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What does Pmoys Mean? Parent's Guide to Kid's Texting Language

Know Your Kid's Texting Language

If your kid has a smartphone, likelihoods are they spend numerous hours daily on text as well as social media. When you explore what your kids are doing on there, you can get several innocent “Snapstreaking,” numerous hilarious Buzzfeed videos, and a lot of letters plus numbers such as Pymos.

The question is, what does Pymos mean? It means "Put me on your Snapchat’’. Usually, acronyms consist of the first letter of numerous words. In direct messaging, individuals change common phrases with text codes or acronyms. Some further examples are:

  • LOL = laugh out loud
  • TYSM = thank you so much
  • GR8 = great
  • IRL = in real life
  • L8R = later

what does pmoys mean

Although the majority of these terms are entirely innocent, some kid safety specialists advise there can be in excess of encounters the eye with texting codes. A lot of weird texting languages may double as code for miserable thoughts, intimidation, sex, and pills.

“The risks are high, and parents require new ways to protect their kids from the detrimental side effects of online communication,” says the CEO of Bark. As stated by the National Institute of Mental Health, recklessness is the second chief cause of death for teens.

In current years, the issue of teen suicide has become a significant point to consider because of technology growth. What’s the bottom line? You must know the numerous texting codes like Pymos to protect your kids from the harmful influences of technology.

So what does Pymos mean?

Pymos is originated on Snapchat. It belongs to Snapchat texting codes. This acronym has been used since 2013. It achieved maximum usage in 2016, then people were infuriated by this acronym and expressed the wish for it to no more usage. But, people still use it on the site. Here’s the deal:

pmoys meaning

Pymos refers to “put me on your story.” Individuals use it usually once the friend request anybody on Snapchat when they need to add them to their story to get admiration on the social media site. They will frequently include an image of themselves complemented by this acronym. Other acronyms in this category are:

  • Streaks

A Snapstreak is represented with a fire emoji following the number of days some individuals have snapped each other to and fro. "If you as well as your companion don't send a Snapchat in a day, you will be unable to find your Snapstreaks.

  • GAS

Nothing linked to gasoline, the term "GAS” stands for "Good Afternoon streaks." What’s more, for people who send streak snaps numerous times daily, it is significant to distinguish the streaks.

  • SO

SO means "shoutout.’’ People use this acronym while calling out anybody suitably.

  • OOTD

OOTD is an approach to show off a collection. It means "outfit of the day," besides, the attention of the snap is the clothing.

  • Snapchat Fam

Your fans on Snapchat are your family, and once a user mentions to their "Snapchat fam," this means that they are talking to all of their followers.

What are the other types of texting code?

1. Teen Texting Code

  • Swoop is an acronym that people use to get rid of someone. The youngster is requesting to be swooped up by anybody to go anywhere.
  • Thot comes from rap music and stands for, “That hoe over there.” Additionally, it is a pejorative word which people use to call anyone a slut.
  • 4:20 stands for smoking weed. Its background goes back to an assembly of friends that come across after college to smoke at 4:20 pm. Additional meaning to 4:20 is April 20, an amazing day for people who wish to party and eat cannabis.
  • Low Key is used to designate a youngster who is somewhat involved in someone.
  • High Key means once a youngster is very interested in someone.

2. Social Media Texting Code

  • LMP is a word that stands for “Like My Pic.” Youngsters request for likes to Instagram posts to indicate their reputation, and when they do not obtain sufficient likes, they will remove the image.
  • 11:11 is a prevalent time as numerous people believe it is a suitable period to make a wish. Moreover, several teens will get a screenshot of the time, then let their fans recognize who their love is.
  • Spam is a forged social media account frequently used for cyberbullying, also known as the common social media word for a Finsta.
  • Shading is a passive-aggressive type of cyberbullying, where youngsters talk about the alternative party without specifying the party; however, everybody sees who it is. Additionally, it is a common social media word for sub-tweeting.

