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Top 10 Most Recommended Audio Books for Kids

Best Auido Books for Kids

A recording of a book or any work which is read out loud in our ears with the help of mp3 players or mobile phones is known as audio books. These audio books are recorded like a podcast and then you can hear them while traveling or driving your car. In this article, we will talk about the best audio books for kids.

Most of the parents these days treat audio books as a source of better parenting and allow their kids to plug and play their favorite books while on a go. Audio books are a good source of learning new poems and classes for a kid, that’s why parents have faith in audio books and they allow their kids to spend time on them.

Few parents might be confused about the credibility of audio books on how are they helpful to the kids. Some benefits could help your kids develop a great sense of knowledge.

  • Audiobook improves vocabulary with the exact pronunciations.
  • It will help your kids to build background knowledge.
  • It would help your kids to reduce the working memory deficit.
  • Audiobook enables a student or kid to have educational independence.
  • The educational content on audio books will keep your kids engaged and away from other digital platforms like social media and irrelevant browsing.

Here is the list of top 10 audio books for kids that you can download and let your kids learn and get educated.

    1. Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

The name seems to be familiar, yes? How can we forget it? This story narrated by Stephen Fry and Jim Dale is considered very dynamic by the readers. This is a popular fantasy that your kids would love to know about.

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

    1. Howl’s Moving Castle

The story is narrated by Jenny Sterlin in which a girl named Sophie, turns into an old lady by a witch and then she makes a journey to the Howl’s castle where she learns a lot herself that she realized could have been possible as she struggles with the strange enchantments.

Howl’s Moving Castle

    1. The Crossover

The kids would love listening to this incredible story of basketball told in poetry. Corey Allen is the reading tells about 12 years old Josh Bell who is a very talented basketball player and his twin brother Jordan has also got some guts too. The story is about how these two brothers grow up around the court and they learned that breaking the rule is never a good choice as it gives you a terrible penalty.

The Crossover

    1. Matilda

Kate Winslet could be heard cherishing the story of six years old Matilda, and an exceptionally sweet girl whose ignorant parents are matched by the headmistress of the school, the Trunchbull and every child hate her. With the support or her favorite teacher, Miss Honey Matilda used her magical powers to give Trunchbell what she deserved.


    1. Ghost

This book is narrated by the talented audiobook actor Guy Lockhart in different voices where he describes the story of a 13 years old urban black kids Castle Crenshaw, also known as Ghost. The story is about this guy stumbling to join a track team. This story is sensitive as well as realistic as it talks about the crushing effects of racism and poverty.


    1. How To Train Your Dragon

The name sound familiar, isn’t it? David Tennant’s charm in this audiobook is unbelievable where his Scottish accents would make a blast as he tells about the adventures and misadventures faced by Hiccup Horrendous Haddock 3 while catching and training a dragon.

How To Train Your Dragon

    1. One Crazy Summer

This story highlights a tale of three Gaither sisters in the summer of 1968 when they went to visit their mom who abandoned them and deliberately got involved in the Black Panther movement. A great job is done by voice artist Sisi Aisha Johnson when she embodies the voice of 11 years old who is the oldest in the group.

One Carzy Summer

    1. Better Nate Than Ever

Who could better narrate this story better than a person who had been through this a lot? This story revolves around a small-town kid Nate Foster who has big dreams of starring in a Broadway show so he planned an overnight escape with his best friend Libby to New York City.

Better Nate Than Ever

    1. See You In The Cosmos

This is an interesting story of 11 years old Alex Petroski and his dog who is space obsessed and wants to reach there sometime. The story is very interesting, inspirational, full of heart and funny.

See You In The Cosmos

    1. Brown Girl Dreaming

This book is read by the author itself, what could be better than this? Jacqueline Woodson did a splendid job in reading this memoir where she details about her childhood journey from New York and South Carolina. This book is very rare in the world of poetry with easy-going style and perfectly embodied by her mellow carefree voice.

Brown Girl Dreaming

These collections are brilliant and no doubt your kids would love them however there is a thought that is coming to your mind right now.

What if they would spend hours on these books and not do anything productive?Yes, we have got that covered too with our best tool called FamiSafe, this app is a specially designed parental control app where you can control any activity on your kid’s mobile phone remotely. The app comes with many great features that would ultimately save your kids from online threats, bullying, pornography and dating abuse.

FamiSafe App

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Features of FamiSafe

  • Screen time

This feature gives you a relief if your kids are listening to songs or audio books a lot and not doing their homework. If you have decided particular hours of mobile usage then this feature will put a screen time on the app or mobile so that once the threshold point is reached the phone will show the notification to go and study ( It will not say like this but yes will ask the to get permission from you).

FamiSafe Screen Time

  • App blocker

Don’t let your kids get distracted from school assignments and work due to some irrelevant apps that serve contagious content. You can easily block such apps from your mobile app it would be blocked on your kid’s phone.

FamiSafe App Blocker

  • Smart schedule

This feature works when you are observing that the kids are spending much time on another app apart from the one you decided a limit then you can set another schedule for this app remotely from your mobile phone.

FamiSafe Smart Schedule

Now, you are all set to get this functional and install it on your phone to keep your kids safe from the malicious activities in the digital world.

Let us take you through the step by step guide to install and register this app on yours and your kid’s mobile phone.

Step 1. Register

Create an account for FamiSafe via their official websites first.

Step2. Download FamiSafe on your device and your kids

Simply go to Google Play or App Store and search FamiSafe to download it.

Step.3 Set up the app on your kid’s phone

After initiating the login process the app would like to know if you are setting it up on the kid’s or your phone, select the identity as a kid and enter the details to proceed further. If both the parent will track the activity of their kids on different mobiles then you must select the correct identity to avoid unnecessary errors.

Step.4 On parent’s phone-

Log in to the app and select the identity as a parent. Now, connect the app to the kid’s phone and start tracking the activities.

Audio books are a great source of knowledge and learnings from different authors and their stories. Your kids would love to hear the narration with the screen in front of them because it’s prevalent in kids that they want to do everything on a digital device. But you might get worried about their behavior of spending much time on these audio books and mobile phones. FamiSafe served the purpose for you, it not only enabled you to control your kid’s activities but also provided you with a sense of security.

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