8 Habits That Can Ruin Both Parent's And Kids' Lives

Habits That Can Ruin Both Parent's

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Parental control to what extent is right and beneficial for a child can be a tricky question to answer. One could be neglecting a child’s addiction to computers and phone apps that might spell disaster for their health as well as the ability to concentrate on their studies. On the other hand, teenage children often find parental controls on their devices to interfere with their freedom as well as the personal space that they require.

Here we explore ten habits that can ruin the lives of kids as well as that of parents that we need to take heed. At the time of establishing parental controls, it is imperative that kids understand the importance of the same as well as parents having confidence in their children that they will follow certain rules and good habits as having been discussed with them.

10 Habits That Can Ruin Both Parent's And Kids' Lives

8 habits that can ruin both parent's and kids' lives

Here are ten habits that parents tend to showcase and that can have a negative impact on their children as well as on themselves.

1. Constant rush

This is an inevitable outcome of modern lifestyles. As parents are often harried with several tasks to be finished and cares for children as well, this constant rush and anxiety can affect children as well. This, in turn, contributes to anxiety and can also cause depression in children. Hence, it is imperative that parents balance out their chores and ensure that children are not hurried and made tense during the daily rush to and fro from school and other places.

2. Force feeding

Most parents wish to ensure that children have a balanced meal, but they often have a hurried meal themselves and compromise on their nutrition. However, this can make children want to avoid eating balanced meals and wishing that they could also have the food they want. It is imperative that mealtime is a family time when everyone sits down to eat a balanced meal; it is also a time to sit and talk as well as communicate with each other.

3. The need for boundaries

Often parents give out mixed signals to children. They might be patient and listen to them at one time and push them off another. It is important to let them know if you need them to wait when you are conversing with others or on the phone. You should give them a patient hearing as well as let them know that they should not disturb when you are conversing with others.

Inducing a feeling of pain and fear – there are often situations that induce feelings of pain and despair in children. When they have done something wrong, they are often chastised by their parents and that builds feelings of anxiety and pain as well as fear in them. It is best that parents learn to handle such situations by talking it out with them or helping them overcome such mistakes. For instance, if a toy is broken or lost, parents could help their kids to rebuild or recover the same. If grades are poor, then parents can help their children work and improve on them.

10 Habits That Can Ruin Both Parent's And Kids' Lives

4. Being fair to yourself

Children look up to their parents as role models. Hence, if you constantly criticize your looks then such self-doubt in front of your children can also impact them. They would think that self-loathing is a common way to be. It is necessary to foster a positive environment always.

5. Comparing your children to others

Often parents compare their children to others and that has a negative impact on the children. It also impacts the self-esteem of children when they are compared and found inferior to the achievements of other children.

6. Fear of disapproval

This is another trait that is often developed in children due to wrong habits of parents. They often ask their children to wear clothes that had been given to them by relatives, even if they do not like them or want to wear them. They should be able to wear what they like and be able to say what they do not. Children should not be taught that they cannot disapprove or that the approval of others is always necessary for them.

7. Neglecting family

Parents often neglect their relatives and not stay in touch with them. However, it should be remembered that children also follow as per examples set by their parents. Hence, they would also develop similar habits of neglect if they find their parents demonstrating the same.

8. Technology habits

Many parents nowadays stay distracted on their mobiles or tablets and pay less attention to their children. It should be remembered that such traits are picked up by children and it also reduces the attention that children need from their parents.

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10 Habits That Can Ruin Both Parent's And Kids' Lives


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