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Parents Are Can’t-Miss: The Best Learning Apps for Kids

The Best Learning Apps for Kids

The Rise of E-Learning

2020 has been a tough year for parents and children alike. While adults suffered job losses, children suffered educational losses. However, e-learning has become the new normal for millions across the world. Despite being out of school, many children are learning through digital means. Your child can also utilize this time to learn valuable skills at home through the best learning apps for kids. With the advent of such applications, learning has become much more accessible and also very interesting for kids of all age groups. Learning applications help in bridging the communication gap between kids and teachers. With the course of time, as children get smarter and smarter, there is a huge need to find ways to keep up with this challenge and introduce advanced learning methods. Through this article, we will introduce you to the best learning apps for kids.

There are several free learning apps for kids that might not exactly be a replacement for school but could definitely keep your child engaged in doing something more meaningful.

The Best Learning Apps for Kids

1. Stack the States

Stack the States is partly a game and also an educational tool to assist kids in learning geography. It also helps your child learn about several states using a game where every right answer can add a state to your stack.

Stack the States

Price: $3

Suitable age: 10+

Compatible devices: Android or iOS

2. Duolingo

What's the best thing to learn, if not a different language?  Languages are learned and retained better, especially when the learner is young. Duolingo is, by far, one of the best free learning apps for kids in terms of languages. It has audios as well as oral exercises and word identification for more than 30 languages. However, the app is not limited to children only. Anyone can utilize it to learn a language from basic to higher levels.


Price: Free of cost. Charges $6.99 per month if you want the ad-free version

Suitable age: 10+

Compatible devices: Android or iOS

3. Lightbot: Code Hour

This application educates young learners about the basic coding concepts and writing codes. All of it is done in a way that the learner does not actually have to code. This could be the best free learning app for kids who might be interested in computer programs and coding but find it hard to do so. The functions that are usually found in codes are used to get the Lightbot.

Lightbot: Code Hour

Price: Free

Suitable age: 8+

Compatible devices: Android or iOS

4. Brainpop Jr. Movie of the WeeK

If we talk about visuals and animations, Brainpop is one of the best learning apps for kids. It is a famous educational website that has been providing easy yet in-depth educational videos to kids for over 20 years. On the Brainpop application, children can have access to a variety of content from art to food. It shows videos and gives short quizzes on them to younger kids. Even though the application has a free version, you will be required to pay a certain amount to access the complete library.

Brainpop Jr. Movie of the WeeK

Price: Free. The subscription for better access is $6.99 per month.

Suitable age: 6-9 years

Compatible devices: Android and iOS. Also available on the Amazon App Store.

5. Swift Playgrounds

The world of free learning apps for kids is incomplete without the mention of Swift Playgrounds. This one is yet another coding language based application which was made by Apple. It teaches the basics of the coding language by using visuals, puzzles, and targeted lessons. It is not only visually appealing but also very engaging and fun to use. The only downside is that since it is an Apple product, it works best on the iPad.

Swift Playgrounds

Price: Free

Suitable age: 9+

Compatible device: iOS

6. Dragonbox Numbers

Is your child scared of Maths? This application is here to make it fun and easy for them while also teaching the concepts of addition, subtraction, and number sense by using cute characters. The kids love to play this adventurous game by following the cute characters called Nooms on their journey. They get their resources in the game by solving addition or subtraction equations. The application also introduces them to fractions and other arithmetic operations.

Dragonbox Numbers

Price: $7.99

Suitable age: 5-9 years

Compatible devices: Android and iOS. Also available on Amazon.

7. The Human Body

This is probably one of the best learning apps for kids when it comes to an understanding of the human body. It lets kids explore human anatomy by jumping on different systems and organs. For example, in the process of chewing food, the kids slide into the stomach to break food down and then follow nerve signals up to the brain. The most notable part about this application is the fact that its visuals are neither cartoonish nor gory.

The Human Body

Price: $3

Suitable age: 5+

Compatible devices: Android and iOS

8. Professor Astro Cat's Solar System

This could be your child's alternative to reading a book. The application lets you explore the space and teaches you about stars, planets, and moons, etc. It uses attractive animations and illustrations while also stating some interesting facts about the space. The most interesting part about it is the fact that by using several challenges and quizzes in between, it lets your child win treats of sardine for Professor Astro Cat. The reason why it comes under the best learning apps for kids is that it teaches them about astronomical concepts in the most unconventional way.

Professor Astro Cat's Solar System

Price: $4

Suitable age: 8-12 years

Compatible devices: iOS and Android. Also available on Amazon

9. Crossword Puzzles

Even though a lot of great learning apps are not free of cost, this simple yet fun application could easily come under the best free learning apps for kids to learn new vocabulary. Crossword puzzles have been known to be very effective in stimulating a kid's brain. With tons of free puzzles available on the application, your child won't mind a great brain work out every day.

Crossword Puzzles

Price: Free

Suitable age: 9-13 years

Compatible devices: iOS and Android

10. My Molecularium

Who says that free learning apps for kids are not the best? The molecular might just be among the best free learning apps for kids who love chemistry. The high schoolers who struggle with day to day knowledge about molecular structures could greatly benefit from this fun educational app. It is disguised as a shooting game that lets your child launch atoms at the target bond sites to gather important molecules of increasing difficulty.

My Molecularium

Price: Free

Suitable age: 8+

Compatible devices: iOS and Android

Reasonable Use of Screen Time

Now that we have learned about several priced as well as free learning apps for kids, it is crucial to set relevant controls for their screen time. Digital learning has helped change the entire outlook of education with its convenience and affordability. However, long exposure to screens can be hazardous to children's health.

To prevent that, the FamiSafe application helps you put a screen time schedule in place. Parents can make such schedules by simply downloading the FamiSafe app on both theirs and their child's devices to control the screen time. After a designated amount of time is allowed by the parents, the application notifies your child on their screen as soon as it is over.

Moreover, you can also have a look at your child's screen time in general and see what they spend the most time on.

FamiSafe app block

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

While learning apps are probably the most effective way of learning in these tough times, there are apps that might not necessarily contribute to your child's learning. With the FamiSafe application, you can also block such apps from distracting your child. Any application that doesn't fit their learning needs can be blocked with a simple tap on the screen.

FamiSafe apps allow setting

All in all, FamiSafe is a good learning and entertainment companion for kids that also ensures their safety from inappropriate content while helping them break their addiction to devices.

The development of mobile apps offers several benefits to the education industry. They make students much more driven towards productivity while using their phones instead of procrastinating with meaningless tasks. These applications are the right way to attract kids to work on their self-enhancement. Moreover, they also keep your kid engaged in the absence of a physical classroom. Even though a lot of applications can add up the cost fast, there are plenty of free learning apps for kids that won't break your pocket. So hurry up and make your child use these days to the best of their abilities through a number of learning apps mentioned in the article.

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