computer and being preoccupied with gaming for endless hours.

And the medication is not pleasant either. Counseling may be of help in mild cases. But when the tough gets going, others may require medication therapy. To some extent, the medication may take longer than expected, posing more threats to the affected. So, in the quest to understand what goes on in the mind of an obsessed computer gamer, let’s find out the effects that addiction can impose on an individual.

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How computer games cause addiction?

Several factors contribute to computer game addiction. But the major of them is that video game designers are looking for ways to keep players on their games – they certainly use some behavioral psychology to keep players hooked for endless hours.

However, individual psychological problems like depression and low self-esteem may make an individual find solace in playing computer games. They believe that they will reduce loneliness and other overwhelming problems that weigh them down. On the other hand, addiction may also lead one into such conditions of depression and self-withdrawal.

Likewise, the need to solve a puzzle or emerge the winner is another way via which computer games cause addiction. Players are not ready to give in easily and want to prove that they can outdo other opponents. So, they are ready to spend numerous amounts of time, to accomplish that one goal.

What are the effects of computer games addiction?

Numerous effects are associated with computer games addiction. Some researchers perceive it as a disorder that can severely damage a person’s life.

Poor physical health

Computer games addiction may easily cause imperfect physical health. Those addicted have no time for physical exercises or activities to keep their bodies strong. Likewise, some even find it hard to sleep, thereby forming poor sleeping habits.

Financial constraint

Most of the computer games are very expensive and keeping up with them means, making huge payouts. Users are ready to spend thousands of dollars on new gaming consoles, the latest packs, and computer upgrades. More so, they’ll barely have time to participate in constructive activities to make some bucks for their use.

Deteriorating social life

Most of those addicted to computer games have no time for family gatherings or other social activities. It may also crop in several conditions like locking themselves in the room in the name of trying to win that tough game. Hence, one-to-one contact will decrease to unmanageable heights.

Academic negligence

This is a major concern for students who spend their whole time on computers, playing games. With time, they’ll divert from school academics and ignore upcoming study deadlines or their goals.

Preoccupation with gaming thoughts

When addicted, gaming can capture an individual’s thoughts, letting them think of nothing else other than the next gaming activity.

Low self-esteem and depression

Psychologically, being addicted to gaming may automatically lead one to depression or having low self-esteem. This generally results from withdrawal symptoms to an extent of forgetting the major basics of life like proper dieting.

How can I help my child with computer game addiction?

No parent wants to see their child go down the drains in the name of computer games addiction. An addicted child is probably difficult to handle and prone to physical and mental health problems like lack of adequate sleep and withdrawal symptoms. But parents can step in and help their children move away from such game addiction.

1) Find alternatives to computer use

As a parent, you can find outdoor activities that will occupy your kid’s mind. Encourage them to actively participate in other activities like reading or going for workouts. If possible, join them in some activities as you lead them by example. You can start a small garden to deviate their attention from gaming. Others include going for swimming, nature walk, or cycling around the estate.

2) Introduce house activities

House chores can be of value when deviating your kids from computer addiction. Ensure you schedule work hours which they must complete before switching to the computer to reduce hours spent on computer games. House activities will also increase activeness, propelling them to execute a lot of energy. And when the body is tired, sleep definitely comes along. So, they’ll get adequate time to rest.

3) Discuss appropriate computer usage

It can be a better idea to enlighten your kid that too much computer gaming is harmful to their health. It is a good chance to figure out whether they have proper reasons for staying at the computer. Listen to them and give them an open arm – you may just realize there is something a bother to them.

What can FamiSafe do for kids?

It may not be a walk in the park to incorporate the aforementioned solutions and help your kid out of computer games addiction. However, you can up your game and engage a parental control app for easy operation. FamiSafe Parental Control App may help to clear all doubts and thoughts at all times.

This app has the latest state-of-the-art technology to help you be in charge of your kid’s phone even when you are miles away. It is at the forefront of helping your kid form good digital habits, sparing adequate time for important activities like play and study. Furthermore, it will help your kid to stay away from danger while online.

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Key Features of FamiSafe Parental Control App

Screen time limit

This feature lets you manage your kid’s screen time an even follow up on what they do on the installed apps. So, to prevent your kid from becoming addicted to computer games, you can set the screen time limits as you help your kid to cultivate healthy digital habits. He’ll know when to go to sleep, go for a play, and which time to study.

Likewise, you can know which activities eat into much of their time, if it’s an Android phone used. And when you feel that the apps on their phones are not doing them any better, you can temporarily block your kid’s phone and let them concentrate on other important aspects like studying.

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App block & Usage

Several apps are available for gaming, and other obsessive activities. If not properly checked into, kids may be addicted to some apps, leading to serious health and mental conditions. It is, therefore, vital to know whether the apps they use are of good value. If not, this feature lets you block any unwanted app, letting your kid focus on his education and other health information.

Here is the deal. You can manage both iOS and Android devices. Lock apps by your kid’s age-based rating on their iPhone. Meanwhile, you can also block other threatening apps like gaming, in your kid’s Android devices. And the better part is that you will get an instant warning whenever your kid tries to re-install an app on their Android phone.

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Activity Report

If you want to help your kid to curb digital risks, it is important to know your kid’s daily phone activity. The Activity Report feature lets you know that by timeline. Engage it to know what kinds of apps your kid uses and which the frequently accessed apps are. It is by this gesture that you will pinpoint whether they are into some addictive gaming on their phones.

Simply remotely monitor your kid’s phone activities and know where to come in. If you feel they are deviating from the good activities, you can engage them in some serious talks and avert any danger they may face from malicious apps or online predators.

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Even though it all depends on the kid, parental guidance is still needed when it comes to computer games addiction. If left unattended, kids may find themselves in compromising situations that lead to severe conditions like depression. There are lots of solutions that parents can offer their kids to promote healthy well-being. Apart from engaging them in other activities, usage of the most reliable parental control app is good enough. FamiSafe Parental Control App works in simple ways to help holistically. These include keeping track of your kid’s whereabouts, checking app usage, and managing their screen time among other important functionalities.

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