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Never Miss These Fun Games to Play with Friends[2024]

Games to Make Gathering More Interesting

In the connected world of today with Facebook posts, Tweets, and Instagram stories, don't you feel a bit disconnected from your friends and family in the real, physical sense? When is the last time you played charades? Hard to remember? You're not alone. It's the same for most.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Commenting on Facebook pictures isn’t the only way to stay connected with loved ones. Spend quality time with some fun games to play with friends. It will revitalize your energies and rekindle your drifting relations.

Now you may be wondering what kind of games will make your time with friends more fun. After all, it's been a good while since you've thought about games. No worries. Read this post, and you'll find out some exciting activities to kill boredom and have some real fun!

fun games to play with friends

Do You Really Need Time With Friends

Your phone isn't enough to give you company, although it may seem like it. Sometimes, what you need are true friends to share with. Birthdays are depressing if you don't have your favorite people next to you to blow the party popper. And it's not just the good times you need them for. Friends also make it easier to get through tough times. Not to mention, they're your best bet at turning a dull day into a blast!

It’s as simple as this: Every once in a while, you’ve got to put away your work, phone, and everything else for some good old friend-time.

How Can Fun Games Bring You Closer To Friends?

So you need time with friends, but what good are games? You're already communicating with them occasionally on social media, aren't you? So why games? Here's why:

  • With games, you have a prolonged interaction with your friends, facing challenges together, making teams, and devising strategies.
  • It just gives more time to laugh with friends.
  • You'll make some happy memories with your favorite people. It will be fun to relive it every time you get together with the same group.

What Preparation Should You do Before You Start Playing Games?

Game time is a special time. It will take some preparations to set the mood before you can really get your head in the game.

Here’s the deal:

  1. Get all the requirements of the game ready.
  2. Grab some snacks to share during the game or in breaks.
  3. Put away distractions, like your cell phone.

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This is crazy:

With this app, you can limit or block screen time around certain times, such as game time or bedtime, and also around specific locations, such as school. Through smart scheduling on your FamiSafe account, you can ensure that everyone has their focus on the game and not elsewhere.

It's an excellent app for parents since they can restrict their children's use of their phone or laptop and promote outdoor or indoor games with friends.

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Top 8 Fun Games to Play with Friends

Want to find out some fun games to play with friends? Here are the top 8 picks for you to try out right away!

1. Charades

Let's start the list with the king of games - charades. You may be wondering it's a basic game what's the fun in it. However, it's the one game that'll never get old. It's fun, can be challenging at times, and the perfect way to get a good laugh with old friends.

The rules are simple. Make multiple teams, each with two to four players. One player from a team picks a personality, movie, book, or song and writes the name on a piece of paper. The player will give hints to their team, and their team has to guess what they put down. If they make the correct guess, they score a point. Each team gets turns, and the one with the most points will win!

fun games to play with friends - charades

2. Never Have I Ever

Another classic game to play on a sleepover with friends is Never Have I Ever. It won't just give you bundles of laughs and elevate your mood, but you'll learn things about your friends that you had never known before.

Everyone sits in a circle, holding up five fingers, or ten. Players take turns to tell something they've never done. If any player has done that thing, they'll put one finger down.

fun games to play with friends - never have i ever

3. No Mirror Makeup Challenge

Here’s an entertaining one, perfect for a girls’ sleepover. Now, everyone knows how to put on makeup with a mirror. But here’s a way to see who has the real skills. For this game, each player will put on makeup without using a mirror. When done, there will be a vote to decide who pulls off the best look. You can even set a time limit to make things even interesting.

fun games to play with friends - no mirror makeup challenge

4. Monopoly

An all-time favorite board game to play with friends, Monopoly is the perfect game to keep you involved for hours without the slightest hint of boredom. You can have two to eight players in the game. There are a set of rules through which the players can move around the board, buying and selling property, becoming rich, and bankrupting their opponents. The more you own, the more rent you can collect from the players that land on it. Hotels can also be owned, upgraded, and sold.

And it gets interesting:

If you land on Income Tax, you’ll have to pay 10% of everything you own to the bank. Let’s not forget the jail. If you’re in jail, you can’t move your token on your turn unless you roll a double, use a “Get Out of Jail Free” card or pay a fine. The goal is to become the richest player.

fun games to play with friends - Monopoly

5. Spoons

For spoons, you need a standard deck of 52 cards and some spoons (one less than the number of players). Players start with four cards and one of them pulls a card from the deck. If the card matches one in their hand, they can choose a card in their hand to discard to the player on their left. The next player can either keep the card and pass another to the left or pass the same one. The last one discards to the discard pile.

The game continues until one gets four of a kind. That player gets to pick a spoon. When one player picks a spoon, anyone can pick a spoon. The player who doesn't pick receives a letter from the word S-P-O-O-N. As the players complete the word, they're eliminated, and the last one standing wins.

fun games to play with friends - spoons

6. Who Am I?

Another hilarious game to play with friends is Who Am I. Pick a name for each of the players and stick them up on their forehead or back. They'll each get 20 questions to figure out who they are. It's amusing to watch the players contemplating on the things they know about themselves.

fun games to play with friends - who am i

7. Jenga

If you have Jenga, it beats many other fun games to play with friends. It's a set of 54 rectangular wooden blocks. It's played with two or more players. Start by stacking them into a tower, with three blocks on each level. If the blocks on one level face down, the ones on the next level face left. Each player gets a turn to remove a block from the tower and place it on the top without making it fall. The game continues until someone makes it topple.

fun games to play with friends - Jenga

8. The Oreo Challenge

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, the Oreo challenge is a great activity to keep all the friends involved. You need boxes of several kinds of Oreos to start this challenge. Lay different varieties on a plate and blindfold the players. Let them taste each type and see if they make the right guess. The one with the most right guesses wins the challenge. Simple but super fun!

fun games to play with friends - The Oreo Challenge

Here we also prepared a list of top board games. If that interests you, click the link to find the details!

Top 10 Board Games

So these were some fun games to play with friends that are bound to interest everyone in the group, bring you closer to your loved ones, and generate a few laughs! It's healthy to put your phone down every once in a while and just be there with friends. It will instantly uplift your mood and help you interact with those that matter most.

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