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Funny Learning Websites for Kids at Different Ages 2024

Funny Learning Websites for Kids

In earlier times, learning was just associated with face-to-face lectures given by the teachers, reading course books and completing the homework given by the teachers. There was more focus on theoretical knowledge and practical learning was mostly ignored. However, today, with the invention of the computer and the internet, things have changed drastically. Today, in schools some teachers use videos and various learning websites for kids to demonstrate to the students how things work and operate. Kids no matter how young can effectively learn from the educational websites, which makes learning more fun and interactive. There are numerous educational websites present on the internet and all of them cater to kids of different ages and different interests. These websites often use animation and funny videos to keep the interest of the students and thus, kids learn while having fun. In this article, we will study about the learning websites for kids of different ages.

Learning Websites for Kids

Importance of educational websites for kids

Children are usually drawn to devices like smartphones and computers. Some kids spend hours daily on these playing games and talking to people, many times without any supervision from the adults. In such a case, learning websites are a boon for the kids and their parents. Through these websites, kids can study and learn concepts that they are not able to understand by books. Not only course book, children can also use these sites to gain knowledge about the topics, which are not in their course, but still, the kids are curious about. Learning websites for kids are particularly useful for kids who are homeschooled. The educational websites attract students and make learning fun through various games, riddles, and quizzes. These websites will increase the creative thinking of the kids and make sure that kids learn new things regularly.

3 Funny learning websites for big kids (8-9)

  1. Funology


As the name suggests the website, Funology is all about kids learning and having fun! The site offers a large selection of activities for the kids, which keep the kids busy and makes sure that they learn through various funny ways. Other than the fun facts and experiments that the kids can perform, the site is also full of riddles, jokes, crafts, magic tricks, recipes, etc., which ensure that the kids never get bored. The only downside of the site is that it is full of ads, which can at times be distracting and frustrating.

  1. The Great Plant Escape


The Great Plant Escape is an interactive website perfect for the kids between the ages range of 8-9 years. The website is focused on teaching plant science to children with the use of mystery cases, which can be fun and entertaining. The activities found on this site cover all subjects, including science, math, social studies, etc. Students can work on the website independently; however, everything becomes more fun when the parents and teachers get involved. After learning everything on the site, kids can plant trees in their garden and practically see how the growth of the plant takes place.

  1. Giggle Poetry

Giggle Poetry

The site has many funny poems and poetry contests for kids. The website allows kids to create and write poems online, and also rate hundreds of poems present on this site. Through Giggle Poetry, educators can also get an idea about how to teach poetry in fun and exciting ways. Here, the kids will also find many reading games that have a sense of humor attached to them, which won't only attract the attention of the kids but will also make sure that they have a hearty laugh.

3 Funny learning websites for Tweens (10-12)

  1. Funbrain.com


Funbrain.com is an interactive, educational website, which is sure to make math, science and all the other dreaded subjects fun for the kids. The site makes use of various games and activities to develop various skills in the kids. The site is full of many books and comics for the kids, which can make learning fun and at the same time are just hilarious. The best part about this website is that it is free to use, and you can sign up whenever you want. However, one negative point about this site is that it is full of advertisements.

  1. Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is an educational website that makes reading and writing fun for the kids. The best thing about this site is that it is focused on core curriculum skills. The site is UK based and everything that you will find on this website is according to the curriculum and will just go with what your kid is learning in the school. The games present on this site are fun, entertaining and educational at the same time. On this website, you will find a huge number of books, which you can be read directly, however, for others, there are affiliate links to Amazon, which enable you to purchase these books.

  1. Young Ocean Explorers

Young Ocean Explorers

This is a wonderful website for the kids who are curious to know about the deep blue sea and the creatures that live in its waters. The website is full of high-quality videos, which are all fact-based. The website focuses on environmental education and will make the kids fall in love with the ocean and the creatures that live in it. The videos are presented by the Father-Daughter duo who are extremely hilarious and will keep the kids engaged. The website is a go-to place for anyone interested in learning about the ocean.

3 Funny learning websites for Teens (13+)

  1. Curiosity Machine

Curiosity Machine

This website helps kids to build engineering designs over household objects. Here, you can find various design challenges, videos, and a guide for kids. The interface of the website is bright and bold; the videos are fascinating, and there is a lot to learn, even for the parents. The site focus on real learning and the computer is mostly used only for communication. On this site, the children can watch educational videos and then use their own skills to check the claims. The only downside of this website is that its functionality is not proper.

  1. Spatulatta


If your teen is someone who is interested in cooking or baking then this website is best for you. The website with its fun and creative ways not only teaches the kids the cooking skills but also makes them understand the benefits of a well-balanced diet. Spatulatta has a collection of around 400 video recipes, which the kids can watch and then try in the kitchen. However, the site is not updated and the blogs are too old. However, still, the videos are fun, interactive and simple and can help your id in becoming the future master chef.

  1. Brain POP

Brain POP

This is an educational website intended to make learning fun for the kids. The website is full of animated videos, games, quizzes, etc., covering subjects like science, math, English and many more. The videos present on this site have two characters – Tim and Moby, who make the show entertaining and funny by annoying each other. There is a subscription fee involved in using this site, however, kids can watch some of the content for free. This site is also being used by many schools all over the world as the site helps the students with learning in a fun way.

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There are many types of learning websites for kids, which can be used by kids of different ages to read, write and have fun. These websites open a new world of imagination and amazing graphics for kids, which help the kids learn much more than given in their textbooks. However, giving a mobile phone/ tablet to the kids without any control of the kids is not a good idea. Therefore, you should use software like FamiSafe, which can help you monitor the activities of your children.

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