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6 Free Online Tutoring Website for Kids in Need

Useful Online Tutoring Websites

In today's world of technology, online tutoring is paving the way for student's education. Although face-to-face teaching is excellent online tutoring for kids could be more helpful.

Online tutoring is one to one virtual form of education that takes place over the internet. There are many free online websites with experienced instructors to help your kids. Modern technology and interactive tools could help students with their learning needs.

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How Online Tutoring became Popular?

Online tutoring is the need of the hour for students. In the lockdown situation, the education system has shifted to virtual classes. Students are showing interest in online tutoring more. Many studies show that students in the US prefer private tutoring.

Subject's teachers for English and sciences are in demand for online tutoring. Many parents understand that their kids need a proper understanding of their classroom concepts. That's why online tutoring is getting prioritized by the students as well as parents.

Advantages of Online Tutoring

Besides the need for online tutoring, online tutoring has many benefits that you can't overlook. Below are some of the profits of online tutoring for kids:

  1. Easy Availability

When it comes to online tutoring, time is not a matter of concern. Because you can learn anything even if it's 3 am with online tutoring. Also, you can avail yourself of online tutoring services no matter wherever you live or wherever you are.

You can avail the 24/7 hour services of online tutoring to solve your math problem anytime. With online tutoring services, every student can learn at his own pace and learning needs.

  1. Saves Travel Time

With online tutoring, you can learn anything anywhere without worrying about traveling. You can save travel expenses and the time you spent while traveling from one place to another.

Online tutoring is also environment friendly because there would be less use of cars.

  1. Personalized Approach

Online tutoring is an engaging approach that helps students with proper material. The student can access any learning material that helps in their knowledge enhancement.

With the help of personalized online tutoring, a student can grow professionally. Online tutoring is becoming an affordable source of education for students. Even with tight schedules, you can book your sessions according to your availability.

  1. Affordable Services

Online tutoring websites provide you with experienced tutors that are available 24/7. If you or your kid is doing a job, it will help opt for online tutoring services.

The online tutoring services are affordable and help in saving expenses like transportation etc.

  1. Better Organisation

Online tutoring is an excellent way of increasing the efficiency of teachers and helps them being well organized. The tutors are well aware of the needs of different students and help them accordingly.

When the tutor provides well-managed information and proper learning material to students, they learn better. In online tutoring sessions, the teacher is free from the tension of keeping track of a student's attendance. It also encourages the tutor to focus on his teaching and to improve his methods properly.

6 Free Online Tutoring Websites

Many private teachers $60 or more for an hour-long class but you can some bucks with online tutoring. Many affordable online tutoring websites provide the best services at reasonable rates.

Below is the list of six affordable online tutoring websites:

  1. Club Z Tutoring

Club Z online tutoring services aim to help students with ADHD and learning difficulties. They have over 400 franchises that help students in a better understanding of subjects.

It's easy for you to sign up for their in-home or online services with so many franchises. But, due to Covid-19, it's better to opt for online tutoring services instead of in-home services.

The website charges $39 for an hour class, but it's useful for the kids who face learning differences.


  • Best for ADHD students
  • 400+ franchise locations
  • Online and in-home services

free online tutoring website - club z tutoring

  1. Learn to Be

This non-profit online tutoring organization has supported over 2000 students since 2012. It provides one-to-one online virtual classes for a better understanding of the students.

The tutors that teach at learn to be are volunteers with an excellent education. Students can avail themselves of one to two online tutoring sessions each week.

The organization provides its services to those students who need financial help.


  • Free of cost
  • Experienced Tutors
  • Best of financially needy students

free online tutoring - learn to be

  1. GoPeer

Go peer provides you with the students of top colleges that will tutor you. They know that every student's learning needs are different from each other.

The best thing about Go peers tutors is that they use the whiteboard and other technological tools. This way, students tend to learn more quickly and effectively.


  • Top-notch Tutors
  • Technology-based learning

free online tutoring - gopeer

  1. Varsity Tutors

The tutoring services of varsity tutors include one-to-one tutoring with interactive group classes. Besides this, you can hire a certified teacher for your kids according to their learning needs.

You can avail of their large classes free of cost, but small classes cost $15 for an hour. For getting accurate information, you have to fill their online form at their website.


  • Affordable Sessions
  • Certified Tutors

free online tutoring - varsity tutors

  1. Power Hour

This power hour virtual tutoring helps kids with their homework and assignments. There are many locations where power hour provides one-to-one tutoring sessions to students.

Besides this, the tutors are well trained to help students with ADHD and dyslexia. You can join their club as a member with affordable rates to avail free sessions.


  • Financial Help
  • Trained Tutors
  • Best for students with learning differences

free online tutoring - power hour

  1. YMCA of Central New York

The tutors at YMCA aims to help students with their homework, especially maths and arts. Also, it provides a certified teacher that understands the need of every student.

There are many academic support programs at the YMCA that are free of cost. You can also avail yourself of private tutoring services at some locations for free.


  • Certified Tutors
  • Best for Math's and Arts students

free online tutoring website - ymac of central new york

Why do we Need for Parental Control App

Using the internet is the hour of need for students when it comes to online learning. Also, many educational institutions integrated computers into the curriculum of kids.

While giving digital freedom to their kids, many parents also worry about its effects on their children. In this digital era, if the parents restrict kids to use the internet, it might affect their learning abilities.

That's why using parental control apps can help parents navigate the digital world of their kids. Many reasons emerge the need of using parental control apps. Some of those reasons are listed below:

  • Parental control helps the parents control what their kids could search on the internet and what they can't.
  • Parental control apps help the parents to monitor the devices of their kids.
  • Many parental control apps can limit your kid's access features of different games.
  • The apps can also help the parent to navigate the location of their kids.
  • Parents can also limit the screen time of their kids with the help of parental control apps.

What is FamiSafe?

Even though online tutoring provides help to students, parents need to keep track of their kids' online activities. Every parent would want his kid to learn in a safe environment without any distractions. And for this purpose, the parents can use the FamiSafe app.

The FamiSafe is a parental control app that helps parents keep their kids safe from any suspicious website. FamiSafe provides different features that allow parents to keep track of their kid's devices.

Below are some features of the FamiSafe app:

  • Web Filter: Through the FamiSafe web filter feature, a parent can create an age-appropriate environment for the kids. Moreover, it helps the parents to access the incognito history of their kids.
  • Activity Report: With the help of FamiSafe app, a parent can monitor their kids' daily phone activity. The report also helps you check the app that the kids install or uninstall on their phones.
  • App Blocker: App blocker is another fantastic feature that permits the kids from obsessive app usage. Furthermore, it also helps in blocking apps that are unnecessary for the kids.

All the features of the FamiSafe will help the kids to focus on their learning correctly.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

The learning of the kids can be better with the help of online tutoring services. There are many uncanny advantages of online tutoring that help the kids in better understanding and development.

You can find many online affordable tutoring services to help your kids quickly kick off their challenging subjects.

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