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Google docs: New teen chat app that parents may never notice

Google docs

Days are gone when kids pass physical notes to their friends in a classroom. In the present scenario, Google docs chat app is creating a buzz in the market with its remarkable perks. You can call it is the hottest chat app on the digital world. These days, children are so smart that they renovate new ideas to pursue their chat with others when parents ban on mobile phone usage.

Teenagers are accepting the Google docs chat under the wrap. They are investigating every corner to make life blissful. The paper and pen are replaced by laptops, computers, and mobile phones and unfortunately, students are misusing it to fulfill their exciting desires.

Furthermore, with this article, you will get to know the nitty-gritty of Google docs chat.

Introduction of Google docs chat

The Google docs chat is a collaborative platform that allows you to start a conversion with other people in the same document and spreadsheet.


The best part of this tool is you don’t have to scroll on any other application such as email and direct SMS to deliver your answer and ask queries. You will feel an immense pleasure that everything is performing on the same spreadsheet.

If this effective software is in existence today, surely, it has some magnificent advantages, let's study a little bit about them.

No comment without permission: The owner can restrict the people to comment on a document as the chat features permit him/her to supply variable kind of sources without any sort of modification to an on-going working sheet.

Easy Turn off chat option: Under the spotlight, you can examine when other users are leaving Google docs chat. Give a glance on chat windows title to inquire how many users are available on a sheet. Apart from this, it will alert you when users left a Google docs chat.

Flexible chatting with others: It brings enjoyment in your boring world when you turn on chatting option to share your words with other users of a file.

Quick action recognizes: This electronic dairy is much faster and effective as compared to sending an email or receiving a phone call because of all you have the context of a project is just in front of your eyes.

The chat doesn’t stop, nor would it let you but the important thing is how to start.

How to open chat in Google docs?

Go ahead and pepped your chatting formula.

Typically, it is a chat messenger that allows two or more people to come up with concept and ideas in real-time. It will be great if you consider it like converting messages through text. To collaborate, team members, teen chat app built within an application with all the fascinating traits.


  • Firstly, open a doc file on your respective devices such as laptop, computer, and tablet.
  • Coming next is a chat at the top right, hit the click button. But this option won’t be feasible if you are alone on a file.
  • Type your required message in the chatbox and the text messages will deliver to other members.
  • Certainly, when you are done with the project, go top right of the chat window and shut down a file by clicking close button, X.

Note: When you shut down a file, your previous chat is automatically deleted.

Difference between Google docs chat room and a social media app

It seems like all chatting apps are identical features but its not. There are some clear differences between Google docs chat room and of course a new era, social media app. Whether social media is a global network, but you will find a stronger connection with Google docs chat.

Social media app like Facebook and Instagram are crowded with uncountable users because of its appreciable contribution to the digital age. It is a phenomenal stage to declare your relationship status, post your memories, chat with loved ones and get information about in which activities are your friends busy these days? Social media app is open to all and anybody can post a comment to hurt an individual's sentiments. On another side, a posted comment will remain in colors if you haven’t take any relevant action on it.

Whereas, Google docs chat room is a little reserved as compared to social media app. It is a practical chatting tool for more than two users at a time. It is not opened for strangers (Who are not a part of the same doc sheet). The outsides are not getting any opportunity to post a comment on your work. It is one of the easiest ways to discuss the amendments you have done on a doc file.

Why Google docs chat room is danger-lurking?

Shocking Fact

Doing any activity right under the parent’s nose is always dangerous. Somewhere it signifies you are indulging in the illegal practices.

‘Adopting the sneaky messaging app without informing others’ - It can hurt you in the future. Review a few bullet points to declare why Google docs chat application is not meant to stay behind the curtains.

  • Secretly youngsters are using the Google docs chat app to make their teachers fool in the school timing. Moreover, they are using an office suite to chat with friends without letting anyone know about it.
  • This conversation platform can be considered as harmless but at the same moment, it is used to bully others who belong to the same sheet.
  • There might be a situation when two teenagers are unaware of their discussion and they might lead to a wrong subject, further which makes them fall in trouble.

How do parents know whether kids Google docs chat?

Parents might not able to understand the parameters of present generations but they have to take pragmatic actions to avoid challenges for their kids.

This can be possible in three different ways:

Firstly, behave like a friend to your kids. This is an effective style to manipulate a child to share their secrets with you. Understand their perspective and teach them throughout their life.

Secondly, the famous quote justifies the situation, “sharing is caring”. Talk!talk!talk! maximum time talk with your growing child and share your experience with them that will help them to take a stand against social evils.

Thirdly, parents should review different parental control apps such as Famisafe to guard youngsters from hidden disasters.

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In true words, Famisafe is a mobile app to support parents in order to monitor the activities of their children. However, amidst all the online software, it is a creative one. It is crafted to warn adults about a threat that kids are welcoming secretly in their personal and institutional world.

Through shared documents, teens would gang up to write harmful words to hurt others. They can run their minds to generate burn books where they would invite others to join them in criticizing a victim.

The knowledge is incomplete without throwing light on the characteristics of Famisafe. What are you waiting for? Let's move downwards.

Review history:

Keep an eye out on your kid’s last applications they have searched. If parents are not aware of some hidden chat apps like Google docs chat, with Famisafe tool they can add that in their knowledge. Daily browse the history of youngsters.

Detect threatening content:

Get notifications if any threatening content is floating over the teenagers' mobile phone. It will be dangerous if kids keep engaging themselves in it. Explore how other users talk with your child and on what topic they are discussing.

Set screen time with smartness:

Criminals are all around and they will try every effort to bring your kid on the same site. With the smart move, set a screen time on teenagers’ cell phones through your tracking weapon.

Consequently, don’t stop youngsters to have a discussion with others but prepare them for the right conversion. Make them alert of what things can make their life hell if they are trying to hide Google docs chat applications from others. And at last, a confidential chat may lead to crime.

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