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Best parental control App

How to Change Your TikTok Username-Popular questions about TikTok

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FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices.

TikTok was predominantly launched as a platform for lip-syncing and dancing. But, now it has grown into a well-developed video platform that targets all kinds of audiences. Right now, it has one billion customers across the globe and despite a rocky year, the tech giant has managed to grow rapidly.

popular questions for tiktok

Furthermore, it is also one of the most downloaded apps of the year. Some queries like how to change your username on TikTok or how to change your age bother many users. If you don’t know how to do this either, then you’re in the right place.

So, in this article, you are going to get the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions about this video platform. Let's start without much ado:

Part 1. How to Change Your TikTok Username?

Step 1:

To change the username, just log in to your TikTok account on your mobile phone. Inside the first window, you will see the "Me" icon. Tap on it to enter your profile details.

Step 2:

Once you have entered your profile, tap on the "edit profile button".

tiktok profile

Step 3:

Inside the edit profile button, you will see options like change photo, change video, username and bio. Out of these, click on the "change username" option.

Step 4:

You will get a username change window, where you will have to delete the previous username and enter a new one.

Note that your username should comprise only of numbers, letters, periods, and underscores. Besides, the maximum number of characters you can use is 24 characters.

edit tiktok profile

Step 5:

After you have entered the username, press the save and update button.

TikTok allows you to change your username every 30 days. Just make sure that you choose a unique name, instead of a name that is the same as your email address.

Part 2. How to Change Your Age on TikTok?

Another most commonly asked question by TikTok users is – how to change your age on TikTok.

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to modify your age for TikTok users. Given the accessibility of the app, the tech giant ensures that minors do not get hold of any explicit content. To ensure that teens will not create an adult profile in any way possible, it has kept its age policy quite strict.

Make sure you are filling in the right details at the time of signing up. Still, if you have filled in the wrong birthdate and want to update it. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1:

Open your TikTok account and click on the "Me" button in the lower-right corner.

Step 2:

Next, you have to go to the “Report a Problem” option, which is able to get access by clicking on the three-dot sign on the top.

feedback and help

Step 3:

From there, select Account and Profile -> Editing Profile -> Other

Step 4:

Click on "still have a problem" and in the search field, type in sentences like "update my birthdate". Type in a suitable sentence related to birthdate update and click on the "report" tab.

Step 5:

In the next few days, you will receive an email about the report at your concerned email address. You will have to reply to the mail with your age proof.

It can be any of your government IDs. Once you have sent the mail, your birthdate will be updated.

Part 3. How to See Who Viewed Your TikTok?

If you have updated your TikTok app recently, you would no longer be able to see who viewed your content. Earlier it was possible to check who viewed your profile, but TikTok recently stopped this facility.

However, do not get disheartened as you can still get a part of this analytics. You can do so by checking who liked and commented on your TikTok profile. To do so, follow the below-mentioned step:

Step 1:

Open your TikTok account, and from there go to the "me" section located at the bottom right.

Step 2:

Inside your profile, you can see the total number of likes, comments, and views. TikTok users can also see who has liked their videos and commented on them. This analytics will be enough for you to track the engagement of your videos.

Part 4. How to Do Text-to-Speech on TikTok?

The text-to-speech voice is one of the most trending features of the TikTok app. You can see several popular videos, taking advantage of this feature. To include this feature in your videos, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Open your TikTok account and start recording a video. These videos can include any topic or content of your choice.

Step 2:

Once you have recorded the video, go to the editing screen.

Step 3:

Click on the Text option at the bottom and decide a style and color according to your choice.

text to sppech

Step 4:

Once done, head to the "Done" button and click on it. Finally, select the text and click on the Text-to-speech option. Once the processing is done, it will read. If you are happy about the text, save it, else you can try once again.

Part 5. Wondershare FamiSafe-The most reliable parental control app

TikTok is one of the most entertaining platforms right now, which attracts kids a lot. For those who’ve used TikTok for a long time, it’s not difficult to find that there are still many explicit or violent videos in TikTok apart from those amusing and music videos. However, there is not any restriction in TikTok to stop kids from getting on it. To protect kids from this mentally harmful content, you could make use of TikTok’s Family Pairing feature, or use Parental Control App to remotely monitor your kids’ online activities.

Here we would love to introduce you to Wondershare FamiSafe-the most reliable parental control app.

Wondershare FamiSafe is a parental control software, which is now available for all sorts of devices including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Kindle Fire and Chromebook. The app focuses on developing healthy digital habits among kids with its top-notch features like:

  • Activity Report: With this feature, you could track kids’ daily online activity and even monitor their app timings.
  • App Blocker: It can help you define an app time on kids’ devices, after which the software will block all the mentioned apps. And if you find out that your kids are using inappropriate apps or accessing inappropriate content, you could block the device or app with one tap.
  • Screen Time: You can set a flexible schedule for your kids with this feature, making sure they use their phones only for a limited time. On this way, it can ensure a healthy routine, including timely sleep and study time.

While FamiSafe protects your kids, you can relax back and connect with them in the most hassle-free way. So, what are you waiting for? Allow your kids to enjoy all the modern perks without worrying about them.

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