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Viral Videos - Things that Parents Should be Aware of

Concerns about Funny Viral Videos

People often go online to look for something entertaining. In August 2020, BTS, a South Korean boy band, broke the record with their music video "Dynamite,” and it became the fastest viral music video ever after generating over 100 million views within 24 hours. In this article, we'll take a close look at how to make a video go viral.

funny viral video

What Is a Viral Video?

A viral video is a video that gains popularity through the viral process of internet sharing. Some of the media platforms for sharing videos include YouTube and TikTok. Funny viral videos focus on fun and entertaining content. Antoine Dodson/“Bed Intruder” remix is one of the viral videos on YouTube that made the platform popular. Nathan Apodaca's cranberry juice "Dreams" Tik Tok viral video has about 11.7 million likes. In the video, Nathan is longboarding along the highway while he's listening to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams."

How to Make a Video Go viral

Everyone wants to know how to produce funny viral videos. You need to add a few aspects to increase the chances of the video going viral. Let’s explore hacks to make your video viral on YouTube, Tit Tok, or other vide-sharing platforms:

1. Make Short Videos Using Trending Songs

If you want to make a Tik Tok viral video, keep in mind that the platform is designed to upload short videos of a maximum of one minute long to engage followers authentically. Most people watch a one-minute TikTok video utmost for 48 seconds. Therefore, if you are desirous of your video going viral, then keep it short to the point. Trending songs also offer a great way for people to know your video. To make a video viral on YouTube, it should also be short and easy to understand at first glance.

2. Post Frequently

When trying to make a Tik Tok viral video, you should try different ideas and trends. Although TikTok shows followers' data analytics when they are active, there is no overall best time to post. If not daily, maybe posting weekly is the only strategy to make your videos go viral on TikTok.

3. Include Triggers in Your Post

Social currency is one of the best ways to get people to start talking. Yet, triggers keep people talking about funny viral videos for a long time. Triggers are useful reminders for concepts and ideas that relate. If you want to make a TikTok viral video, you should introduce triggers that will remind people about the ridiculous and funny video.

4. Consider the Practical Value

Funny viral videos that pass useful information are shareable. The reason why most people post videos on YouTube is to benefit their family and friends. For instance, Bella Poarch Does the M to the B Trend is one of the most-watched TikTok viral videos. The video incorporates all the important aspects that teach people how to make a video go viral.

5. Improve the Video Title with the Right Keywords

When you want to make a video viral on YouTube, you should also consider the title. You need to be descriptive but concise the way you do with a webpage URL. Be sure to add modifiers such as “official” or “new” to draw the viewer's attention and add value to your video from the title.

6. Use Appropriate Hashtags

Hashtags play a huge part when making a Tik Tok viral video. The hashtags that you use in a video determines if it’s going viral or not. Occasionally, people browse the videos through trending hashtags in TikTok. Therefore, for your video to go viral, it's vital to tag it with trending hashtags to stand a higher chance for many followers' views.

viral video on tiktok

7. Leave Viewers Curious

Most videos that go viral often leave viewers curious to know what happens next. The whole idea of sharing is to find useful and relevant explanations. Providing viewers with useful content motivates them to share the piece with others.

ways to make viral video

8. Create a Video Optimized for Mobile Devices

To make a video viral on YouTube, you must keep in mind that most people watch videos using their smartphones or tablets. Mobile is also a top priority for YouTube. The same applies when you are making a Tik Tok viral video.

9. Post Current Events

Every individual who wants to know how to make a video go viral should post content related to whatever is happening currently. Ensure you stay updated on the current events, trending topics if you desire to make a video viral on YouTube.

10. Create a Catchy Thumbnail

Whenever you share a TikTok viral video on any social media, the first thing that pops up on your followers' account is your thumbnail. Before you upload viral videos on YouTube, create a thumbnail that can capture the viewers' attention. Additionally, avoid using texts as they may appear blurry on certain screens.

ways to make viral video - create cathy thumbnail

What Should Parents Be Aware of About Viral Videos?

While funny viral videos are entertaining, they can also impact young people negatively. As such, you have a responsibility to track every activity that your child engages in when they are using video-sharing platforms. Here are some of the things that parents should be aware of about viral videos.

  • Your Kid Could Meet an Online Predator: Online predators are always looking for their victims on social media and video-sharing platforms. It is hard to tell who is a genuine person and who has malicious intentions. To make matters worse, most of the new apps reveal your location.
  • They Could Post Something That They Will Regret in the Future: The internet never forgets, and you can't erase everything after uploading. An inappropriate photo can ruin your chances of getting a job when your employer does a background check.
  • Your Kid Can Waste Lots of Time Trying to Go Viral: If your kid spends too much time on social media, you need to encourage them to get physical with their peers once in a while. Kids can end up working too hard trying to make viral videos and forget about doing school work.
  • Your Kid Could Access Inappropriate Content: There are loads of disturbing videos that can harm or destroy your child's mental state. They could view explicit content or content with racism and violence.

How Can Parents Restrain Kids From Spending Too Much Time Watching Videos?

Technology can be an important aspect of a healthy childhood. Unfortunately, viral videos are addictive, meaning that your kids won't know when to stop watching them. Therefore, you need to use the following methods to restrain your children from spending too much time watching viral videos.

1. Set Limits on How Long They Can Watch Videos

You need to come up with a realistic schedule that will ensure your kid doesn't spend too much time watching videos online. Be sure to set aside some time for them to study and do house chores. In turn, this will teach your child to balance between their school activities and watching viral videos on the internet.

2. Involve Yourself in Their Lives

Most parents prefer to turn on the television than to involve themselves in the lives of their children. The key secret to successful parenting is interacting with your child from time to time. Listen to your kids and make them your friend.

3. Encourage Your Child to Engage in Physical Activities

Too much of something is always dangerous. Make sure your kids don't spend the whole day watching videos as they also need to get some exercise. In turn, this will improve their overall health.

4. Use FamiSafe's Effective Features

FameSafe has impressive features that can help you ensure your children don't spend too much of their time watching videos on the internet. These include:

  • App Blocker: With this feature, you can make sure that your kids are not downloading and installing apps that can cause them to become victims of online predators. You can block any apps that have inappropriate videos so that your kids don't access such content.
  • Activity Report: You can check which apps your children use and for how long they use them every day. By doing this, FamiSafe helps you keep problems at bay and keep them safe from harmful people and content.
  • YouTube App Control: FamiSafe can also help you to keep your children safe when they are using YouTube. The app does this by ensuring your kids only view content that's suitable for their age.
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

Now that you know how to make a video go viral in the simplest way possible and what you should be aware of, you need to act fast to ensure your kid is safe online. Using FamiSafe can help you protect your children from potential online dangers and ensure that they don't spend too much time on their screen watching videos.

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