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Should Kids be Allowed to Play with Friends During Coronavirus?

Can Kids Play with Friends During COVID

Even if you live under a rock, you must have heard about coronavirus. Coronavirus has taken the world by storm and affected thousands of people around the globe. What began as a viral disease in Wuhan, China, just a couple of months ago, has become a global pandemic now. Coronavirus is a flu-like disease caused by Novel Coronavirus which can rarely become fatal if not treated properly and in due time. It is a contagious disease and can easily spread from one infected person to another. The only proper way to prevent this virus from spreading is maintaining good hygiene and social distance from infected patients.

Coronavirus 2019

Governments around the globe have taken certain measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus and keep the citizens safe. Moreover, governments are encouraging people to go into self-quarantine and avoid social gatherings. To protect kids from this virus here are some measures taken by governments:

  1. Closing down large-gatherings through:
    • Closure of schools
    • Cancellation of sports activities
    • Gym/Stadium shutdown
    • Coronavirus Testing
  2. If you notice any symptoms like flu and cough with fever, call the government helpline and get your kid tested ASAP.
  3. Awareness Campaigns

Most people confuse normal cough and flu with the virus, hence, governments are spreading awareness about the symptoms and preventive measures among the masses.

Kids are more prone to such diseases as they are often careless about cleanliness and looking after themselves. This is why parents are urged to educate their kids about the virus and precautionary measures that come with it.

Should Parents Allow Their Kids To Play With Others During the Outbreak?

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – Keeping your kids closed in the house with no physical activity and social experience for weeks can be stressful for the kids. As kids are more sensitive, they are likely to become frightened and depressed over the current global stats of the coronavirus. Hence, in such trying times, parents need to act smart while keeping the kid's best interest in mind. So, if you see your kid acting agitated and throwing tantrums, that’s because they need a break. Here are some reasons why parents should take their kids to play with their friends:

  • Stress Relief – Meeting their friends and playing with them will lift the kids’ moods.
  • A Break – Parents get some time to themselves while the kids are playing.
  • A reminder that everything will be okay – In such a stressful global situation, it is important to stay lightheaded and optimistic, hence, giving them a break from the boring quarantine lifestyle will make everyone feel better.

Take your kids to visit their friends or ask their friends to come over. You don’t need to panic, as long as you make sure the kids are maintaining some distance and keeping their hand clean, they are safe.

allow kids to play with friends

How to Keep Your Kids Safe When They Are Playing With Others?

As long as you are keeping your kids clean and indoors, they are safe. However, if you want to take them out to play with friends make sure other kids are practicing good hygiene as well. To keep your kids safe from the virus while allowing them to play with their friends you should take some precautionary measure like:

  • Only allow them to play with friends you know
  • Invite their friends to your home or drive your kids to their home
  • Remind your kids to wash their hands frequently
  • Disinfect the kids’ toys and gaming devices
  • Keep your kids away from a friend who is sick with flu, cough or fever
  • Remind kids not to touch their face
  • Make sure they stay where they should be

Carrying out all the above is quite simple and easy but you must think how do you keep a close eye on their location when you are not around? Well, it’s simple – a parental control app!

Should Kids Play with Others duirng COVID-19

How to Use FamiSafe to Protect Your Kids?

You can use FamiSafe to make sure your kids stay where they should be. FamiSafe has other features as well that help you monitor your kids’ phone activity and limit their screen time. These features include activity reports, web filters, smart schedules, YouTube content detection, image scanning, app blocker, etc. In short, FamiSafe is a great parenting tool to build healthy digital habits among kids. It is a reliable and effective parental control app with advanced location settings that allow you to track your kids’ location.

    1. Geofences

Parents can set certain areas and specific spots as geofences and get notified as soon as their kid enters or leaves that place.

FamiSafe Geofences

    1. Location tracking and Live Location

This feature enables you to track your kid’s location through their mobile phone. As the kids move, you will be notified.

FamiSafe Live Location

    1. Share Location

As the name suggests, this feature enables your kids to share their live locations with you. So, you can know where exactly they are.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Even though the current situation can hardly be described as “usual”, it is important to stick to the little things that remind us of the usual routine. One such thing for kids is playtime friends. Not being able to go meet anyone and being stuck at home is depressing, especially for a kid. They are innocent and sensitive beings who don’t know the gravity of the situation. Giving them a safe and healthy environment is great but don’t strip them off of their social needs. Make sure you and your kids are taking all the preventive measures. Educate other parents around you as well. Arrange indoor play dates with their friends and give your kids a fun time at home.

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