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5 Best Apps to Lock Pictures That Parents Should be Aware of

5 Best Apps to Lock Pictures

Our smartphones are full of personal stuff and reveal what we think. It means that we carry along with our things in our pockets at all times during the day. And, this is not limited to adults but kids with personal cell phones as well. You will never get to know if your kid is hiding his pictures behind a simpler looking calculator.

Lock Pictures App

Not only this, there are several such apps to lock pictures available on your child’s cell phone that you might not be aware of. Many of these simple-looking applications can be hiding sexting photos and other inappropriate images that you otherwise would never like your kids to have access to. Also, it might not always be your kids clicking such pictures, the social media circle sharing the content with them. One should know about these apps to lock pictures to keep a check at their child’s activities and guide them regarding the same.

Some Applications to Lock Pictures


The application allows the users to hide private pictures, videos that you do not want to be otherwise visible in your gallery. Also, this app to lock pictures is easy to use with various exciting features. One can only access the images and the other data available in the vault through usual PIN, fingerprints, or pattern locks.

KeepSafe Lock Picture App

And when an intruder tries to check the device, the application has a feature to click selfie along with the time and date of unsuccessful logging. One, however, needs to take a premium for using extended features for this app to lock pictures.


The app provides the safest means to lock the images that will no longer be available in the gallery for public viewing. One can easily click pictures instantly while using the application and save them on the spot. Also, while using this app to lock pictures, one can unlock it using fingerprints or even by shaking the cell phone.


By the use of these applications, you cannot take a backup of these images. One can take a premium version of the app for using the extended features and higher privacy. With the premium versions, one can even set up fake logins.

Secret Calculator

This application looks similar to the calculator, but behind this working calculator, one can easily hide the images and videos that you wish to conceal. From gif, videos, to URL, pictures, and more, you can set up a four-digit password for this app to lock pictures. And to maintain high security, one can set pattern locks as well as touch ID that helps in maximizing safety.

secret calculator

Also, the application helps in maintaining privacy at various levels. You can set privacy with passwords, use decoy mode, lock at album level, and photo level separately. Moreover, the application allows the videos locked in the vault to be edited, cropped, or even make the slow-motion video.

Private Photo Vault

This app to lock pictures is used by the kids to secure images. A PIN protects the photos and also includes security features in case of handset lost. While your child is using this photo vault, you will not be stealthily able to look into it as it takes the selfie of the intruder in the real-time.

Private Photo Vault

Moreover, this application has features that allow users with an editing picture. One can easily edit the images, set their brightness and contrast inside the app to lock photos before sending them to the concerned person. Moreover, the application has a web browser that is inbuilt and allows users to download and save the images available online.

Secret Photo Album

This app to lock pictures helps the users to have access to browse anything online without the fear of getting the history recorded. One can also save the images directly into the application protected by a password. Moreover, the app protects the pictures through PIN, pattern, and for better security through Face ID.

Secret Photo Album

This app to lock pictures has a decoy feature. This feature allows the users to set a fake password in case someone wants to have access to your hidden stuff. Moreover, the application supports MMS and email directly from the app.

Why should parents be aware of these apps to lock pictures?

Your child might start using this application and will also want to keep his stuff private. These images can be nudes that can even drag your kids into teen porn without you getting to know about it. Although the privacy of your child should be respected, guiding your child about the inappropriate use of smartphones is a must to protect them from the danger.

danger of lock picture app

If your child is using these apps to locks pictures, you should be aware of the potential danger it might have on his mental well being. He might fall into a trap and be indulged in any one of the following activities:

Nude selfies

Teenage is the age when your child feels attracted to the opposite gender. Also, they will try and keep them attractive enough to be liked by everybody. Clicking selfies, dressing to impress becomes a part of their daily routine. But when you give your child the freedom to use their phones, they can even click and send nude selfies to gather the attention. Moreover, these apps to lock pictures will help them to prevent you from having a look at these images.

Teen porns

teen porns

Predators in the online world are always ready to interfere with the peace of your mind. Your child can easily be a focus to such eyes to spoil your reputation using their stuff. If your teen is using the apps to lock pictures, you should know that he is not hiding any wrong thing there. With the need to earn money, children these days are seen participating in teen porn by sharing their images.

Bad Company

It is not always your kid at fault, but also the company he keeps. The social media network these days has stuff that can be easily accessed by all without any age barrier. Reckless use of whatsapp, Facebook, and other related applications can give your child access to unwanted information that is shared among various groups.

From the fear of you know about his company, the child might hide the images in these apps to lock pictures.

Surfing Irrelevant Information

As already stated, some of the apps to lock pictures also give the feature of a secret browser. These browsers allow users to surf recklessly without the fear of any recorded history. Your child can check the adult content available openly on the World Wide Web. It is not apt for his age as it can affect mental health.

What can parents do if they find the child use These Applications?

When you find your child using these applications in their devices, you can follow the following:

Guide them the potential dangers

Provide Guide for Kids

Parents need to spare some time from their daily schedule to guide their child about what is right and whatnot. Also, they should plan some outing and play dates with their kids to make them feel more connected to the family. It will help them avoid the unwanted social circle and keep them protected.

Keep a Check at the Child cell Phone using Parental Control Apps: FamiSafe.

FamiSafe Parental Control

FamiSafe is a reliable application that helps the parents to know the social media whereabouts and the activities of their child. One can sit remotely and check what operations your child is performing on his device. Other than this, parents can set timers, lock the use of certain websites and applications to prevent their child from following the wrong path. Some of the features of the app are:

Activity Report

Parents can check the activity of their children with their cell phones. Also, this feature helps the parents to monitor the daily app usage of the child. One can quickly check the number of times and the duration for which the child actively used the app on his smart device.

App Blocking

It is yet another feature of FamiSafe with which you can block the usage of unwanted apps from the targeted phone. Your child will not be able to look into these apps and can be saved. And not only this, but you can also set these filters on the use of various websites to assure that only quality content is surfed.

Browsing History and Suspicious Images

FamiSafe Web HistoryFamiSafe Suspicious Photo

With FamiSafe, you can keep a check at the browsing history of the targeted device. By growing through this, you can quickly come to know if your child has downloaded any vault or app to lock pictures. Moreover, this feature can useful even after the deletion of history.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Parents must keep a close check at the activities of their children on their cellphones. Also, they should be timely guided by the regular use of their devices. At the same time, parents must be aware of these apps to lock pictures so that they can take appropriate and timely action to help their kids come out of the danger.

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