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Is Amazon Free Time Unlimited Worth It?

Amazon Free Time Unlimited Review

With that being said, the list of parental control apps all being used all over the world can go as long as we want, but the only issue which arises is to know which one is worth being subscribed to. Not every application is as effective and beneficial as it is described on the web and you may get confused while searching for the best option. Yet to know of the finest one for your family, you would have to look for detailed reviews and know all the necessary information you can.

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Every parental-control application comes in with its pros and cons, and for your children 's safety, you might need to think of everything that comes into your mind. Let us get you through with everything you would want to know about the Amazon Free Time unlimited.

What is amazon's free time and how it works?

Amazon Free Time unlimited is an excellent application specifically created for children aged 3 to 12 years. This application offers a massive collection of shows, films, movies, games, books and much more of children-friendly genres that children could access anytime they want to. As per the amazon free time-unlimited review online, we can clearly state some peculiar specifications of the application as follows:

Amazon Free Time

  • Each child in a household can have his/her separate profile on the same device they use.
  • It has parental controls to limit screen time limit and also to restrict access to specific categories or shows for their children.
  • In-app purchases can be restricted as well, to prevent children from buying anything useless.
  • Children can also be asked to enter a password before exiting any app to have complete supervision of their screen usage.

Customers have reviewed positively using this application worldwide with a list of extensive details of why the application was liked to such a large extent. Amazon Free Time Unlimited is a blend of security, encouragement and fun, all at once!

Functions of Amazon Free Time

By subscribing to Amazon Free Time Unlimited, you get multiple features for your children in one go. The features of the app can be described as follows:

Functions of Amazon Free Time

  • Your children will gain access to books of their favorite categories.
  • They will gain access to the movies and TV shows appropriate as per their age.
  • Children can entertain themselves as well as get some knowledge with the special Educational apps.
  • They can also spend their time playing parental-permitted child-friendly games.
  • And children can have access to audiobooks as well, if they aren't in any mood to read themselves.
  • Content available will be inclusive from all their favorite channels which includes Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon etc.
  • Parents can further enhance the security controls as per their children 's age, preferences, segmentation and screen time.
  • All of your children will have these features with one subscription to the same device.
  • The app is economical and budget-friendly for regular-waged families.
  • Parents can also set a bedtime lock for their children conveniently, which helps the device turn off at that time.

Amazon Free Time Unlimited Review

If we pursue providing an Amazon Free Time Unlimited Review, we may start by saying that this application efficiently provides security and safety measures to the parents. They won't have to be stressed about their children 's media usage anymore if they would have Amazon Free Time Unlimited enabled for their children. These parental controls help the parents to maintain a balance between fun and education for their children. Moreover, they can also prioritize educational goals by blocking the inappropriate content which they would not want their children to have access to. This is the best way to modify the screen usage for their children without a doubt.

Amazon Free Time Unlimited Review

Adding more to its features, the application is a very reasonable and affordable choice for families having a low income as well. Another good news is that if you are already an Amazon Prime member, then you will automatically get a discount offer for the app. But, considering if you are not you would still only be charged an estimate of $4.99 for a family of single child and $9.99 if you are a larger family of at least four members. Taking notice of the inflation nowadays, these prices do 't seem to be off the road yet they charge pretty much a very rational sum for families to be interested in this app.

However, there is nothing in the world that would have benefits but not limitations. And like everything, Amazon Free Time Unlimited also has some drawbacks which should be noted before considering the application for your family. First of all, subscribing to the app makes the content available for you but it is only available online which makes it useless for tours or long drives. Moreover, some customers have complained of the parental controls to work in an odd way which kind of disrupts the whole order of its working. So, we recommend you to be completely aware of everything before going on for it.

Are There Any Similar Apps?

Parental control apps are the new trend as such applications make it easier for parents to control their children 's routine without any supervising. We hereby introduce to a better yet a more efficient option to have if you are in need of a control app for your children. FamiSafe is a very reliable option for your household as it brings a great amount of surveillance for your children 's upbringing. This application helps you in an appraisable manner, with its following features:

FamiSafe - Features

  • Blocking inappropriate content for your children.
  • Setting up a specific screen time limit.
  • Classifying content as per your children 's age.
  • Tracking the location of your device wherever it is logged in
  • Keeping a record of your children 's activity thought-out the day
  • Getting text messages for warnings or alerts if your children might be doing any suspicious activity on the device
  • Keep their children away from the hazardous online streaming.

We assure you that you won 't be disappointed using this application at home as it creates a fine striking balance between education and encouragement altogether. FamiSafe provides a healthy, secure and comfortable atmosphere for your children within their homes or even outside. You won't have to worry about your child 's whereabouts even when he/she isn 't home. Trust them and let them go along with the device, and you 'll know every bit of the detail afterwards!

Try for Free on Google Play and App Store!

  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

Moving back to Amazon Free Time Unlimited, if we talk about it being worthy of your family, we might consider saying NO! Many important reasons we have in this concern would be a non-secure parental control foremost as mentioned above in the Amazon Free Time Unlimited Review. You can't risk it as parental control would be one of the main reasons you would want to buy this application. Secondly, the application would not be helpful for you if you plan on travelling or if you do not have access to the internet. To solve such an issue, parents would have to get access to a 24-hour internet device which would in turn increase the expenses as well as the burden on their income. In a nutshell, we would prefer FamiSafe over Amazon, as it may be a more suitable option to consider while looking for a good security-controlled app for your children.

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