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10 Best Lego Sets for Kids

Best Lego Sets for Kids

The Lego Group has produced more than 560 billion LEGO parts. Lego sets come in a range of colors and sizes, allowing kids to design beautiful models without requiring skills. Let's look at why children are in love with Lego sets.

best lego for kids

Why Do Kids Love Lego?

Lego for kids provides the perfect blend of function and fun. They help children to express themselves and flex their creative muscles. What's more? They are a fun activity that allows kids to explore their abilities. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the reasons why kids love Lego sets.

why do kids love lego

  • Help Kids to Learn a Lot Through Play: Kids have short attention spans. Lego sets are the best way to introduce kids to basic social concepts. They encourage them to be curious. They also introduce them to the STEM concept without their knowledge. In the end, they get to learn and retain a lifetime of knowledge.
  • Comes With Easy-to-Understand Directions: LEGO for kids comes with visual instructions that allow kids to learn how to use the toys. Kids can now build creative arts as long as they learn to follow directions.
  • LEGO Sets Feature Characters That Kids Love: Lego for kids consists of sets that have popular fun characters. You can buy Lego sets with characters that your child admires. For example, DC Comics and Disney Junior.
  • Kids Love Adventure and Experimentation: Lego sets provide kids with a chance to experiment with the things they have always been dreaming of. Many kids love the idea of creating their art. In most cases, kids need to be creative to solve problems.

Why Parents Should Get a Lego Set for Their Kids?

Lego sets are a great tool that allows kids to be creative while having fun. They help kids develop life-changing skills. Below are some of the benefits of getting a Lego set for your kid.

1. Encourages Individuality and Develops Confidence:

Kids become confident when they discover new talents. When they are building a car or creating a house, this makes them feel proud of their abilities. As a result, they can try out other activities without fear of rejection or failure. Unlike schoolwork, they don't have to worry about assessments that determine their ability.

2. Encourages Kids to Follow Instructions:

Kids must learn to listen and follow instructions if they want to be successful in the future. Lego sets need kids to follow the instructions to the latter if they want to complete the process. They also need to be keen and attentive. A child who accepts guidance and instruction is likely to be receptive.

3. Kids Learn to Reason and Solve Problems:

Lego for children teaches them to deal with problems. The instructions help kids to understand how to build objects. If they fail to follow the instructions, the results will be different. This is essential since they will sharpen their cognitive skills.

4. Fosters Creativity:

One of the ways to encourage your child to be creative is to build Lego sets. They come with building instructions that can produce different results. A child needs to figure out how to follow the instructions from start to finish. They can alter some parts of the instructions and try out another idea in their mind.

5. Reduce the Usage of Digital Devices:

Kids can get hooked to digital devices and forget about their schoolwork. Getting your kid a Lego set will help to keep them away from their digital devices. If you want to reduce your kids' usage of digital devices, you can also use FamiSafe. Let's look at two of its useful features that parents can use to restrict their kid's digital devices usage:

  • Screen Time Limit: FamiSafe allows you to set a screen time limit that you think is appropriate for your children. Their digital devices will shut down and they can't use them when the time limit you had set elapses. You can use your phone to unlock your kid's device remotely when you think it's okay for them to use it.
  • App Blocking Feature: The app also allows you to easily block applications that you think are not suitable for your kids. What's the best part? You can set time-based restrictions on your child's digital device so that they can only use a certain app when you want them to.
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10 Best Lego Sets for Kids in 2023

Every year, The Lego Group unveils new sets that combine other brands, top-name franchises, and the popular traditional series. Here are some of the best Lego sets for kids in 2023.

1. LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

This collection consists of up to 500 Lego bricks and pieces of various colors and sizes. It comes with a set of instructions for small models. The LEGO classic medium creative brick box is ideal for young kids since it does not have a lot of details. LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box costs $34.99.

lego for kids - lego classic medium creative brick box

2. LEGO City Sky Police Jet Patrol

The LEGO City Sky Police Jet Patrol is ideal for preschool children. It comes with 54 pieces that your child can use to build a cool police airplane. The set is easy and fun to build. Suitable for children who are 4 years and below, it will cost you $27.24 to get your kid LEGO City Sky Police Jet Patrol.

lego for kids - LEGO City Sky Police Jet Patrol

3. LEGO City Garage Center

Designed to be easy and fun for youngsters and preschoolers, LEGO City Garage Center allows kids to build three vehicles and three small structures. The vehicles include a tow truck, sports car, and a gas tanker. Snapping the cars together is a breeze since they have a big piece that acts as the base. The structures available for kids to build include a mechanic's garage, car wash, and gas pump. The price of this Lego set is $59.98; it's ideal for kids since it requires them to focus to complete the process.

4. Lego City Ice-Cream Truck

The Lego set consists of 200 pieces. Your kids can build a dog and ice cream scoops. For beginners, it is easy to build a vibrant ice cream truck as long as they follow the instructions to the latter. It's suitable for kids who are aged 5 or older. The price of this set is $17.99.

5. Lego Ideas Tree House

This Lego for kids consists of over 3,000 pieces. It's ideal for parents who want to teach their kids patience and perseverance. The Lego ideas Treehouse allows kids to build a working crane. It can lift the cabin roofs and the basket from the ground. The price of the kit and construction set is $306.99.

6. Lego Gingerbread House

The Lego Gingerbread House consists of over 1,470 Lego pieces. The sets can build a fireplace, a candy-filled exterior, and candy-style furniture. Kids can also build a gingerbread family to live in the gingerbread house. It will cost you $147.55 to get this set. You should get your kid Lego Gingerbread House because it will help them to be creative.

7. LEGO Friends City Park Café

The price of this playset is $91.31, and it consists of 22 pieces. It features many things that kids learn from their neighborhood cafe. The available blocks come in a variety of new colors that capture the attention of children. Kids can learn a few things about colors and shapes when they complete the building process.

lego for kids - LEGO friends city park cafe

8. LEGO Minecraft The Zombie Cave

The Lego Minecraft pieces re-create a cave that Minecraft players can recognize. Kids who love the Minecraft video game will find it easy to come with a creative piece of art from the available Lego pieces. It will cost you $36.99 to get this set. LEGO Minecraft The Zombie Cave is good for kids because it helps to boost their creativity.

lego for kids - LEGO Minecraft The Zombie Cave

9. Lego Police Patrol Boat

Lego Police Patrol Boat is suitable for kids who are between 5 and 12 years. It costs $196.49 and comes with 200 pieces to build the police patrol boat. The game features a mini-figure of a policeman, policewoman, and male and female crooks. It's also inclusive of two boats that consist of a cell that is easy to break. One of the boats belongs to the police and has a functional brick spotlight. The playsets deliver exhilarating play scenarios depicting real life, making it fun for kids.

lego for kids - Lego Police Patrol Boat

10. Lego Classic Creative Building Set

If you can see a future architect in your child, this is the perfect Lego set for them. It costs $39.99 and comes with up to 583 Lego pieces. Additionally, it comes in 41 different and attractive colors. What's more? The kit has special elements, such as windows, doors, and wheels. Gift your child with this playset and watch them unleash their creativity.

lego for kids - Lego Classic Creative Building Set

While Lego for kids is a great way to keep your child off the digital world, you can also use FamiaSafe to restrict their device usage. In turn, this will ensure that your child concentrates on school.

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