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How Parental Control App Lightens Helicopter Parent’s Burden

How Parental Control App helps

How Parental Control App Lightens Helicopter Parents’ Burden?

1. What is Helicopter Parenting?


Isn’t it amazing how you turn out to be precisely the kind of parent you swore you’ll never become? Before you had kids, you might have been pretty sure that you’ll never become a helicopter parent.

After all, you might have grown up running free, coming home only for lunch and dinner. That safe environment is no-longer the in thing nowadays. So, parents have to up their games concerning safeguarding their children.

But somewhere along the wire between trying to be supportive, positive parent and a hovering parent, helicopter parenting got across. And even more embarrassing, it might not have crossed your mind that you’re a helicopter parent. So, let’s start from the basis.

What’s helicopter parenting?

It is parenting with extremely close attention to a child’s experience and problems. And it goes to extreme extents of getting so obsessed with children that parents consistently hover around them, making choices for their kids, and smother them.

The term helicopter describes the parenting pattern of hovering over a child all the time. There are several versions of helicopter parents like lawnmower parents and bulldozer parenting.

2. Why many parents become helicopter parents?

It begins innocently by wanting children to stay safe. Then it goes too fast. Without even fully realizing, many parents are doing a good deal of helicoptering in their home.

Here are the most common triggers of helicopter parenting.

I. The Aim of Keeping Children Safe


Sometimes you’ll need to intervene for your child—to innocently help your kid get good grades, to protect him emotionally so that he doesn’t get hurt or even fight his battles.

While there is no problem with helping out on these, many parents overdo it. They seek opportunities, make decisions, and problem-solve for their sons and daughter—things that a kid of their age can do for themselves.

II. Parent’s Ego Gets Along

It isn’t rare to find many parents identifying their personhood with their children’s. They start to see their children failure and success as their own. They begin to over-parent as they want their children to succeed.

But when you emphasize on achievements and progress alone, it is easy to forget that failure is a necessary part of life and a way to learn from mistakes, your parenting might end up being detrimental to your child.

III. Need For Control

Even when a child is growing older, some parents still think that their child as their baby and feel that they need to control every aspect of their life. Being a control freak is problematic whether you can’t stand the thought of your child making mistakes or the fear that your child won’t make sound decisions. It would be difficult to give him/her freedom.

3. Effects of helicopter parents to the kids

There are hundreds of effects of helicopter parent to kids. But let’s focus on the 4 most common.

I. Interferes with Nurturing Independence in Children

Yes, it is challenging to send your child out in a hostile world, knowing he or she may fail, face ridicule, and struggle. But here is a brutal fact:

Children must struggle to grow and learn. Saving them from the battles may only means that they’ll face even more challenges down the road.

II. Lack of Self-Regulation Skills

Helicopter kids don’t grow up with as much free time as other kids. Their time is highly structured, and their time is usually under regulation.

Without time and opportunity to practice managing themselves, they lack the skills to reach their goal. Mostly, adults who grew up with helicopter parents are less likely to possess the mental skills to control their minds and the motivation they need to succeed.

Helicopter children grow up to procrastinate, and they lack the initiative and motivation needed to succeed.

III. Anxiety and Depression

Helicopter parent can be overly intrusive, imposing unrealistic expectations on their kids. A kid might grow excessively critical of themselves. Getting too hard on themselves could put them at risk of anxiety and depression. This gives children the wrong impression that they aren’t good enough at what they do.

Fear of making even the slightest mistake always creeps in.

IV. It Strips Confidence Out of a Child

The over involvements of parent makes a child believe that their parent will not like anything if they do something independently. This strips confidence and self-esteem out of the child.

Lack of confidence limits the child’s creativity, ability to solve problems, ability to build the inner strength, and the opportunity to figure out what’s making them happy.

4. Other types of parenting parents should know

Other than Helicopter Parents, there are different types of parenting parents that usually backfires.

I. Lawnmower parents

These are parents who aim at mowing down every obstacle that might be in their kids’ way so that they’ll go through life without experiencing anything remotely unpleasant.

II. Elephant parents

Elephant parent is one that is very nurturing and protective to her offspring, especially in the earliest stage of their life.

III. Bulldozer parents

A bulldozer parent is one that removes everything out of the way so that his/her child doesn’t have to experience anything challenging or hard. The result is that the children end up with anxiety and lack the confidence to deal with complicated issues that comes their way.

5. How to Deal with Helicopter Parents with Parental Control App FamiSafe?


After reading all of the above, you might think, “Well, I can as well let my child grow the way s/he wants to.”But no, it is a wild world out there. And there is a lot to protect your child from.

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  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

If you fail to keep a closer eye on your child, you risk getting prosecuted or the custody of your child given to other people.

And there is a smarter way to monitor your child without being a helicopter parent. You can tap into the power of parental control app.

a. Introducing FamiSafe

FamiSafe is parental control software that aims at helping you execute parental control without hovering over your kid every time. The parental tool is excellently knitted with nearly all the utilities that you can execute as a parent on your kid.

Some of the reasons parents opt for FamiSafe include;

Location Tracking

FamiSafe gives parents the ability to keep track of their kids’ location at all times. This is a great help in cases of emergencies that your child may find themselves in. Furthermore, the App gives you all the location history of the target phone and so, it becomes easy to know everything at the flick of your phone.

Browser History and Web Filter

Check kids daily browse history even when they delete it or use the incognito mode.

The app offers parents superpowers that are nearly impossible to bypass no matter how smart the kid is. It non-oppressively gives you all the web history and presents web filters that you can remotely help kids keep away from online gamble, porn, violence, or other potential risks by websites blocking or automatic web filter.

Screen Time & Smart Schedule

The best way to mentor your child is to put time limit on some specific activities. This App lets you set screen time durations that gives your child limits for playing, sleeping or studying altogether.

App Blocker

Just imagine the kind of staff that your child could be watching in your absence. FamiSafe is here to help you put a control over what your child accesses over the internet. This feature lets you block any unhealthy applications or eve control time apps as pre defined by you.

6. Conclusion

True, it is getting challenging to strike a balance between expressing parental love and avoiding being a helicopter parent. But for you to parent right, it requires you to keep an eye your children now—their stressors, strength—and another eye on the adult you’re trying to raise.

In blunt words, it means letting your child struggle, allow them to get disappointed, and when a failure occurs get handy to help them. It means letting your child execute tasks they’re mentally and physically capable.

And a parental control app can do the hard work to ease the Helicopter Parent burden. You won’t require hovering around your children to protect them.

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