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Top 8 Science Podcasts for Kids Who Love Asking Questions

Let These Science Podcasts Answer Your Kids' Question

Parents of smart children know that many kids love asking a heap load of questions. The kids are incredibly curious about the world and tend to soak up knowledge and information like a sponge. Science podcasts for kids that answer these questions may offer refuge for the parents who struggle to deal with questions' bombardment. Most podcasts aren't shaped with kids in mind. But, there are still enough available for your kids to enjoy.

Podcasts are a fantastic tool for kids. Audio is creative, easy to absorb, and you don't need to "make time" to hear a podcast — the prime listening time is when you're in a car or doing household chores. There are plenty of educational TV shows and apps for kids, and now there is a rise of podcasts for kids.

We've combed through the best science podcasts available for kids and curated a list of the top 8.

science podcasts for kids

How to Deal with Kids Who Love to Ask Questions?

One of the favorite questions kids tend to ask may very well be "Why?" They are new to this world and are, much like adults, unsure of its purpose and meaning. The kids wish to know why things matter and why things are the way they are. By asking the parents special questions, kids are piecing together knowledge in order to increase their understanding and make sense of the world. The same theory works when kids try new things out and experience stuff for the first time. Kids are constantly growing the essential skills they require to make a place in this world.

As your child grows up, they understand that there are so many beautiful things around them, and thus specific questions are a way of discovering more about the world they occupy. For a little child who is still getting to terms with the world, everything may be strange and overwhelming. Hence, there is a need to understand.

The never-ending "why" questions may become cumbersome and frustrating to answer, and at times parents do not know the answers to all those questions. Fortunately, parents can use specific strategies to have more productive dialogues with children when they attack them with topics.

One solution is to answer the questions simply. It teaches both of your patience and is a good bonding practice. and try to make your answer include a return question. "How do you consider that?" "Why do you ask?" "What do you understand about it?" "What do you believe is like that?" "What would you do?" Make them think and create, not just collect information. Engaging them in a discussion makes a great bonding experience.

If you become tired of answering questions every time, then make a list.

A list that has the unanswerable questions that come up throughout the week. You can draft the list in a journal, on your smartphone's notes app, on a sheet of paper posted on the fridge, or even a creative little board taped to the child's bedroom wall. On the weekend, you and your child can take the list of questions and discuss them together while going through books or the internet.

Children may want an immediate answer, but you have the power to postpone answering a question until a more suitable time. The child may learn patience, and you can find a way to explain it to them adequately without being on a time crunch.

Another great way for you to imbue knowledge with your kids is through the media. Television shows, radio shows, and podcasts can be a great way for kids to understand the material while simultaneously enjoying the content. Podcasts can be a viable option because once kids get into podcasts, they really get into them. New research from the podcast "Brains On!" and the Science Museum of Minnesota of kids 3 to 17 and adults age 18 and over has determined that 73 percent of audiences have heard an episode at least two times. The study found that kids' podcasts are a bonding time for kids and parents where it has become part of the family routine.

Top 8 Science Podcasts for Kids

1. Wow in the World

This is hands down a very popular podcast for kids right now. It is produced by NPR, which is cleverly written and hosted by the brilliant Guy Roz and fun Mindy. Every week they teach kids something different and interesting about the world we live in. A notable episode is A Dog's Nose Always Knows, about just how influential a dog's sense of smell is.

science podcasts for kids - wow in the world

2. But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

We were mentioning those pesky "why" questions a while ago on this post. This podcast has the answer to all of those "Why" questions that kids are so keen on asking. They feature science experts and have kids come on the show to ask them questions. It is a great podcast to satisfy those curious minds.

science podcasts for kids - but why

3. The Show About Science

On his podcast, The Show About Science, 6-year-old Nate Butkus interviews scientists about how the world runs. The kid is smart and inquisitive and makes a surprisingly good interviewer. All of your kid's science questions will be met through this podcast, where topics from space to the ocean are discussed.

science podcasts for kids - the show about science

4. Houston We Have A Podcast

Many people think of NASA when the word Houston comes to mind. And this podcast from NASA Johnson Space Center will be a treat for your kid that's obsessed with space. Each week, they explain something great about space exploration and life in space. It's not technically a kid's show, but it's full of entertaining facts, uses clean language, and the conversations are easy enough to understand for an elementary school-aged kid.

science podcasts for kids - Houston We Have A Podcast

5. Tumble

For more sciency-fun, you can go to Tumble. The topics on this podcast are thought-provoking and interesting for all ages. The topics cover how science works, the hits along the way to knowledge, and how we discovered what we know. Your kids are sure to enjoy the episodes on dark energy and antimatter, vomiting cyborgs, whale sharks, dinosaurs, and more!

science podcasts for kids - tumble

6. Brains On!

Brains On! is a household name for the podcasts that are for science lovers. It is produced by Minnesota Public Radio, where each episode is co-hosted by a kid. The podcast features interviews, science-related songs, and there is not a deficiency of interesting topics.

science podcasts for kids - brains on

7. Meanwhile in the Future

This is a program from Gizmodo that talks about science, technology, and scenarios about the future. Scenarios that may or may not occur and how the changes would affect the rest of us. What if the Earth stopped revolving around the sun? What if all viruses become immune to antibiotics? What if a supernova happened in the Milky Way? It may be a bit scary for the younger kids, but it makes an awe-inspiring session for the older kids.

science podcasts for kids - Meanwhile in the Future

8. Imaginary Worlds

Imaginary Worlds is a science fiction podcast. It features science fanatic Eric Molinsky who discusses every corner of science fiction experience and talks to experts to get at the more mysterious truth behind the fiction. Similar to Meanwhile in the Future, Imaginary Worlds is a podcast that is more suitable for older kids who are interested in science fiction.

science podcasts for kids - Imaginary Worlds

FamiSafe and How it Can Monitor Your Child’s Podcast Experience

Loving science and wanting to learn more about how it works is a great thing. And for a kid to show that passion is very promising. Curious minds should be cultivated.

And science podcasts are a golden way to do so without causing any eyestrain on your children. Not all nerds need to wear glasses. But podcasts can soon become exhausting and draining. They require sharpened concentration, and a constant stream of conversation may be damaging for young ears that are still growing and developing.

This is where Famisafe comes in to help parents keep tabs on how much their child is spending time listening to podcasts, and how they can set limits.

FamiSafe can help you get hold of a child’s activity report on their gadget, and aid you in making a “Smart Schedule” for incorporating suitable podcast timings.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting
  • App Blocker: Block unwanted apps or games on the kid's device prevent kids from overusing the apps. If you think your kid has listened to the podcasts for long hours, then you can block it to protect their hearing.
  • Screen Time: Kids may also use the devices while listening to podcasts. Parents can use Screen Time to check the digital device usage and set up restrictions remotely.
  • Smart Schedule: Set up schedules for different occasions, allowing your kids to use the podcast apps at a certain period of the day. It is useful when it comes to preventing kids from going to sleep with their headphones on.

What we found is that kids are enthusiastic podcast listeners, and science podcasts for kids are amongst their favorites. The lack of a prototype has produced unbelievable creativity across the field. Science podcasts for kids are created by everyone, from experienced audio professionals to a radio host and inquisitive kids.

So try these shows out on your everyday school commute, long road trips, and even before slumber time. Kids love to hear some episodes multiple times and tell others what they've discovered.

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