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What Happens When You Block Someone on WhatsApp?

Block Someone on WhatsApp

Advances made in the field of information technology have made it possible for us to stay in touch with each other despite distances and time differences. There are many applications that have been made for communication. One of these is WhatsApp. It is free to download and allows us to send messages, pictures, videos, or audio to each other. Seeing as this app makes use of the Internet, it is more affordable than traditional texting. An interesting feature of this application is that it can be utilized in a computer as well. There are some innovative versions for Windows and Mac computers. Within its wide range of features, this app makes it possible for us to block contacts and unknown numbers from communicating with us.

what happens when you block someone on whatsapp

How to block someone on WhatsApp?

To block a contact:

It is quite easy to block a contact on WhatsApp. If you have someone who is in your contact list, but you do not want to stay in touch with them anymore, here is how to do it. This process will work on all Android phones. Special instructions are added for iOS and Windows Phone devices.

  • Begin by tapping on the WhatsApp logo in your phone to start the application
  • If your phone has a menu button, tap on it. If it does not have one, tap on the menu icon. If you are using a Windows Phone, tap on the More icon. It is the three-dot icon at the top of the application's main dashboard.
  • Proceed to the Settings option and tap on it
  • If you are using a 105 device, the Settings button is on the bottom-right corner. Tap on it and then Account. If you are using a Windows Phone, simply tap on Contacts.
  • Once there, tap on Privacy and pick Blocked Contacts.
  • Search for an icon indicating Add Contact. It has a simple design of a person with a small plus sign right on their left side. Tap on this icon.
  • Having done so, your contact list will appear.
  • Proceed to pick the contact whom you desire to block.

This is the process that you need to use to block someone on WhatsApp that you have already saved as a contact.

To block an unknown number:

You may get a message from someone whose number you have not saved in your phone. The number may be unrecognizable. This can be a case of cyber-stalking. It may also be spam messages. In such a case, it is important to block this person immediately. Here are the instructions on how to block someone on WhatsApp, who is sending messages through an unknown number in your WhatsApp application. They are standard for all Android devices. Special instructions are added for iOS and Windows devices.

  • Begin by opening the message sent by the unknown contact
  • Having done that, proceed to select Block. This will work for Android and iOS devices.
  • If you are using a device running the Windows mobile operating system, open the message and then tap on the three-dot icon. It is known as More Having done so, select Block.
  • A new prompt will emerge. In it, select Block once again.
  • If you recognize the message as spam, you can report it. This can be done by picking the Report Spam option as soon as you receive the first message from the unknown number. Having done so, you can proceed to block it.

How to unblock someone on WhatsApp?

It is quite easy to unblock someone in this application.

  • The first step is to navigate to your contact list.
  • You can then scroll to the contact that you have blocked.
  • Long-tap their contact, and a prompt will appear. Tap on Unblock. This will restore communication between you and them.

What happens when you block someone on WhatsApp?

After you block someone in this messaging application, a number of events occur. These emerge from your perspective as well as that of the blocked person. Firstly, their contact entry in your list indicates that they are blocked. Furthermore, you cannot send them a message without first unblocking them. These are the main changes that occur from your perspective.

On the other hand, the blocked individual will experience some changes. They will not be able to see when you were last seen in the application. In addition to that, they will not be able to see whether you are online or not. The blocked person will not be able to see any updates to your profile picture. Moreover, if they send you a message, it will only indicate one checkmark indicating that it was sent but not delivered. Last but not least, they will not be able to connect with you if they make any calls.

These effects are designed to protect your ambiguity. As such, they protect your privacy after you decide to block an individual. This way, they cannot tell that they have been blocked.

Our children today make extensive use of smartphones for communication. Therefore, WhatsApp is one of the applications which they use quite often. To learn what exactly they are up to, you can monitor their smartphone activity with special software, which is known as FamiSafe Parental Control.

How to set WhatsApp parental control using FamiSafe?

FamiSafe Parental Control

It is important for parents to monitor the smartphones that their children use. This is to keep them safe and promote harmony at the horn. FamiSafe Parental Control is legal and fully capable of performing this task. This software is available for both 105 and Android mobile device platforms. In addition to that, it was developed by Wondershare. During the use of this software, the child knows that they are under surveillance by their parent. As such, they know that breaking any restrictions which have been set into the software will raise alarms. As a matter of fact, if they break them, an alert will emerge. This serves as a warning against wayward behavior!


This software for child monitoring has a collection of important features. They are

  • Continuous tracking of the child's location
  • The geographical limiting of the child's location through GPS
  • Blocking the use of applications
  • Recording the activities of your child on their smartphone
  • Recording and monitoring the web browsing done by your child
  • Keeping an eye on the screen time of your child
  • Controlling their smartphone remotely
  • Personalizing any and all settings

How can parents start utilizing FamiSafe?

The process of beginning to use this software is actually very easy. One starts by downloading this application in both the parent's and the child's mobile devices. It can be found on the App Store as well as Google Play. After downloading and installing the app, the parent can proceed to create some membership accounts. This needs to be accomplished on both devices. Some personal information is required for this step. The application's developers implemented 256-bit encryption in this process, so all your details are protected. Once registration is over, the parent can simply start up their application, connect with the child's phone, and begin monitoring.

A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App

famisafe iphone parental control famisafe android parental control
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting


Thanks to the Internet, we are communicating with each other more than ever before. One of the most popular and effective messaging apps for this purpose is WhatsApp. Within, you can perform various activities, such as blocking someone on WhatsApp. The instructions for this are indicated above. As a parent, you can monitor your child's messaging activity through a special application known as FamiSafe. Simply download and try it out. It is guaranteed to be a reliable digital parent!

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