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8 Useful Highway Driving Tips for Teenage Drivers

Highway Driving Tips for Teenagers

hightway driving tips

Driving on the highway is very different than driving in your similar vicinity. Plus, a teenager who has just learned how to drive could be both excited and nervous all the time. Both for the parents and the teen, it could be a daunting task to know all the tips while driving. Whether you are driving on the highway for the first time, or you would like to improve your driving skills on the highway, these eight highway driving tips that we are going to talk about are going to help you.

What is the difference between driving on city roads and highways?

Your country can have all sorts of roads. If you are used to driving in a city, you know that someday you might have to take out the car and go on the highway. If you are planning for a long drive on a new highway, first get to know the difference between city roads and highways.

City Roads

hightway driving tips - city roads

  1. City roads are always filled with all sorts of vehicles when you are driving during peak hours. You know that everyone has at least one car to drive. This means, if you are planning to go out in the city, the roads will be filled with buses, trucks, cars, and even bikes. In case you decide to drive your vehicles during peak hours, be ready to encounter colossal traffic.
  2. Different cities have different set car speed limits. And before you take out your car on the road, it makes sense to know about the car speed limit on the car once. Most of the city areas will have a 30mph speed limit, while others can have a 20mph speed limit. You must know your speed limit of your city, and not violate them.
  3. City roads are usually broader. You will see tons of buildings and street lights as well. In some parts of the cities, you might even come across under construction zones as well. The advantage of city roads is that they are more well-maintained and there will be signs all over the places as well.

Highway Roads

useful hightway driving tips

  1. Highway roads, on the other hand, are unpredictable. You may come across some exciting companions as well. You may see a herd of sheep walking gently on the road. And sometimes, you may see a deer crossing the highway too. You need to be more patient when it comes to the highway roads because you never know what you may across.
  2. When it comes to highways, the speed limit will usually be more. It will be around 60mph; however, it is not necessary to drive at 60mph only. You must slow down when it comes to nighttime highway road driving. It's for your safety. Even if highway roads are less prone to causalities, but if it happens, they are usually more fatal.
  3. Highways sometimes have tight spaces and even blind corners. If you ignore the type of highway road you are driving your car on, you might encounter specific problems. Some highway roads can have potholes, ditches, and even covered in thick mud. As much as you need to pay attention while driving on the city roads, you need to double your attention while driving on highway roads.

Eight useful highway driving tips for beginner

While accelerating, accelerate slowly

Because highways are mostly free roads, your teenage child might feel tempted to slam on the gas pedal. But this is what your child needs to keep in mind while driving on the highway. Self-control is vital. If you accelerate slowly, the car's engine will perform much better.

Try to hold the wheel steadily

hightway driving tips - hold the wheel steadily

When you steer smoothly, you get to have better control over your car. Have control over the wheels, especially when you take turns.

Brake gently always

Just like accelerating slowly, the break needs to be taken care of quickly. New drivers are more prone to slam the pedal when they are uncomfortable. If you see the traffic lights turning yellow, start applying breaks smoothly to don't feel the sudden jerk.

Maintain a safe speed

hightway driving tips - maintain a safe speed

Another thing that new drivers should have control over is their driving speed. Speed gives you a thrill, we get it, but how much rate should you apply is something that you need to pay attention to. Stick to the speed limits of the highway and city both. The safety of your life is in your hands. Don't play with it.

Keep following a reasonable distance

hightway driving tips - following a reasonable distance

You will be followed by, and even you will follow certain cars on the road. You need to know about the proper distance that you need to maintain when you are behind a vehicle. First-timers will have slower reaction times. However, the more you drive, the better you will become when it comes to keeping a reasonable distance from one car to another.

Take a look at the road signs

hightway driving tips - take a look at road signs

Road signs will be everywhere. There will be pavement marking and safety signals. Just because you are feeling confident, doesn't mean you will ignore these signs. These signs are there on the highway for a reason, hence be warned about them.

Stick and choose your lane carefully

Whether you need to change your lane or stick to one lane, you need to know your lane. If you need to take the next lane, do it way early to avoid unnecessary cutting off the next driver behind you. The left lane you have allows other people to pass through or for left exists. Suppose you are driving on the highway, better to drive in the middle lane. That's the safest.


While driving, use blinkers whenever necessary. When you communicate through different signals, the vehicles behind you get to understand your next move. Plus, use the horns when required too to warn other cars that you are right behind them.

FamiSafe – an app for teenage highway driving review for parents.

If you are worried about your child's driving behavior or want to be 100% sure that they are safe when they take out their car or your car on the highway, make sure to get a parental app that will give you all the alerts. One such app that you can count on is FamiSafe. This fantastic app's all-new drive safety feature will provide you with a thorough report on your child's driving behavior. You will get to know how many times your child has used hard brakes and their speed limit. This way, you will be able to advise them better when it comes to driving safely.

highway driving tips - famisafe driving report

Here are some of the features that you should know about

Top Speed

You know that there is a said speed limit when it comes to driving on the highway and city. Even if the road is a lot clearer and there will be fewer cars following your child's car, it doesn't mean the driver should bypass the highway's car speed limit. Learn from the top speed, and get to know their speed while they were driving.

Average Driving Speed

Another useful feature of FamiSafe lets you know about your child's average driving speed on the road. You will get a detailed report about this as well. Through this, you will get to know the average driving speed. If they are going too fast, you can talk to them and explain why driving too quickly can be a severe threat to their lives.

Hard Brakes information

Like we said in the tips, the smoother the break will be, the better the car will perform. Plus, your child will be in a safer place too. Get information about the number of times your child has used hard brakes.

Over Speeding

FamiSafe will send you a notification whenever your child is over speeding. Over speeding on highway and city roads can have severe repercussions.

Through these reviews, you can stay alert and get to know your child's driving behavior. Make your child understands the importance of the mentioned above highway driving tips.

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Reckless driving will take your child nowhere. We understand that driving gives a sense of freedom, but freedom comes with some responsibilities. Reckless driving doesn't only put your child's life in danger, but the people around them are also equally in danger. Download FamiSafe to get a detailed report about your child's driving behavior, and teach them the importance of good driving.

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