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Digital parenting: protect your kids’ Internet privacy

Digital parenting


What is social media privacy? When you create an account on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, you should fill in some of the personal details. This social media platform stores these data on their servers with complex encryption techniques to ensure high-end security in the long run. The social media privacy is the process of concealing the private data optimally. At the present situation, many researchers have raised question against the reliability of social media privacy. If your kid is making use of the social media then he/she should learn about the concepts behind social media privacy.

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Social media privacy issues

Data Breach

According to the Stratecast, study 22% of social media users encountered privacy issues. The Pony botnet destroyed the security bars on Facebook, Google, and Yahoo, which experienced a data breach issues at recent times. Despite the high-end protection system, this type of attacks occurs due to technical issues. The social media carries huge volume of data, and it is not an easy task to hold them with utmost security concerns

Hack accounts

A recent survey from Mcafee revealed that more than 22% of social media user’s encountered account hacking issues once in a year and 14% of users faced the account hacking issues more than once. The machine learning algorithms bypass all sorts of high-end security to crack the database in no time.

Cyber Stalking and Harassment

From the sources of My Tech Decisions, 12% of social media users have become the victim of cyberstalking and harassment. The hackers bypass the security systems of the social media database, hack the information, and later on threaten the account holders. Social media is not a safe place to post your personal information. To avoid such blackmailing act the account holders should be aware and handle the account optimally.

Open Profiles

However, the social media ensures the profiles of the account holders are highly secured but there are more than 41% of profiles are in danger of hacking. According to My Tech decision survey, the 41% profiles belong to children of age 8-17 and their information is visible despite protection.

Why is social media privacy important?

To secure personal information:

Social media privacy is important to protect personal information on this platform. While signing up with social media the account creators should enter few facts to reveal their identity, that information needs effective protection.

Prohibit the entry of hackers

To overcome the hacking act you need social media privacy with high-end secure algorithms. The social media platform should take necessary action from anonymous intervention on their secure database. The hacking leads to other forms of cybercrimes in near future. It is wise to take respective precautionary methods before the cyber crimes come into existence.

Avoid cyber crimes

If social media privacy is reliable then there will be no traces of cyber crimes on the internet space. The privacy policy reduces the hacker’s activity at the online platform thereby mitigating the occurrence of cyber threats, blackmail, stalking, cyberbullying etc.

Protection for private information

The social media access private information when you try to login to your account via smartphone. The first and foremost data it accesses in your device is the location details. The social media senses the complete geographical data about your location. To protect such sensitive data you need a strong privacy policy.

How do social media protect children’s privacy?

Two-factor authentication

At present, most social media networks adopt two-factor authentication process to avoid the intervention of anonymous. This type of authentication techniques challenges the hackers to sense the account details.

Privacy settings

Make use of the privacy settings of the social media platform wisely. Adjust the settings to prohibit the entry of unknown to view your profile details.

Encrypted database

Most reputed social media network maintain their client’s data at high-end encryption. They make use of latest secure algorithms to store the data precisely and protect it from hacking issues.

Informative guide

While creating an account on social media, the concerned platform helps the users to build the profile in a secure manner. The live guide assists the user to choose a strong password and reminds about the crucial privacy settings. You can follow the instructions provided by the live guide and create a secure account on their network without any hesitations.

Connects with reliable Email

If you take a closer look at the social media networks, most websites allow the user to connect their account with a respective email account. You will get intimation about the activities on the social network by sending a message to the connected account. You will be able to identify the issues with the help of email, which reaches you immediately.

Privacy policy details

Every social network has information about the privacy policy. You must read the facts before creating an account. The social media websites display that information during the signup process. You must read it before accepting their terms. You have to take some time to understand the privacy policy and then signup. These privacy policies are unique and it differs between Facebook, Instagram, and Kik etc. Do not be in a hurry, you must spare some time to learn about the privacy policy details in depth.

How parents protect children’s online privacy?

Proper Awareness

When your kids create an account on the social media, you should give awareness about the privacy controls available on that platform. Prior knowledge saves many silly issues in the long run. You can show them how to use the security controls to guard their private content on the social platform. You can also share some of the tips and tricks related to the security functionalities on social networking websites. The children need awareness before they start up a journey with social media. It is the duty of the parents to provide them sufficient information and guide regarding the safety measures on the online platform.

Importance of Password and ID credentials

As parents, you have to make your kids understand the value of password. You must educate them to conceal those credentials to avoid hacking issues. Despite awareness about privacy settings, you must educate them regarding the vulnerability of passwords in the present situation. You should help them to set a strong password, which has to be unique. If you give them, awareness about password and its related importance then the child will start to manage their social media accounts wisely without any issues. Help your kid to learn the importance of passwords.

Best Parental control app:

You can opt for one of the popular and highly performable parental control apps like FamiSafe to enhance the children’s online privacy. Using this software, you can connect with your kid’s gadget remotely and watch out their online activities precisely. It is the right app for effective supervision of kid’s activities on social media. The built-in features of FamiSafe to watch their social media activities are

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  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Sensing the offensive messages

The ‘Explicit content detection’ feature on FamiSafe senses offensive conversations on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Kik etc. You will receive a notification on the event of reception of bad words on your kid’s gadget. You can react to such incidents immediately without any delay. This app assists you take respective action on time. The timely action prevents the issue from becoming a serious one.

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Suspicious photo-detection

If your kid receives social media messages with suspicious images, FamiSafe acts appropriately by sending you an alert message related to this event. You can interact with your kid immediately and take necessary action. Provide a comfort zone for your children on social media with the help of FamiSafe app. It is the right app to serve the needs of the current generation parents.

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The FamiSafe app gives you a sense of relaxation despite unfair news round the corners regarding the threats of social media. This app provides complete control of the online activities of your kids. You can make use of this app to limit the gadget usage of your kids. Instead of getting panic about the threats of online crimes, it is the right time to explore protective measures to create safe cyberspace for your kid


It is not too late to install FamiSafe app in your gadgets to protect your kid from the unfavourable online situation. Despite controversies related to social media privacy, you can make use of this parental control app to establish a secure social media platform. It is not an easy task to protect your kid from the cyber monsters without additional support like FamiSafe. This app serves as a boon and well-wisher for the parents to save their kids from the ties of online phantoms.

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