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What is the best Macbook for your kid?

Best Macbook for kids

Being a tech-savvy or an educational enthusiast, the laptop is an essential tool for almost every kid racing across their school/college campus. Like it or not, your kid also needs a masterpiece to manager their communication outlets, educational materials, internet research, and plenty of more to get near-immediate access. This technology era has changed the learning experience for kids drastically, and we can attribute this fundamental change to laptops.

Now, these Pandemic-induced circumstances have forced both teachers and parents to make a new normal with online work. If you want to prepare your kids for a tech-filled future life, this is the best time to introduce the best MacBook for kid. Well, you might have noticed as we have mentioned Apple’s MacBook, the reason is crystal clear as Apple has the monopoly of introducing best laptops for every genre of users.

Considering unusual thoughts buying a laptop for your kid can be a tricky thing but here’s the kicker, MacBook for kids do this job for you as it can swiftly deny the unbridled access to everything on the internet. Another job is the longevity that MacBook air for kids provides, as it can last a better part of a decade.

best macbook for kids

Why is the MacBook better than other laptops?

A gold standard in the portable computer world, Apple’s MacBook was the first to introduce features which bias you towards spending more for a MacBook than its competitive companies' models. We have summed up some points which will surely help you make the most informed decision while considering the best MacBook for kids.

macbook for kids

  • An appealing, user-friendly display

MacBook has probably the most compelling display, which makes it the best tool for graphic designing and other utilities designed specifically for kids.

  • Includes Pre-Loaded Software Tools:

MacBook for kids comes up with built-in strong software tools, which makes them the best affordable laptops specifically for kids.

  • Open-Ended Innovative Interface

MacBook PCs have a tendency to integrate modern innovations into their design. The best part is Macs provide open-ended utilities for kids to explore new features.

  • Compatibility for long term

Want to know the best part? Apple’s MacBook might costs you a fine amount at the time, but it's a residual cost, and its worth remains almost the same even after a number of years.

What is the best Macbook for your kids?

Although Macs are in the minority when compared with other Windows and Chromebooks. Still there lies a well-known service for being a better one, in some cases, being the best one. Therefore, keeping in mind the Macs which will survive the bumps and drops as for kids, something that’s rugged is preferred. We have enlisted the featureful and powerful Macs enough for education and post-school hobbies for kids’ entertainment. Learn more about the list here:

  • MacBook Air 2020

With the unprecedented features of True Tone Retina display, exceptional touch ID, vast storage capacity, and last but not least, 10th generation processing power; MacBook air for kids is absolutely the opposite of lightly weigh air in terms of its features. MacBook Air 2020 is the unprecedented masterpiece by Apple with its thinnest and light-weight vengeance look. With such beefier specs, the effectiveness of learning techniques by this MacBook for kids is at the maximum range, especially in these pandemic times.

macbook air 2020 for kids

The most noteworthy move of MacBook air 2020 in the market is its entry with the lowermost price Apple has ever considered.

  • MacBook Air 2019

An elegant gold masterpiece with a sleek touch, MacBook Air 2019 was the speedy and high-resolution screen laptop launched in 2019. With an overall solid experience, it could bias you with its bright display and a gold colorway to buying this model within a few more dollars than a grand price. The reason it includes in the top MacBook for kids list is its top-class touch-sensitive displays. Furthermore, the battery life is suitable for the chunk of the day at school is also a cool feature with this MacBook air for kids.

macbook air 2019 for kids

Above all, your kid will get Apple's Touch ID biometric scanner with the purchase of MacBook Air 2019, which enhances a speedy system unlocking feature.

  • MacBook Pro 2019

An 8th generation Intel Core CPU with a duet of Touch ID and Touch Bar, MacBook Pro 2019 packed with enriched features, is a 13-inch display MacBook for kids. With the price range a bit higher than the newly launched masterpieces, this MacBook probably gives you the 10 hours of battery life, which enables your kids to stay focused without having a battery life problem. This decent model comes up with a nuanced sound with dual speakers so you can listen to tutorials and lectures more attentively.

macbook pro 2019 for kids

Surprisingly, MacBook Pro 2019 has a quad-core processor with a 2560 x 1600-pixel Retina Display and probably the best ever interface by Apple.



MacBook Pro 2019

MacBook Air 2019

MacBook Air 2020


13-inch 2560x1600 Px

13-inch Normal xRGB display

13.3-inch 2560 x 1600 pixel


Starting at $1299

Starting at a lower price of $1099

Cheapest price starting at $999


Best Performance of 12-Hours

Ok battery performance with approximately 9 hours

More than 9 hours of battery life

Overall Performance

Super-fast performance When comparing with Air Model

Normal processing speed suitable for to-do’s and educational purposes

10-generation processor with enhanced speed than previous versions

Tips to make the MacBook safer for kids

Remember, you can't hover over your kids, noticing their every move to take care of them. Moreover, cyberbullying is also a matter of fact concerning your kids safe while using laptops. Fostering a strong online relationship with technology is a necessity, but securing the relationship is also important.

parental control on macbook

You may be wondering as it seems tough, setting boundaries on online media. But Apple's MacBook for kids has a nice suite of built-in parental control features that can restrict your kids from time-wasting activities, and that helps to protect them from security threats as they browse and use different utilities. Here we provide you an ultimate guide which should be in place to protect your kids adequately:

  • Enable Screen Time Feature on the MacBook:
  • The first and foremost step should be enabling Screen Time feature, which you can set up by going into “Screen Time” as follows:

System Preferences > Screen Time > Turn On

turn on screen time on macbook for kids

    • Now, the next step is selecting Use Screen Time Passcode checkbox and make a unique passcode:

set screen time passcode

  • Use Third-Party Parental Controls

Certainly, if you are not familiar with the macOS built-in parental control and want to try an automatic controller, then here’s the kicker as MacBook for kids enables you to install plenty of third-party parental control software that will surely help you in your situation.

Fortunately, macOS supports software of such kind, including Bark, CovenantEyes, and plenty of more, which identifies violence and cyberbullying instances intelligently. Among them, FamiSafe may be the one that is more suitable for you.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

Here are the features of FamiSafe.

  • Simple configuration and installation processs.
  • Track and record real-time browser history on the kid's Mac.
  • Block apps that are overused or inappropraite for your kids.
  • Support multiple platforms: iOS/Android/Mac/Windows/Kindle Fire.
  • One FamiSafe account can be used to monitor up to 30 devices of different operation system.

The comparison was a nail-biter, but it gets better with time. Now you know the best deal while purchasing the best MacBook for kids. But some of you would still be thinking about getting a Pro or Air MacBook for kids. Well, you can, as you're open to any thinking, but the best part, we provide you is: you can choose the best one while considering your customized features i-e the longest battery or faster performance.

But above all, Apple’s MacBook air for kids has the ability with which you can expect a complete and reliable experience. Hence, considering the necessities of your kids, Apple’s MacBook is a solid choice without a single doubt. 

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