3. Teen Sexting Code

  • Smash refers to have unplanned sex. This term is frequently used in memes and games on social media.
  • Bae is the word for somebody a teen has affection with.
  • BMS means “Breaks My Scale.” People use this term while rating anybody. A young female can send her colleague a message declaring that an adorable guy BMS.
  • Thirsty means someone is anxious or needs something. Generally, this is in orientation to anybody who desperately desires to be adored or have masculinity.
  • Beat cake means engaging someone in rough sex. Youngsters try to avoid recognized sexual words by using inoffensive cooking terms as an alternative. They deliberate these terms will not become flagged as unsuitable.

What should parents be aware of when their kids are using sexting code

Parents of teenagers must be conscious that a diverse “language” kids use in messaging and CPU texts that show potentially unsafe conversation, forces and parenting specialists say. Here’s the deal:

1. Know the meaning of each code.

Knowing sneaky sexting codes can aid parents to become familiar with potential smartphone and computer use matters with their kids. Frequently used sexting codes are:

  • 8: Oral sex
  • PAL: Parents are listening
  • 9, CD9: Parents are nearby
  • PAW: Parents are watching
  • ASL: Age, sex, location
  • IPN: I am posting naked
  • RUH: Are you horny?
  • 53X: Sex
  • RU/18: Are you above 18?
  • WTTI: Want to trade images?

2. Keep a close eye on sensitive code like XXXX, XXXX.

If you are looking for approaches to track your kid's whereabouts or bothered to dive into the sexting deception, then you must know all the risks related and a simple, relaxed solution on how to solve this issue.

You should respect the secrecy of your children. Simultaneously, you must speak to them about subtle problems like these. You should make them conscious of the hazards and should teach them about the consequences. But here’s the kicker:

There are several mobile apps accessible online that impose parental regulation over the kid's mobile. Some perform well while the others are useless. If you desire you get your kid's activities on their phone devices, you can install such apps on their mobiles and comprehend their behavior. Now:

FamiSafe is an app for Android, iOS, Fire OS, Windows, and Mac devices, which can aid you to safeguard your kid from several online and offline hazards like teen sexting, bribery, sexual harassment, etc. FamiSafe works perfectly and provides parental controls over the kid's mobile device.

In addition, you would have to install this app on your kid's app and yours. When installed and arranged, it can notice and warn you of unpleasant material in social applications on your kid's mobile. It can spot bullying and sexual content by using specific keywords and inform you of the same.

famisafe - explicit content detection

Furthermore, this app lets parents see if the kid has doubtful apps such as Private Photo Vault, Secret Calculator, and Secret Photo Album. This must ring in the primary fear bells, and you must tell your kid about the threats of teen Sexting.

Youngsters speak several new-age Internet idioms nowadays that's not calm for parents to know. FamiSafe having its dominant engine, also notices such slangs and informs parents of such mistrustful deeds.

Some of the sexting lingos are:

  • P911 - Parent Alert
  • GNOC - Get Naked On Camera
  • GYPO - Get Your Pants Off
  • CD9 - Parents Around

There are several other features in Famisafe that can be beneficial for you. Kindly feel free to install this app.

In addition to these valuable properties, FamiSafe also allows you to check your kid’s precise location using their mobile's GPS. This app also tells you the several places they have stayed to.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

3. Tips for parents to handle sexting

Some tips for parents to control sexting are:

  1. Have truthful conversations with your kids
  2. Don’t go without educating your kids about sex.
  3. Do not undertake that your kid will not send a naked snap.
  4. Talk over the dangers of sexting, comprising how they will feel if their snaps were sent.
  5. Be clear concerning the law & illegal concerns with your kids.
  6. Talk over their digital footprint.
  7. Clarify their digital nationality duties.

Commonly, acronyms contain the first letter of some words. People use text codes or acronyms during messaging. There are several text codes such as Pymos, LOL, GR8, L8R, etc. Pymos belongs to the Snapchat texting code. There are also other acronyms in this category like OOTD, GAS, SO, and Streak.

Parents should know that kids use secret “language” while doing messages that can indicate risky chat. Parents must know that kids can use many sexting codes in direct messaging. Thus, several apps can help parents identify what their kids are doing on their phone devices. FamiSafe can do similar things.

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