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What Are Good Study Habits for Kids and How to Improve?

Good Study Habits for Kids

Studying is part and parcel of learning hence a successful student should know how to study smarter. As a student advances in their education, studying smarter carries the day as opposed to studying harder. Remember that these students are competing with time which is of the essence. This then calls for good study habits for effectiveness. Many people may not know what these good habits really are. Just like good table manners, studying also has its share of doing it the right way. Find out 5 best practices for effective studying in the next sub-topic.

Good Study Habits for Kids

What are good study habits for kids?

    1. Develop a study plan

It’s often said that failing to plan is planning to fail. Yes! Without a plan, the future looks bleak. A student should know the rough layout of the school program. You don’t expect your kid to study the whole night on the eve of an exam. Planning carries all the weight of excellence. A study plan allows for ample time to prepare for both a normal study or for an examination. An idea like using a wall calendar and assigning topics and tasks for each day is good enough. Amidst all this, remind your kid to set a goal and work towards it.

    1. Create a study checklist

Once you plan, ensure that all the essentials are at bay. You wouldn’t want to start on geometry while there isn’t a geometrical set beside you. Having everything in place makes it easier to kick off the study session and prioritize the study time. It’s quite distracting for your kid to start on his/her study and at the same time, run around for a pencil, a calculator or other materials in the middle of their study.

    1. Have a study group

You can either create a study group at home or school. Take advantage of the school holidays to work in groups with friends of the same grade. Likewise, school programs would be great with group discussions amongst classmates. Teamwork is power, and kids tend to learn a lot more than studying by themselves. It also improves participation while reducing distractions.

    1. Designate a study area

Decide on a study region that’s free from distractions. So, whether it is group discussions or self-study, students shouldn’t be in crowded places. Rather, you can help them by providing a quiet and pleasant area for study. Remember to put away cell phones and other devices for adequate concentration during the study. It would also be better if you allocate a specific area for study purposes instead of your kid keeping on changing different places.

    1. Review test-taking strategies

Exams instill fear in most learners. However, it’s a better idea to normalize such a feeling by always reviewing what your kid learns. Having adequate test questions and quizzes will do him/her more good than harm. This helps your kid learn the tactics of tackling challenging questions as well as managing exam stress during examinations.

How to help kids improve study habits?

    1. Read to understand

Cramming is a no-thing when it comes to embracing good study habits. The best way to improve this is to be open-minded and understand the concepts. Taking short notes is the first step to understanding where you are coming from and where you are heading. Encourage kids to use highlights like bullet points and symbols for quick reference.

Read to understand

    1. Paint bigger pictures

Studying is not geared to bookwork alone. Have it big by connecting what you learn to real-life concepts. Relating pieces of information to come up with something meaningful will help your kid to understand even the most ambiguous calculation.

Paint Bigger Pictures

    1. Enforce breaks

Your kid’s brain is still tiny and needs tender care. It requires exercise to strengthen it. Remember! All work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Avoid fatigue by encouraging your kid to spare time for some quality plays. A small break accompanied by some snacks is good enough.

Enforce Break

    1. Reward your kid

Don’t make your kid feel like all the efforts have been swept off the drain. Give them incentives to boost their morale and feel appreciated for their efforts. This will also propel their energy to continue aiming and achieving higher goals.

Reward Your Kid

    1. Help in time of need

Assisting your kid in areas they don’t understand is a good way of keeping up with good study habits. Encourage them to ask for help from their teacher or any authorized personnel within their reach. It’s best if they keep up with the required pace rather than languishing behind.

Heep in time of need

How do cell phones hinder good study habits?

Technology indeed impacts our lives in a bigger magnitude. They make tasks shorter, easier and extensive. However, numerous drawbacks come from technological devices like cell phones. More so, if badly used, they’ll hinder good study habits in these ways.

    • Distractions

Cell phones produce distracting sounds when they buzz, ring or beep. Even with stern warnings of ‘Switch off your phone’, distractions are still bound to happen. If older people tend to forget to switch off their phones, what about young school-going children?

    • Invasion of privacy

This may easily lead to harassment and bullying. Most cellphones encompass advanced features like cameras and numerous apps. Unscrupulous students may take pictures of their fellow students and later use them for harassment.

    • Reduction in learning

Cell phones have cool games and apps that are difficult to resist. Most kids wouldn’t care whether it’s class time or not. They are bound to glue themselves to some of these games, stealing into their study time and completely missing out on their set goals.

    • Lack of adequate sleep

Sleep is good for a child’s brain development. Most kids, when not monitored, will spend much of their sleep-time into playing games and chatting. Lack of adequate sleep is a big hindrance to quality studying.

    • Cheating

Cell phones bear all the information we need including educational materials. Kids can use this to their advantage during examinations, googling and finding answers. Besides, they can text answers to each other, resulting in vague results that they don’t deserve.

What can FamiSafe do for improving kids’ study habits?

When the going gets tough, parents have to combat those hard times with any possible means to encourage good study habits. Enforcing a parental control app is a good way of keeping your child safe from harmful content. FamiSafe proves to be the most reliable parental control app to help protect your child from unscrupulous individuals. Use it to locate the real-time locations and prevent bullying even when you are distant apart.

FamiSafe Parental Control

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

App block & Usage

This feature lets you block any inappropriate apps that give your child unhealthy information. And once you know your kid’s app usage, you can limit the usage of apps with bad habit patterns. Instead of time wastage with such apps, they’ll become focused on their school work, helping them improve their study habits.

FamiSafe App Blocker

Activity Report

This feature puts the daily phone activities of your kid at your fingertips. It helps you to remotely monitor what your child does and which apps he/she uses while in school. It also allows you to view what apps your kid installed or uninstalled after maliciously using it. In a nutshell, the activity report gives you an overview of how your kid spent his entire day.

FamiSafe Activity Report

Screen time & Smart Schedule

With screen time and a smart schedule, you can remotely control time for your child. Apart from monitoring how much time your child spends on social media and other sites, you can block their devices to give them ample time to study. Furthermore, you can also encourage your kids by rewarding daily screen time whenever they successfully accomplish given assignments.

FamiSafe Screen Time

Browser History & Web Filter

Among the ways cell phones can hinder good study habits are by harassment and bullying. The Browser History and Web Filter feature help you to create a conducive environment for your kid during study time. Use it to view what your kid searches for from the internet. It then gives you the power to filter those websites that you deem inappropriate.

FamiSafe Web History

It takes combined efforts for kids to do exemplary well in their studies. If parents and teachers play their part well then achieving such is just a block away. A new year at school may be challenging but when kids get into it with good study habits, it becomes bearable. We have tackled the major habits that are designed to improve your child’s study life. But when you get into distractions from the much sought-after cell phones, you can source for a parental control mechanism. FamiSafe parental control app can stand in the gap. Use it to control your child’s daily activities in the quest to improve study quality.

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