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What to Do When Your Teenage Daughter Is Self Harming

How Parents Help Self Harming Child

Self harm in teenagers is a common problem these days because parents are never involved in it. In today’s busy life there is no space for a deep conversation with kids and family. People who are working abroad or late nights are never aware of the well-being of their kids. Though they do know about their school times and playing schedule but they never know about the personal life of their kids. This is a serious issue that you need to address at the earliest before it gets too late for you to handle. Teenagers are not that mature and people around them can manipulate in any way and use them for their benefits. You must keep track of your kids and their personal life without much of their knowledge and that would be the best step you can take as a parent. In this article, we will talke about what to do when your teenage daughter is self harming.

Teen Self Harming

There are few possible cases if your kids are self harming and most probably the cases when your teenage daughter is self harming.

    • Online bullying or online blackmail, predators today starts from being friendly with a teenage girl and then ask them for digital favors such as photos, address and another sort of information. Once they have any sensitive information they start threatening the person for money and benefits.

Online Bullying/Blackmail

    • A failed relationship is a common cause because in this tender age nobody would be there to differentiate the fine line between love and attachment. Teenagers today are very depressed due to such relationships where they don’t get what they wanted.

Failed Relationship

    • Academic stress is another cause where your kid is not able to cope with the current study pattern due to several reasons and finding herself/himself into great sorrow because every day the teacher is asking to improve or face the consequences.

Academic Stress

    • Not able to open up in front of anyone, once this routine is followed by a teenager then he/she becomes a person whom we call an introvert.

Not able to Open up to Anyone

Some point for the parents to remember:

  • Spend some time with your kids after work and ask them about their daily routines and the things they did in their school.
  • Be friendly to them so that they could address every problem going on with them. This would be a fantastic approach if you are friendly with your kids sometimes, like going out with them in cool clothes and drive the car to some game parlor or stadium to have a match with them.
  • Make them enough educated about differentiating the wrong and right steps in life. This is an important factor because due to the lack of several things, kids are getting manipulated by people and that eventually ends up in a crime.
  • Use an app to track their online activity such as FamiSafe.

What is FamiSafe app?

FamiSafe is a parental app that provides full access to a kid’s mobile phone to their guardian. This app helps a person to track their kid’s online activity and set a screen time so that they are not spending much time online in other activities.

FamiSafe Parenteal Control

Features of FamiSafe app

  • Digital wellness- Most of the kids today have their mobile phones for gaming and studies as it's considered to be a better step towards making a child techno ready. FamiSafe helps you to create a balance between the mobile usage and the healthy playing activities of your children.
  • Know their location anytime- Sometimes it's good if the kids are enjoying after school but you need to make sure they are enjoying safe. Parents can directly check their kid’s current location with FamiSafe app and track their live location easily.
  • Protect your kids from online threats- In the time of the digital economy, people today are using the internet both ways to create something for the community and hurt it. So, keeping track of your kid's online presence and make sure they are not using any malicious site. With the FamiSafe it would be very easy to track app usage of your kid and set a screen time so that they are not using it very frequently.

Though there are many apps available in the market to track activities on other mobile phones however FamiSafe is an app that is particularly built and designed to save your kids from online threats. We can understand that nobody can trust a product after reading an article. To test the credibility of this app you can try it right now with a demo or register for the 3 days free trial.

We are sure, after the trial period you will want to install this app and start tracking your kids to save their lives from any upcoming threat.

Step 1: Register on the FamiSafe app

To get full access you need to register an account on FamiSafe and that could be done either way on the web portal or the app. You can easily find this app on the Play Store and App Store for iOS devices by simply typing “FamiSafe” and you will get it. Although, if you are surfing right now from a mobile device then you can easily click the link given below and it will take you the install option right away.

FamiSafe Sign Up

Step 2: Download FamiSafe

FamiSafe Download

Step 3: Log in to the app on your kid’s device and complete setup

Access the app on your kid’s app and choose the identity as a kid. Fill the name and age of your kid and process the log in ahead. Selecting the correct identity is important if you are tracking more than one device. Depending on the interface it might ask for some administrative and database access, you need to provide all the access to the app to get it started well.

FamiSafe Connect a Kid Device

Step 4: On parent’s phone

Log into your FamiSafe account and you will be directed to FamiSafe's dashboard. You can check and set rules on kid's device usage now.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Kids are a precious gift from God and they need utmost care and attention in their early years. The changing technology has replaced many spaces in their lives where mobile phones have become their best friend out of their mom and dad. They are so engrossed in the digital world that sometimes they prefer to chat rather than eating food on time. As a parent you understand about their geeky nature but sometimes due to just a single mistake, they can land themselves in major problems that could be very vulnerable. Who doesn't want their kids to be safe? Everybody out there is serious about their upbringing and necessary things. So, if you are a parent and have no time to keep a regular track on your kids then FamiSafe will be the best option to keep your kids always close to your heart.

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