5 Most Recommended Online Jobs & Websites for Teens

Recommended Online Jobs for Teens

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In the modern world, many opportunities are available for making some extra money if you are a teenager. You can babysit, mow a lawn or even work at a fast-food restaurant on a part-time basis. However, in this digital age, many online jobs websites providing online jobs for teens are up for grabs if you just have a mobile phone or laptop.

Teenagers understand the internet more than adults do. You can use your web navigation skills to get an online job that is flexible than going to mow a lawn or working at the McDonald's. However, it is key to note that some online job websites can be scams but there are many legit online jobs for teens that you can do to get some money.

You may be wondering what type of online jobs and websites can offer teens an extra buck. Well, read through.

Types of online jobs up for grabs!

You can be able to balance some things as a teen. You can plan smart in managing your relationships, homework and even your daily house chores. Time is money and very limited and getting a job online can be very flexible for you. So, here are some types of online jobs that can get you decent pay.

  1. Music reviews
  2. Online Jobs for Teens - Slicethepie

    You can do a simple music review and earn money daily. Online job websites such as Slice the Pie are for teens above 17 years of age enabling them to make money by listening to music. You can get paid $0.05 to $0.2 for every track you listen to. You will get paid on Tuesday and Friday through Pay Pal. Another website is MusicXray. Here you just need to listen to music and give feedback. You get paid $0.05 to $0.2 per song.

  3. Customer Service
  4. Online Customer Service Jobs for Teens

    Websites like Uhaul allows teenagers over 16 years to operate as customer service representatives. All you need to have is a USB headset and a fast internet. You can earn between $7.5 to $8.5 per hour.

  5. Online surveys
  6. Online Surveys Jobs for Teen

    Most companies would like to hear your opinion on the services they offer. You can easily make money by doing online surveys. The following online jobs websites allow teens from ages 13 and above to take their online surveys.

    Swagbucks enables teens to make some cash via several methods. These include web searching, referring people or friends, playing games, surveys. Toluna is a legit online platform to earn money via answering surveys for kids above 13 years of age. Opinion Outpost also allows kids from 13 years old to earn money by conducting online surveys. The points earned can convert to cash or gift cards.

  7. Web testing
  8. Web Testing for teens

    Online jobs websites such as Enroll, allows teenagers from 15 years old to tutor people even without any tutoring experience. If you think that there is a subject you are pretty good at, why not make some cash online by tutoring others?

  9. Online writing
  10. Online Writing for teens

    If you are passionate about writing there are many online platforms where you can offer your writing services at a fee. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Guru and many others connect clients to freelancers all over the world. They offer other services to freelancers such as virtual assistance, web design and many more. If you are confident enough, you can take on these jobs and earn a decent salary.

Is it safe for teens to look for jobs online?

When a teenager asks for permission from their parents to look for a job it brings to mind a sense of responsibility. However, parents are not aware of the risks that can face their kids while working online. The following are some of the possible risks.



Online job websites for social media marketing like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter e.t.c can involve picking on one another among young people which is the order of the day in the online world. When looking for jobs online through social media, email and instant messaging can have an impact on your teen's life. Some cases have been reported of suicide due to cyberbullying.

Identity theft

Identity Theft Online Job

Despite your teen not having any assets or credit to steal, cybercriminals can use their blank credit slate and open accounts that can affect your kid in the coming years. The future of your teen can be difficult that even buying a car, getting a job or renting a house can be a hard thing to do.


Pornography Online Job

Some online jobs for teens in the writing niche can involve erotic writing prompting a teenager to log into a porn site. Pornography causes addiction which can make your teen lack healthy and loving relationships in the years to come. It can damage a kid's self-esteem beyond repair via confusing their understanding of sexual relationships and having unrealistic sexual relations expectations.

Despite these and other online risks, there are ways you can protect your kids from such threats. You can use these tips to protect your kids from possible danger.

  1. Talk about it
  2. Talk to Kids about Online Job

    To keep your teen safe when searching for online jobs websites, communication is very important. Talk to your teenager about online safety regularly to keep them on the know. Discuss with them the online threats likely to face them and how to avoid them. Through regular discussions about online threats, you create a way for them to approach you if anything strange happens.

  3. Set up some rules to be followed
  4. Set up rules for online jobs

    You can come up with some rules that highlight your expectations for the behavior of your teen while online. Also, make it clear that these rules are there to help protect your teen from these online threats. Assist your kid to identify apps and social media sites that are safe and others to avoid at all cost. You can set up rules like not using public Wi-Fi, not sharing your details like email, full names, and address, and social security number, not accepting friend requests from people you don't know, opening emails from strangers or sharing photos online

  5. Connecting online with your teen
  6. Coonect online with your teens

    This is the most efficient and effective way to monitor your teen's activities while online. A parental control filter comes in handy in regulating your teen's behavior while online. It gives valuable information on your kid's online activity. If you, however, feel that you are violating on your kid's privacy you can download an app that watches out for danger rather than one that spies on them. One such kind of app that makes all these possible is the FamiSafe App that is explained in detail below.

So, how can FamiSafe help you keep your kid safe?

FamiSafe parental control app keeps track of the activity in your children's phone 24 hours a day. With this state of the art application, you can be able to control the screen time and even detect inappropriate activity in your children's device. Most kids in modern-day society have smartphones and internet connectivity. They are prone to many online threats and parents need to ensure that their children are well-protected. This application enables children to balance their online activity and daily routines and as a result, cultivate a healthy digital habit. To ensure this, FamiSafe has the following amazing features.

  • Activity report
  • FamiSafe Activity Report

    This feature enables you to keep track of your children's activity on their phones. You get to check newly installed and deleted apps in your kid's device. This feature also records the time spent on each application.

  • Web Filter
  • Web Filter

    This feature enables you to block unwanted websites and check out the deleted history in browsers. Some exceptions can also apply for specific websites.

  • App Blocker
  • FamiSafe App Blocker

  • Live Locaation
  • FamiSafe Live Location

    This feature gives parents peace when their kids are out of the house. You can track down your kids and even check their location history. Geofences enable location alerts instantly. You can create geofences to ensure your kids are in the planned routine and get notified when they are in unsafe zones.

    • Web Filtering
    • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
    • App Blocker & App Activity Report
    • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
    • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

    It is every parent's joy to see their child taking responsibility for their lives. Having a job to get some income is a sign of independence and maturity. However, in the online world, some online jobs for teens are susceptible to threats that can damage our children’s lives in many ways that we have seen. It is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that your children remain protected from such threats. FamiSafe app makes this an easy thing to do. Install the app in your mobile device and your kid's mobile device and register for free. You also enjoy a 3-day free trial to experience its efficiency. It is your responsibility to keep your kid safe.

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